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"The sweetness of Krsna's flute is unique and indescribable.

LAGHU-BHAGAVATAMRTA states that even one iota (tiny amount) of the sweetness

of Krsna's flute is superiour to the sweetness of all the sweet sounds of

the world put together. The bliss caused by the sound of the flute is so

intense and penetrating that it reverses the functions of the animate and

inanimate objects. SRIMAD BHAGAVATAM says that on hearing the sweetness of

Krsna's flute the mountains shake, the rivers stop flowing, the trees

exhibit signs of spiritual emotions (sattvika bhava), and gopis of Vraja run

toward the sound, forgetting everything else."


"Appreciating Sri Vrndavana Dhama" by Mahanidhi Maharaj





When chanted purely, the gayatri-mantra is said to enable the reciter to

eventually hear Krsna's flute. Is this statement bona fide? Does anyone

please have a reference?

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