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One more question.

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Tuesday, May 16th is my birthday.

My parents got me and my husband tickets for a fundraiser for autism reasearch. That is my present. It is a donation.


My Grandmother said she will give me money so I can buy worship items/books/things I might need religious-wise.


My sister asked what she can do for me. I told her, what would be very nice, is if we go out together, to just spend time. I said, "maybe we can see a movie, or have dinner. You can pay for me, and that will be my present."


Saturday, May 20, myself, my husband, and 3 friends of ours are going to a place where we live, with music and fun, and also, devotees go every Saturday night to chant! So my husband said that if I see something that I might like there (it has shops too), then he will buy it for me. (Well we share the money, so in some way I'm buying it for myself too, lol).


I don't want to be materialistic. I'm really scared that sometimes I might spend money on an item. Most of the time, I only buy things like food, clothes for my daughter when she needs them, shampoo, other things like that. Only things we NEED.


What exactly is it meant by "materialism"? Is it okay to sometimes buy something that I might WANT, or is that no good? I hardly ever buy anything that I WANT rather than need, but since it is my birthday next week, I thought.. maybe it's okay?


By no means am I greedy, I'm actually quite generous. (I think so?)


Should I be worried, or is this okay?

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