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- water in the rivers

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Be careful about dead water. That it can cause cancer. What exactly do you

mean by dead water? Untreated water?

For those of you who do know, With the proper filtration straight raw

sewage can be made more pure than the sparkling stream water dancing past

your farms. There are several methods of water treatment currently in use at

waist water treatment plants, all of which work very well to one degree or

another. The chemical system is to take raw sewage filter it. Aerate the

still raw sewage. (run air bubbles through it) Then shoot the sewage into the

air for a quick blast of sunshine and fresh air then into a settling tank

where chemicals are introduced to bind the heavy metals and particulate

material into a sludge them Iodine or chlorine or ozone is blasted through

the water and soon, due to the modern miracles of science, chemicals, air and

sunshine the water is now rendered fit to drink! Or you can run the raw

water through a filter with microbes that eat the harmful bacteria and

separate the sludge then run the Simi clean, but clear water through

extremely tiny filters and pure sweet drinkable nice clear water emerges all

due to a mechanical filters. The current fad is a kinder and gentler waist

water treatment. Basically it is a series of long wide shallow trenches that

wind around and around and lots of different aquatic plants bacteria's and

grow in the channels and expose the raw sewage to sunshine and hungry

bacteria and hungry plants over time the sewage will be purified with very

few chemicals and the resulting in pure clean water. This process is

initially more expensive takes up lots and lots of land and does not purify

lots of water but it will work for a small town or village if the climate is

correct and several other qualifications are met.

All of these work and work well if done properly. But to say "dead

water may cause cancer" well, if not sterilized or not have the heavy metals

or mineral salts removed possibly. But waist water treatment is an extremely

complex matter. There are whole libraries dedicated to the subject and there

is an extreme amount of research in progress being done on this subject in

the USA as we speak. Any book you read on the subject should not be more

than two years old. The technology is moving at the speed of light. Waist

water management is one of the fastest growing studies in the USA. The days

of dumping raw sewage in a lake or river to get rid of it is soon to be a

thing of the past.... Thank GOD!

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Guest guest

>Any book you read on the subject should not be more

>than two years old. The technology is moving at the speed of light.


Let's hope Krsna can direct us to find the right solutions!


The problem is I like reading 'old books'


Oh yes, so I see in the front cover. I can get them from Bath, England. The

Foyles big bookshop of London told me "unavailable"

Just see I don't have to go to Germany to get them. I have to hear from the

Americans that I can get these books in my own country!

It may have been because I was spelling Viktor with a C.


A lot of his writing is way over my head, but in one place he says on dead


'..No wonder that, as a result of a complete disregard for original flow

motion, today's hydraulically regulated water decays and dies. Instead of

non-pathogenic bacteria, pathogenic bacteria come to life.'


and on cancer..

'...types of water movement which accelerate water masses artificially come

into question . Whether it is in a river, turbine, pump or canal it is

unimportant. What is needed is water movement which approaches the condition

of health (+4 degrees centigrade) for only then is economic growth possible.

The natural, legitimate and progressive consequence of today's customary

methods for mass movement of water (conventional hydraulics), for tilling

the earth (by plough) ((!)), pumping water (by pressure turbine and pressure

pump) or air movement (propeller and pressure screw), are pressure and heat

increasing processes of retrogressive development (cancer).

This will debase all growth, production, the more intensive and widespread

the present methods of working become.'

(Nature as Teacher, New principles in the working of nature, 1998).


This water temperature is intersting.

I remember travelling on the World Sankirtan party 20 years ago with

Hansadutta in india. We used to stop and fill up a large clay pot with Ganga

Jal. Everytime we got a new pot Hansdutta would pick up a stone and hit it

until it cracked.

He said that if you cracked the pot the water would very slowly trickle out

and it would and did keep the water remarkably cool in the intense heat

travelling on the roads of India.

However I still got ameobic disentry - I think now that this was because we

didn't let the water settle out the sediment for four days. We did this

while in Mayapur for five months, 20 years later, and never got ill once.

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