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Advaita Prakash

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> > But is there any acarya in our line who has accepted Advaita Prakasa as



> Anyone knows? Ekanath prabhu?


> Has anyone said anything about it?


>From HH Bhakti Vikasa Swami's upcoming book "Lion Guru':


Even some books that were reported to be Vaisnava books he (Om

Visnupada Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura Prabhupada) never

accepted, not believing things that were written in them. These were books

like "Advaita Mangal" and "Advaita Prakash", which were about Advaita

Prabhu. Also that which was written about Narahari Sarakara of Srikhanda,

and songs bogusly ascribed to him he never accepted. According to

historians, Narahari Sarakara worshiped Lord Caitanya as Gauranga-nagara,

the enjoyer of Visnupriya, which is bogus and apasampradayic.


Some points:


There are many spurious points in AP apart from Lord Caitanya being

represented as the same age as Acyutananda. According to AP, LC greets

others with "Namo Narayana" (Mayavadi practice; doesn't correspond with CC),

and refused to drink Saci's breast milk unless she took diksa from Advaita

Acarya (not mentioned in CC or CB; there is another incident where LC told

Saci to beg forgiveness from AA for her "offenses" but it is never mentioned

that she is AA's sisya; plus anyway, according to social convention, after

birth Saci would have been in the maternity room and could not go out or be

seen by any man for several days, so how could she wait so long to feed her

new son?). There are also other dubious points in AP.

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