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> "Love means: To be unable to live without the beloved".


> Surabhi Swamiat (that time)


This statement does come from him, it comes from Lord Caitanya & also from

Narada Muni:


Cc Madhya 2.45


na prema-gandho 'sti darapi me harau

krandami saubhagya-bharam prakasitum

vamsi-vilasy-anana-lokanam vina

bibharmi yat prana-patangakan vrtha




Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu continued, "`My dear friends, I have not the slightest

tinge of love of Godhead within My heart. When you see Me crying in separation,

I am just falsely exhibiting a demonstration of My great fortune. Indeed, not

seeing the beautiful face of Krsna playing His flute, I continue to live My

life like an insect, without purpose.'




yate vamsi-dhvani-sukha, na dekhi' se canda mukha,

yadyapi nahika `alambana'

nija-dehe kari priti, kevala kamera riti,

prana-kitera kariye dharana




"Even though I do not see the moonlike face of Krsna as He plays on His flute,

and although there is no possibility of My meeting Him, still I take care of My

own body. That is the way of lust. In this way, I maintain My flylike life.






naradas tu tad-arpitakhilacarata tad-vismarane parama-vyakulateti


Narada, however, says that bhakti consists of offering one's every act to the

Supreme Lord and feeling extreme distress in forgetting Him.


Your servant,

Nayana-ranjana das

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