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www.archive.org (Krishna Media)

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This site has files hosted on it's own server (it's site). For free.












(Hindi Lectures)



(SIksastakam, by Bhaktivedanta Narayana)



(Audio, and ebook)




How to upload yourself:


How to put your Files at: http://www.archive.org/


STeps: (step by step). Completely.


How to Register:

1. Goto this url : http://www.archive.org/

(On the far right-hand side of the page, click 'join us')


2. You will be taken to a 'Get your virtual library card'

FIll in all the detials, (when you loggin later you will be using

your e-mail address) Click Get your Library Card.


3. You will be shown your details (wait 1 sec) and

you will be tranferred to the start page (logged in).


How to Make a Audiopage

1. On the top of the page, click 'Audio'.

2. On this next page, you will see many links starting with

'Live Music Archive'. Find 'Open Source Audio' click this.

3. Now on this page, click 'contribute your recordings!'.

4. On this page is where you start making a audio page.

It says 'Enter an identifier'. Choose a good name i.e

Karitika-Bhajans (no spaces) etc.


Then this should not be a problem, this is what the url will

look like: http://www.archive.org/download/hare-krishna-files

/myfile.mp3 (wma, mpg, wma, zip, mov,etc is okay!).


You will know if it's not available as it will tell you.


5. Okay now you have chosen the name. Click 'Create Item'

Now you will be asked whether you want to choose FTP

or Windows Internet Explorer. If you never used FTP

then Just use Explorer.


6. If you decide to use Explorer, click the url

(ftp://....) <---Click..It will be blank page-->

(refresh the page)


7. Copy your files, or just move them to the folders.

You will notice a file called CLICK HERE WHEN DONE'.

After it's all done (there doesn't seem to be a limit)

1 Gig is okay I think thats, 1000Mbs.




9. Wait for it to run, click the url when it's finshed, marked

as blue.


(Choose 'Audio' as the file you are submitting.)


10. You will be now taken to the page, where you can add

descriptions of the audio. Your audio is shown at the bottam

of the page. I would change the title (if none is shown).


11. Add your Descriptions, add anything else.


12. After it looks okay (you can edit later). Goto the bottam

and click the button to submit.


13. It will take a few mintutes for the site to process your page,

or it may take 10-15 mins.


14. Click the url and you will be taken to a the page, you will notice

an 'edit item' url at the left hand side.


How to Edit:


1. Click 'edit item' on left hand side of the page, you can see the

page again. When you change it will take effect after a few mins.



How to Upload more files to THE ALREADY DONE PAGE:


1.CLick 'edit item'. On the page now, find 'Item Manager'

CLick this.


This page looks very complicated, and you really need to work

carefully. To add more files click. checkout-edit item's files (non XML)


CLICK IT, PLEASE NOTE that once you have clicked this, you

will need to follow all the rules. If you don't next time

there will be a fault and you will not be able to add future files

to the page (just the page you made, not the whole site!)


2. See above again, to upload your new files. (or delete old ones)

You can also add a jpg picture. Which SHOULD (well it should, sometimes

it doesn't) on the page you made. approx 105px x 105px (only approx)


3. If you decide you changed your mind, then you still need to click

at the bottam of THIS page, or CLICK HERE WHEN DONE. (very important).


All files are hosted on their servers. (for free). !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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If you don't get to click on that page once you've gone to upload more, you can manually check in the item by typing archive.org/checkin/whatever-name. You can also check out with archive.org/checkout/whatever-name. Heppened to me a couple of times that my FTP server crashed and I lost the details, had to do this. If it's the first time and you've just created the item, you can also get the details again at archive.org/create/whatever-name.

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