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-2 hours of programming for children

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from HKTV-2 hours of programming for children ages 5-18 shows 47,48,49,50.

MEET His Grace Kurma the frog Host of HKTV for youth.

Kurma shows how to chant, how to offer food, tells jokes and stories, asks

many Swamis etc. questions of interest...

"I have watched the Kurma shows. They are very nice." Bir Krishna das Goswami

"I can't wait until HKTV is everywhere. Kurma the Frog is a great likeness,

and the voice is outstanding! All glories to your service, to Srila

Prabhupada, and to HKTV!!!" Jayasri devi dasi credit card ok(need name as

appears on card, card number, expiration date)


New from HKTV-2 hours of programming for children ages 5-18.

MEET His Grace Kurma the frog Host of HKTV for youth.


It is truly great Programming-approved by kids.(so it is not boring)

These 4 programs were especially made for children words and concepts

children/youths can understand concepts are presented by other kids and Kurma

the Frog(a parody of Kermit the frog) production was overseen by a 13 year old

and she did not want too much wordy things

$15 in USA

Turn on,Tune in,Go back to Godhead

every Friday 6:30pm channel 17 HMS channel

648,000 homes receive HKTV

Hare Krishna TV/Dangerous TV

P.O. Box 273402

Houston, Texas 77277-3402 USA


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