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vrindaban overbreeding problem

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This is just so outrageous, I just don't know how to respond.


It seems like the Vrndavancowherd is trying to do the right thing -- and

pushing to repair the facilities,

but ISKCON's Vrndavana authorities are pushing him

to break ISKCON law and overbreed the animals.


As you note, Labangalatika prabhu, this will surely lead to tragedy for

the cows,

as even now they are tragically overcrowded.


How can ISKCON support such GBC law breakers -- is there any possible

way to get rid of them or replace them?


There is such a glaring hypocrisy in posing as spiritual leaders

worshipping Krsna, but at the same time,

when it comes to the practical level of showing their love for Krsna,

they shut their eyes

and promote policies that are cruel to Krsna's cows and bulls.


The result is spiritual impotency -- doesn't the GBC understand that?


your servant,


Hare Krsna dasi




Fri, 12 Nov 2004 15:21 +0530

Rosalie Malik <labangalatika (AT) vsnl (DOT) net>

Rosalie Malik <labangalatika (AT) vsnl (DOT) net>

Hare Krsna Dasi <npetroff (AT) bowdoin (DOT) edu>

CC: "Cow (Protection and related issues)" <Cow (AT) pamho (DOT) net>




The Vrindaban Goshalla has finally replaced the broken wire fence after so many

years with a good solid brick wall and built a new cowshed for the increasing

herd. Now they have place to keep 500.


The only problem is that they are

breeding 40 to 50 cows a year to supply the Deities 70 litres and Gurukula 35

litres and other householders too daily and since there is no plan to buy

land , in 2 years there will be a CRISIS.


The goshalla in charge says it is

the GBC's problem .


So far none have been given away , but the death rate is

very high more than 10%. of old cows and young calves and young bulls who

become mortally injured fighting each other.


2 years back they had 275 in the

herd and now 295 and they are breeding 40 or 50 a year.


They do not care

to follow the minimum standards of cow protection accepted as ISKCON law viz,

to not breed cows for milk without a plan of lifetime engagement for the



Krsna and Balarama's cows are exploited for milk production by

the devotees and nobody cares about the fate of the young bulls,


EVen the

brahmacharis dont have a proper ashram but have to live outside so what kind

of priorities does the GBC have for the cows who are the most dear to lord

Govinda and the devotees in the holy land of Vrindaban?




labangalatika dsi

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