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Spouse appreance.. and something more

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7th house and sign in it stand for partnership and

marriage rather partner or spouse which is ruled by

*7th lord*.


Make sure that a RASHI indicates particular

surroundings, principle attitude and inanimated

objects while GRAHA shows (devatas/jeevas) ie. living

beings, eg. father, mother, husband, wife etc.


Hence spouse and his/her overall physique is explained

by strength, avastha and sambandha of 7th LORD and

KARAKAS. For female charts Jupiter and Sun are

significators whereas in male charts Venus and Moon

are karaka for wife.


Physique, appearance and gesture of spouse will be

shown by stronger between 7th lord and karaka. But if

other grahas' occupation cast an important effect on

the appearance of spouse. So as the 8th house (in D1

and D9) which is 2nd from 7th and specially shows FACE

of the partner.


If there is natural benefic in 8th house without

malefic drishti then spouse will have beautiful and

charming face resemble to involved planet. Occupation

is influential than drishti and drishti is significant

than ownership.


See the sambandha (drishti/parivartan etc) it makes

with other grahas. First ascertain whether graha is

natural benefic or malefic, and have masculine or

feminine nature. Here under are brief description of

physical feature of grahas.


* Powerful Sun's occupation, association or ownership

of 7th house gives a spouse, predominate among

gathering, having athletic built, neither long nor

short height, open face, broad chest and shoulders,

curly hairs, golden hue, straight nose, reddish eyes

and narrow waist. Afflicted Sun yields diseased

spouse, rash in behavior, baldness, poor immune system

and week eyesight.


* If there is an influence of strong Moon then spouse

will have a charming looking, fair complexion, round

face, soft body, sleepy eyes and be innocent in

appearance. Weak Moon may give a spouse having

childdish attitude, roly-poly body, fickle mindedness,

bad digestion and menstruation problem.


* If a robust Mars is either lord of 7th or influence

7L/Karaka then spouse will have well-developed body,

sharp, reddish and masculine look and obviously very

confident. Male of positive Marsian features are

ranked hottest and dashing. Therefore females having

such a Mars in their chart generally enjoy their

company. But afflicted Mars gives a spouse having

cruel look, marks of cut, pimples, or chicken pox on

his/her body.


* When Mercury is somewhat involved in above

situation. Then spouse will appear much younger than

his/her age. He/She will be slim and decent in look,

often medium/short in height and normal in complexion;

nice skin, dressing whats in vogue very well,

beautiful hands and a costly watch in wrist. If your

spous is Mercurian then you might firsly met him/her

in a bus/metro during commuting, or in library while

reading or during chatting on net. Dual minded and

flirt even fruad when Mercury is afflicted.


* Jupiter yields a spouse majestic in appearance,

posseses a balanced body, confident and deep voice,

round big head, large ears and long hands. Somewhat

pale in complexion. He/She will be well mannered in

attitude and value-oriented. You'll hardly find

him/her in new-fashioned clothes and jewellery, unless

it turns widely accepted as they often follow

conventional manners. Jupiter's influence also

restrict one to make a love-marriage without wishes of

parents and existing customs.


* Venus is the barometer of beauty and alluring

gesture. Its influence promises a spouse having

attractive, charming and sexy look especially in male

charts. Fair complexion, appealing eyes and red lips;

wearing costly jewellery and nicely made-up. Strong

Venus in males chart ensures a wife having perfect

feminine feature. Weak Venus influence gives fatty

body, very oval face, high sugar and thin voice.


* Should Saturn is predominate then spouse will have

emaciated bony physique, be slim, tall and bit dark in

complexion (w.r.t. race and climatical region). Saturn

influence on male often yeilds beard even at young

age. If Saturn is afflicted and weak then spouse might

have bodily defect, deep yellow eyes and teeth, ugly

looking and chronic disease. You often find him in old

shoes, without proper shaving, sitting alone with

books or observing nature.


Please keep in mind that a complete features of single

planet is hardly found in practice. We or our (would

be) spouse generally comprises amalgum of two or more



Lastly, if you got a very attractive photograph of

your would be. But when you met and did not find

him/her equally attractive than it is sure that

his/her RAHU is well placed. I mean, native having

strong Rahu are often photo-genic face.




M. Imran





--- mohanraaam <mohanraaam (AT) (DOT) co.in> wrote:


> Dear Shri. king:


> YOu should check the appearance of the spouse by the

> 7th house lord,

> the planets posited in the 7th house, and also the

> navamsa chart is to

> be looked for matters related to marital life. The

> position of the

> 7th house lord in the navamsa chart (in which

> planet's house the 7th

> lord is there in the navamsa), the navamsa lord of

> the 7th house

> (bhaava sandhya point's navamsa lord), etc, will

> give you clues about

> your spouse.


> Best regards,

> Mohanraaam.



> vedic astrology, "king23.rm"

> <king23

> wrote:

> >

> > Dear All,

> >

> > How do i check appreance/look of spouse from

> horoscope?

> >

> > Thanks

> >












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