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|| Shivarathri Vratham & Procedures ||

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Like we souls are point of light at the middle of eyebrow, the Supreme Soul, God

Shiv is also a point of light shown at the middle of 3 lines in the Shiv Ling.


Shankar is the depiction of souls, devotees of God Shiv who at the end of

Kaliyug, keep remembering God Shiv to purify themselves of past vikarmas - sins

and thereby become suitable to lead a Peaceful and Happy llife in Satyug, The

Heaven which will be established immediately after Kaliyug where there will be

One religion-Adi Sanatan Devi Devta Dharam, One Kingdom.


Sri Krishna and Sri Radhe will be the Prince Princess in Satyug who after

ascending the throne will be called as Vishnu - Sri Lakshmi and Sri Narayan.


The Snake worn by Deity Shankar is the depiction of us, souls who conquer the

5 vices - Lust, Anger, Greed, Ego and attachment.


shakti shakti <hindushakti2000 wrote:

Can some one explain me in the picture below there is shiv lingam and a deity

shankar . who is God of the both ? Shiv ling or the one praying to Shiv Ling ?











Vratham One day prior to Shivarathri - only one time food to be

consumed. After getting up early in the morning and taking bathe, nithya

karmanushtanam should be completed first. Pujas, followed by a visit to nearby

Shiva temple to be undertaken next. While in temple please make sure you

prostrate with all limbs of body in front of the Dwajasthambam (flag staff) and

not inside the temple precincts. Ladies should prostrate keeping both the hands

at the chest level and males should raise hands above head level to pray.

Besides this, devotees should refrain from unnecessary talks, doing

Angapradakshinam, crossing in between Nandikesha and Lord Shiva, transfering the

Vibuthi Prasadam from one hand to left hand, yawning, sneezing in front of the

Lord. Devotees are encouraged to provide bilvam, flowers and abhisheka dravyam

to the temple visited in the morning hours. After taking bathe in the

afternoon and indulge in Shivadhyanam, Shiva puja. Bakthas are advised to

secure flowers, bilvam and other abisheka Dravyams for the night puja. Lord

Shiva should be placed on a high petal and puja performed according to the

following methods :- 1) First Jamam - Time: 6 pm to 9 pm

Abhishekam : Panchagavyam


Flower for Alankaram: Bilvam

Flor for Archanai : Lotus

Naivedhyam : Payatham paruppu mixed Pongal (boiled rice with


Vedamantram : Rig veda to be recited

2) Second Jamam - Time: 9 pm to 12 pm

Abhishekam : Panchamrutham (mixer of honey, sugar, milk, ghee, yoghurt or


Flower for Alankaram: Chandan and Lotus flower

Flower for Archanai : Thulasi

Naivedhyam : Payasam

Vedamantram : Yajur veda to be recited 3) Third Jamam - Time: 12

am to 3 am

Abhishekam : Pure Honey

Flower for Alankaram: Pasted pachaikarpooram and Jasmine flower

Flower for Archanai : 3 leave bilvam

Naivedhyam : El Satham (Seasame boiled rice)

Vedamantram : Sama Veda to be recited 4) Fourth Jamam - Time: 3

am to 6 am

Abhishekam : Sugarcane Juice

Flower for Alankaram: Pasted Safron with Nandiyavattai flower

Flower for Archanai : Neelothbala flower

Naivedhyam : Shudh Annam

Vedamantram : Atharvana Veda to be recited






Dos and Donts

Having completed the puja whole night and spending sleepless night, take

bathe, visit nearby Shiva Temple, visit Guru's house to receive His blessings

and complete the Shivarathri puja by distributing alms to poor and needy.

Shiva bakthas who are not performing puja but spends sleepless night, should

not play cards, spider game, watch movies. However, they can pass the time by

visiting Shiva temples, extending help in preparation of offerings (naivedhyam),

listening to the glories of Lord Shiva etc.











Proud to be a Hindu

Hindu Pride will lead to Hindu Unity!










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