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Next 1-5 year .... Periods .... of Jupiter & Saturn Transits from Now, 3/8/05 until 2010....

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Jupiter & Saturn....




Dear Friends:


Jupiter and Saturn are very important to study because they're the two

planets, primarily responsible for all progress & prosperity in life.


Jupiter represents 'expansion' while Saturn represents 'contraction'....


As such they both together, create the 2-steps of life.


We step forward, which is the step of progress, but, the step ahead,

is due to the first step we planted before.


Saturn represents that first step, which is really a step of stillness, and

then, the step of Jupiter, expansion, happens next.



Five years ago when the most recent World-wide, recession started, it was

because of the colliding of Jupiter & Saturn, in 1999, and 2000, that the

great decade of properity of the 1090's, came to a screeching halt.


On this day, March 8th, of 2000, Jupiter & Saturn were at:


Jupiter: 10 degrees Aries, while

Saturn: 18 degrees, Aries.... which is Saturn's sign of debilitation...


Over the next couple of years, all of the World's economies, suffered

tremendous losses, trillions of dollars were lost in the stock markets, and

millions of individuals lost their jobs,

or couldn't keep up with inflation.


Most Economists, have no idea as to what 'forces' are really behind the

shifts and tendencies,

of progress and prosperity, in human life or business.


Those of us, who understand Jyotish/Astrology, do, however, understand the

Cosmic forces,

that are setting the climate for ease in progress or not.


Now, we're finally seeing an end to this classic, struggle, sometimes

called: Planetary War, of the tension between Jupiter and Saturn.


This struggle has lasted longer then one might have thought, because

Jupiter, moving faster then Saturn is already in Virgo, whereas Sani is back

there in Gemini...


However, several times, in the last few years, both Jupiter & Saturn, were

found moving backwards due to their 'Retrograde' motions, and Jupiter,

especially, kept being held back due to Saturn's 3rd house aspect.


For example, recently Saturn moved into Cancer, where it continued aspecting

Jupiter again, though it's way ahead, in Virgo, still, Jyotish says that

Saturn will influence 3 houses away from itself...


So, from Sept. 6th, 2004, till...January, 13, 2005,... Saturn was

influencing Jupiter, again!


Then, till now, Saturn moved back into Retrograde where it stopped

influencing Jupiter...

in Gemini,...till now...


March 8th, 2005,... when....Jupiter & Saturn are running these degrees.


Jupiter: 23 degrees Virgo R, while

Saturn: 26 degrees, Gemini, also Retrograde.......


>From now, until May 26th,....


This still represents a very good period because Saturn is not, presently

aspecting Jupiter.


So, take advantage of these next 3 months... till, ....


5/26/05....When Saturn moves back into Cancer... and continues aspecting

Jupiter, again!



Jupiter: 15:08 Virgo, R while....

Saturn: 00:04 degrees Cancer...


>From 5/26/05 till 9/28...... Final Saturn>Jupiter, hinderance...

Saturn continues casting it's 3rd house aspect upon Jupiter.

Counting Cancer, as #1, go, Cancer, Leo, Virgo,...and you can see, Jupiter

will be aspected again by Saturn... until....9/28/05.... when Jupiter moves

into Libra...


So, again there'll be a frustrating, Saturnish, quality to things...till

Sept, when Jupiter finally

moves far enough ahead of Saturn, that... it'll stop holding Jupiter back

till 2010!





Jupiter: 00:09 Libra.... while...

Saturn: 14:46 Cancer.....


This represents the true, beginning of the end of Saturn's long, negative,

malefic influence, upon Jupiter....that started way back in 2000, and lasted

till now!



But, from 9/28/05 until 2010,.... Jupiter moves into a very robust, and

dynamic period of expansion and progress and prosperity!!!


>From 9/28/05 until 10/27/06, Jupiter moves through Libra, and then, begins



This represents a very good, Jupiter expansion year!

especially because Saturn's not influencing Jupiter...


Then,....on...10/27, Jupiter moves into Scorpio....

See below:



Jupiter: 00:00:51 Scorpio...while....

Saturn: 29:43 Cancer....


This next year, from late 2006 through 2007, continues with great Jupiter



Jupiter has finally escaped.... and from 9/28/05 until 2010, will embark on

one of Jupiter's most positive, periods of growth!


This will continue in 2007 and 2008, when Jupiter goes into Sagittarius,

it's Own Sign....


11/22/07....& 2008!


Jupiter: 00:10 degrees into Sagittarius... while

Saturn: 13:56 degrees Leo....


This will be an even more splendid year, because Saturn's not only

influencing Jupiter, but Jupiter, moving into Sagittarius, is great, because

Sagittarius is one of 2 Signs, which is it's 'Own Sign', and one of the

happiest places for Jupiter...


This will be an extraordinary year!



Then in late 2008, on Dec. 9th, 2008, Jupiter moves into

Capricorn...(12/9/08 - 12/19/09)


This will be a bit of an off-year, because though Jupiter is no longer being

aspected by Saturn, it does suffer some set-backs due to being in Capricorn,

it's Sign of Debilitation...


Then, after Dec. 19th, Jupiter moves into Aquarius... which again will seem

like a breeze and result in much progress.


All of 2010, will be very positive, till...Jupiter moves into ...Pisces, on

Dec. 6, 2010.


Normally this would be another positive year because Jupiter is also in it's

Own sign, being in Pisces,.... but this year, Saturn's in the opposite sign,

due to being in Virgo.


Though this is many signs 'away', however, due to Saturn's 7th house aspect,

Jupiter's powerful transit through Pisces will be held back a little.


However, this still could be a very good year, because Jupiter though it's

being aspected by Saturn, is also influencing right back Saturn...


And, because Jupiter is more powerful, being in it's Own sign, this too,

will be a very good year.


2011, Jupiter moves into Aries,... though that begins another story of

Jupiter & Saturn's Cosmic dance through the Cosmos...


In Review:



Now, till May 26th, 2005, postive due to Jupiter being in Virgo, and Saturn

not aspecting being in GeminiR.


Then, on 5/26th, Jupiter moves back into Cancer, and again, aspects Jupiter

till Sept. when Jupiter moves into Libra!


Then, on 9/28/2005,....begins the final, Jupiter expansion, that lasts all

the way into 2010!





Mark Kincaid




ps.... plan your life, and business, around these natural periods of nature.










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