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Be careful not to take what SP says out of context

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Dear Hare Krsna dasi,


Thank you for your email.


I want to respond and perhaps make it a little more clear about the nature

of investment, business, gambling and speculation.


Yes, I agree that out right gambling and reckless speculation is always

dangerous and should be avoided. This is practical and intelligent. However

in your statement as follows I believe that perhaps there is some room for

deliberation. You said, "...


>But I do not believe that he approved of an

>investment which is little more than a gambling proposition, wherein one

>invests a sum of money and without doing any further work, he takes some




What would you say about a bank CD, certificate of deposit, or other bank or

govt investment instruments whereby you put funds into one of these

instruments and you get back anywhere from 3% to 50% guaranteed return,

without doing any further work. Is this gambling or speculation ? I don't

think do. If one is fortunate enough to find a good investment with little

or no risk then, that could be one's good fortune. One does not have to

simply work hard for making further advancement in one's financial affairs.

This is called lazy intelligence which Prabhupada often told us was a good

thing. There are areas of investing of bank trading programs that most bank

managers and probably Srila Prabhupada had no idea of. Does this mean they

are wrong or risky or something that one can pass judgement on, stating that

maybe Prabhupada would not approve of this or that. I think you should be

careful on what you say as to what Prabhupada would approve or disapprove

of. It is okay for you to express your own opinion and others may do the

same. We must all be careful not to take things that Prabhupada said out of

context just to support our own deeper beliefs or feelings about economics

and financial matters or any other thing for that matter. Did Prabhpada ever

say that investing in bank instruments was a bad thing ? Prabhupada did not

ever say that making profits without hard labor is wrong. He often talked

about how smart businesmen in India would make money just by making phone

calls. They would get a low price of an item like gold and then find a buyer

who was willing to pay a slightly higher price. He felt this was a smart way

of making money. No hard labor was involved simply making phone calls.


Many of the bank instruments that are traded in the secondary financial

markets are making a 1% profit in a day. When they deal in 100Mil notes,

that means 1 mil profit in one day. This can be done either many times in a

month. Let's us say a trader does this 10 times in a month , that means he

makes 10 Mil profit. in a month . Now because of the fractional reserve

banking system the original investment is 10Mil, which can be made up of

many smaller investors. That means that the trader has made 100% profit in

one month. That moves down the chain and others get a smaller percentage. So

all we are doing is taking advantage of this system and making profits. This

is called a smart way of making money. But it is very difficult to get a

good contact , there are a lot of cheaters out there.


There are other people who are expert in trading systems ( analysts of

trading patterns in the markets ) for the financial markets. Now they have

tested their systems over fifteen years of back data and come up with

results of profits and losses. So they make a business out of this. Without

going into all the detail, these people setup financial institutions or

trade privately with a few investor friends. Results are monitored daily,

weekly and monthly and if facilitators are not happy they pull their funds

if the returns start fallng below a certain percentage. So this is a little

more speculative, just like a lot of regular businesses, where many things

can go wrong, but as long as there is no huge speculation where clients

funds are at huge risks, then this maybe a good investment.


If you want to discuss these matter with me that is fine, but please be

careful about what you say publically, for the way you present things seems

to me that it sounds like, from although in one way, seemly open, but in

another way, an absolute judgement.


If anyone wants to further discuss the investment program I am offering they

may email me anytime. I know from a psychological point of view, we will all

have our own conditioning to deal with when it comes to high yield

investments. You may think or hear from others that if it sounds too good to

be true it is or high return equals high risk. This is true in most

investment ventures, except when you come to the area of the trading of bank

insttuments. But one must have an education, the knowledge and the right

contacts in this area otherwise like anything else, one can lose their

capital. I have paid more than 20,000. in offshore educational material,

banking and investment opportunities. I have done research for two years in

this area of High Yield investments Programsthrough a very powerful network

of highly informed financial advisors and investors. We know the danger

areas and everybody who we hear about and deal with in this area is checked

out at the highest levels .


I wish you Hare Krsna dasi and all the vaisnavas well. I pray that we all

become more conscious, compassionate, respecful and loving vaisnavas so that

not only we feel the greatest depths of love of Godhead but that all those

who come in contact with us, will feel a gift of love that we can share with

them by the expression of our own being.




gauranga dasa ( acbsp )

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