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Abu Musab al-Zarqarwi

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Patrice Curry [patricecurry (AT) adelphia (DOT) net]

Friday, June 09, 2006 12:35 AM

'Patrice Curry'

RE: Abu Musab al-Zarqarwi










Patrice Curry [patricecurry (AT) adelphia (DOT) net]

Friday, June 09, 2006 12:27 AM


Abu Musab al-Zarqarwi




Dear List,


I wrote this yesterday -


Data for Abu Musab al-Zarqarwi: October 20, 1960, no time found yet, Zarqa,



If any of you know the time, can you please share it.


Throughout the day here, those speaking in the media have continuously

referred to al-Zarqarwi as "the head of the snake" of the world's leading

terrorist organization. As he is also known for beheading his victims, I

thought it would be interesting to look at the time of attack last night,

and at Rahu specifically as the obvious head of the snake, and also to check

for the same in his chart. I've found the above for his birth, but no time

yet. News reports give last night's attack at approximately 18:15 local time

in Iraq.


Interestingly chart for Irag last night gives, not surprisingly, a Scorpio

(co-owned by Mars and Ketu) lagna of 12:12 in Sa/Ma. At time of attack

debilitated lagnesh Mars is conjoined and approaching by 1 degree his natal

Jupiter, as well Moon is exactly on his natal debilitated Sun in Libra.


In his natal chart Ketu co-owns Scorpio and natal Ketu is in MB degree as

well as conjunct this debilitated Sun, and this MB Ketu also closely

conjoined with Mercury. Mercury and Ketu only 3 degrees apart, and both

moving towards one another. (Although again Neptune is not used in

traditional Jyotish, I like to note that Neptune is also conjoined this

Mercury by less than 1 degree.) This conjunction all taking place, in Libra,

in Jupiter's star whilst Jupiter himself is exalted in rasi of Moon... No

planet in Mercury's stars and interestingly, Mars only planet in this MB

Ketu star.


Dasas of attack chart are Mars/Venus/Mars/Rahu. If time is actually 18:18:17

or later Scorpio ascendant would be in Sa/Ra instead of Sa/Ma. (In exact

location as well, versus Baghdad this might also alter this.) At time of

attack Mercury and RJupiter are only planet's in Rahu's stars. Rahu is in MB

degree, AND Mercury is also in MB degree and in 8H, ("being beheaded" is

given in significator book as 8H) Rahu in Uttara Bhardrapada, Saturn's star

and deity given as Ahirbudhnya "the serpent of the deep".


At time of attack Venus and RJupiter are in exact 7H degree mutual aspect.

(Both Jupiter and Venus are given along with Libra and Saturn in my

significator book for 'justice'.) Moon is conjoined with RJupiter and in 12H

Libra, 12H cusp for this attack chart is 20+ degrees Libra, place of highest

exaltation for Saturn. (Ketu and 12H are given for 'assassination' in

significator book.) Saturn and neecha Mars in Moon's rasi, in 9H, with this

debilitated Mars in Sa/Ve, and Saturn in Sa/Ra. Venus in 6H, in rasi sign

Aries, significator for head, as well lagnesh Mars lords this Aries, and my

book gives Mars also for head, however we know Sun usually as well to

signify head. Again note the debilitated Sun in his chart, 7 houses from

Rahu in Aries who is in Venus star, and in the attack chart Moon is exactly

on this natal Sun.


In his natal chart Venus is neecha at almost exactly deepest possible neecha

degree. At time of attack, Venus is final depositor of 5 planets - only

Mercury and Ketu are deposited by this above mention MB Mercury in 8H. As I

said above, Mercury itself is in MB Rahu's star.


These are remarkable charts given his life and this death, and it would be

good to know the time of birth as well. Would love to hear what you think

birth lagna might be.







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