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Srila Prabhupada's toothpaste

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Dear Devotees,


I just got some interesting letter from one friend telling me about his

experience with Prabhupada's toothpaste. Here his message I wanted to share

with you as well:


"There are some who have been using for many years the toothpaste

developed by Srila Prabhupada. It has become unfortunately apparent that all

is not well with using it. Here is some information that would be good to

share if you know someone who is using it now, or to follow if you are using

it yourself.

In the short term, the toothpaste does indeed stop the production of

cavities as Prabhupada said it would. However, within a year or two there is

a noticeable problem of receding gums. HH Tamal Krsna Gosvami stopped using

this toothpaste after a few years as he could detect his gums were receding

rapidly. Those who have used it far longer have had severe cases of receding

gums so much so that there is little contact of the gums with the teeth.

Further, there are other serious problems. The abrasive nature of the salt

and other ingredients in the toothpaste cause the enamel on the top and

sides of the teeth to be rubbed gradually away. This creates weak teeth,

corroded fillings, and such a thinning of the enamel surface that the

dentine shows through. The effect of this is that the teeth become sensitive

to acids, such as fruit, the eating of which will cause pain. Further, any

hard substance, even a mustard seed, when entering the thin area can cause

great pain. The teeth can become 'gouged' due to the abrasion. These effects

are very rare in ordinary people who do not use such kinds of toothpaste.

It is not good to use any kind of abrasive on the teeth. Those who have

long term experience with this toothpaste recommend that no one use it for

any length of time as the deteriorating effects of this toothpaste begin

with the first use. There are other softer toothpastes, such as the Indian

Vicco, which are good, but one can simply use water and get basically the

same effect. If one wishes to disinfect the mouth, diluted food grade

H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) will do it much better."

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This toothpaste is not meant to be used everyday. Rather it is meant to get all the germs out:...Still in remote villages, in forest, they do not come to the physician, doctors. The bils, the aborigines, they know so many drugs. For toothache, we go to the dentist and they extract the teeth, but I have read in Ayurvedic medicine, there is a drug, a root. Only if you touch this side of the mouth, all the germs collected within the teeth will come out. I have seen it. Sometimes in the year 1931 or ’32 I had a very severe tooth pain. So I was taken by my servant in the jungle to some, this vaidya. They cured me, and the dentist could not. I attended so many times to the dentist. I have got my practical experience. And in the Ayurvedic literature there is mention some drug, the root only if you touch here, the germs collected in the teeth, they will come out in the corner of the teeth some germs—sometimes it is itching; there is all germs—so they will come out. Sometimes pains in the toe. All they are germs. The germ theory is all right, but they want to cure these germs in different way. But by nature’s way there are so many drugs and roots and creepers that can cure all the diseases.

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