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Dear devotees, Hare Krishna,


Namonamaha. Jaya Srila Prabhupada!


Let us send our love and thoughts to Sriman Bhakta George and pray for his

absorbtion in eternal Krishna-consciousness. Srila Prabhupada will surely

arrange something very nice for him.


Give Peace a chance,

Gaura Haribol,


your servants,

Sravana-devi dasi & Rasacarya dasa




Sunday July 22 2:25 PM ET

Ex-Beatle Harrison ``knows he will die soon''

LONDON, July 22 (Reuters) - Ex-Beatle George Harrison has admitted that he

expects to die soon from cancer, the group's former producer was quoted on

Sunday as saying.


The 58-year-old musician has been treated for a brain tumor at a clinic in

Switzerland, having already undergone an operation for lung cancer earlier

this year.


The Mail on Sunday said Harrison had told his friend and former producer

George Martin, dubbed the ``fifth Beatle,'' that he does not have long to



Martin told the newspaper: ``He is taking it easy and hoping that the thing

will go away. He has an indomitable spirit but he knows that he is going to

die soon and he is accepting that.''


Spokesmen for Harrison and Martin could not be immediately reached for



Martin added: ``George is very philosophical. He does realise that everybody

has got to die some time.


``He has been near death many times and he's been rescued many times as

well. But he knows he is going to die soon and he's accepting it perfectly



Two weeks ago, Harrison told his fans he was feeling fine after undergoing

radiotherapy at a Swiss cancer clinic.


Swiss cancer specialist Franco Cavalli confirmed that he had recently

treated Harrison.


At the beginning of May, Harrison had surgery at the Mayo Clinic in the

United States to remove a cancerous growth from one of his lungs.


Harrison overcame throat cancer in 1998, which he blamed on smoking. He was

given the all-clear after radiation therapy.


Just over 18 months ago, Harrison survived a life-and-death struggle of a

very different kind -- with a knife-wielding intruder who stabbed him in the



The former Beatle was almost killed in the attack at his home near London in

late 1999. He was saved by wife Olivia, who hit the attacker on the head

with a poker and table lamp.


Harrison was known as the ``quiet Beatle'' during the heyday of the ``Fab

Four'' in the 1960s and was rated as a major musician in his own right only

after the breakup of the group in 1970.


The reserved Liverpudlian lived for many years in the shadow of John Lennon

and Paul McCartney, but after the group broke up he released a triple album,

``All Things Must Pass,'' which made his name as both a guitarist and

songwriter, and enjoyed a worldwide smash hit with ``My Sweet Lord.''



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