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UK - Family abducted before £25m raid

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Dear Jorge and Samva,



What's interesting about this very high profile robbery is -



The Virgo rising UK 1801 chart (see attachment below) seems to score once again -



Period is Mars-Mars-Saturn (8th Lord-8th Lord-6th Lord) - all FM Lords for a Virgo ascendant.



On top of that, check the aspects the TR Nodes were making -



TR Rahu in 7th House was 100% (yes, I know it says 99%, but close enough!)

5th-aspecting NT Jupiter (4th Lord) in 11th.



Further - RX Saturn (6th Lord of Fire and Thefts) was conjunct NT Jupiter by 75%

- and is applying in its conjunction.



TR Rahu was also 5th-aspecting RX Saturn by 76% (again applying) - while RX

Saturn in turn was 3rd-aspecting TR Ketu (in Lagna) by 76%.



TR Ketu was 9th-aspecting 8th Lord TR Mars (in 9th) - remember Mars is both MD and AD Lord.



TR Sun (12th Lord of Loss) was in 6th House (Fires and Thefts).



Lagnesh TR Mercury was also in 6th House.



Best - Sateesh.


P.S. If anyone cannot view the jpeg attached, please contact me OFF-lists and I

will mail it privately.






- Jorge Angelino


Friday, February 24, 2006 2:11 PM

UK - Family abducted before £25m raid

Wednesday, 22 February 2006, 22:05 GMT



Family abducted before £25m raid

The security manager's ordeal lasted about eight hours

More than £25m in cash has been stolen from a depot in Kent after its security

manager and his family were kidnapped by armed robbers posing as police.

The raid was carried out in the early hours of Wednesday at Securitas, in Vale

Road, Tonbridge, by at least six men who tied up 15 staff members.

The manager was abducted after being pulled over in his car by what he thought

was an unmarked police vehicle.

The Bank of England confirmed the scale of the raid - one of Europe's biggest.













· Anyone with any information is asked to contact police incident room on

01622 652361 or 01622 652366.

1 Security depot manager abducted by gang members posing as policemen, close to

the Three Squirrels pub, near Stockbury, at 1830 GMT on Tuesday 21 February.2

At around the same time, the manager's wife and eight-year-old son are taken

from their home in Herne Bay to a farmhouse somewhere in west Kent, where the

manager is eventually taken as well.3 At 0100 on Wednesday, the manager and

family are taken to the Tonbridge depot where he is forced to give access to

the armed and masked robbers, who leave with their haul at 0215.4 On Thursday,

an abandoned red van that may have been used during the abductions is found at

a pub in Hucking.5 The same day a man and woman are arrested in Forest Hill,

south London, on conspiracy-related charges.6 Later a woman is held at a

building society in Bromley.7 Volvo saloon believed to have been used by

robbers posing as police found burning in Burberry Lane in the village of Leeds

on Thurs evening.8 Silver Nissan Almera car belonging to depot manager found at

the Cock Horse pub in Detling on Thurs evening.








Dasha: Ma/Ma/Sa/Ke/Me till 18:45, then Ma/Ma/Sa/Ve/Ve




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