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Hare Krishna, _/\o_


> Do you have pictures and/or the story of Sri Man Mandir, situated on one

> of the four hills of Varsana?


Mana Kutir: Once Radha requested Krsna to praise Her. In response Krsna

started to compare Her to the full moon, but Srimati Radharani did not like

the comparison, so She left His company at which Krsna fell into lamentation

and started to search for Her. After a little while Srimati Radharani again

appeared before Him, this time in the same dress as Him. Upon seeing the

newcomer, Krsna inquired as to his identity. The newcomer informed Him that

his name was Krsna, and that he was searching for His consort Srimati

Radharani. At this time, Krsna became angry and told him that he was an



The newcomer challenged Krsna that if He really was Krsna, then where was

His consort Srimati Radharani?


Krsna said that He would call Her there, but after She had watched the fun

for a while, Radharani revealed Her real identity to Krsna. They then both

went to look for Lalita and Visakha to see if they could tell who was who.


(Padmalochan Das: "Cintamani-dhama: A guide to Vrindavana", p. 34-35)



Hope this is what you mean.


Your servant, bh. Jan


www.veda.harekrsna.cz (Bhakti-yoga Vedic Encyclopedia Vedic Library)

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