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- Teatotal Slugs to kill? or relocate, that is the question?

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> "COM: Malati (dd) ACBSP (Columbus - USA)" wrote:


> > [Text 2689637 from COM]

> >

> > Soo, we shouldn't use or do anything that would directly cause the demise

> of

> > a poor slug or any other insect-creature.


> Does that mean everyone will stop driving autos? Those splotches on the

> windshield, for those who haven't made the connection, are bugs.


> > (Actually, we even tried the beer in a dish method once, and it didn't

> work

> > for the slugs,


> We have used it quite successfully, but stopped, just because it was so

> expensive buying all the beer.


> > Never mind that we had so send someone our "undercover" to

> > buy it!)


> Even if there appears to be some discrepancy according to an imperfect

> devotee's

> estimation, the devotee should be fixed in the conviction that even if his

> spiritual master goes to a liquor shop, he is not a drunkard; rather, he

> must

> have some purpose in going there.


> >>> Ref. VedaBase => Antya 3.11


> So, now we now one reason why he might have gone in there?


> > (as for that method, what is wrong with it really? Except that it

> > doesn't work? We do not actually place the little rascals in the dish of

> > beer...they go in all by themselves!)


> Exactly. Seems even less implicating than bringing in a duck for the

> purpose

> of

> eating them.


> > ..so how to defend in a

> > nonviolent method in the city?


> If you were hung up on that, and didn't want to use diatomaceous earth (>


> the swimming pool stuff) you could trap them and then go drop them in a

> cemetery or somewhere far enough away they wouldn't crawl back. Like


> a

> board next to where they are eating, and in the morning turn it over,

> collect

> them, and relocate them.


> There is another consideration, Snails are bisexual! They breed all

by them selves. If you miss just one They are back! If we are going to go

to all the trouble to relocate snails, then we must find the correct habitat

for the little #*!@#$* darlings. An enemies back garden perhaps? Opps, I

didn't really mean that but it is nice to contemplate! I love the Idea of

the grave yard to deposit them. I guess I am just not devotee material yet

..... I kinda like the Idea of the beer, at least they don't care that they

are drowning. The diatomaceous earth is painful to a body like theirs. If I

had the time To pick the little darlings off the plants and under the

thousand boards I would have to put out, well it wouldn't be worth the

effort. Bring on the ducks! Box turtles, peacocks, geese and stomping boots!

On the other hand of you have the really big snails they could become a cash

crop, Thirty years ago I used to collect them in California and sell them to

restaurants for . 50 each they intern turned the snails into Escargot with

garlic and butter sauce. But Alas, I am now a vegetarian and do not exploit

critters to feed humans (bees Excluded). Thank GOD I do not live that life

any more! And in the desert my snail problem is almost non existent!

What ever the answer is It will involve much time and effort and I do

not have much of those valuable commodities. If we ever get it resolved I am

all ears!








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