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Kundalani Yoga and Kayakalpa

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Dear friends


I am sure you will all find this interesting.It is about Vedathri Maharishi.

One of the greatest exponents of Kundalani yoga.


About Maharishi:



Shri Vethathiri Maharishi, a living saint of south India was born in 1911, in

the village of Guduvancheri, 30 km south of Chennai, India. From his youth he

was driven by the desire for knowledge and in particular strove to find answers

to three questions: "What is God?What is life?" and "Why is poverty in the

world?". The search to find these answers as well as the necessity to further

his lot in life lead him into various fields of endeavor, including becoming a

qualified practitioner of two systems of Indian indigenous medicine, Ayurveda

and Siddha, and a certified practitioner of Homeopathy as well. Enlightened

through several years of intense meditation and introspection, he has

spontaneously poured out over 2000 poems dealing with origin and functions of

the cosmos as well as on all aspects of life. He remains dedicated to serving

his fellow beings by conveying his understanding of the One Supreme Power and

its evolution through his speeches and writings.



As of date, he has authored 50 books in Tamil and English. Even at his advanced

age of ninety-three, he continues to serve humanity through his writings and

discourses. In his book entitled World Peace, written in 1957, he has reviewed

the conditions of humanity, identified the problems affecting the humankind and

delineated a comprehensive plan for bringing about total transformation in

society so as to achieve peace and prosperity for all. In 1958 Vethathiri

Maharishi founded the World Community Service Centre, a non-profit registered

society with a view to working towards World Peace through individual peace.



>From 1972 to 1993 he traveled abroad annually, lecturing and teaching

extensively in Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and U.S.A. Several

universities in India have made Maharishi’s teachings and philosophy a part of

their regular curriculum. By this unification of science and philosophy,

Maharishi has made significant contributions to the contemporary philosophy,

basic sciences and literature and thereby evolved a unified and holistic view of

Nature. Based on Vethathiri Maharishi’s philosophy, several scholars in the

fields of literature, science and psychology are working for their Doctorate




The term KAYA means "body" and KALPA means "ImmortalKAYA KALPA" is a

wonderful technique of the SIDDHAS of South India and has a threefold objective.


a. Withstanding the aging process.

b. Maintaining youthfulness and physical health.

c. Postponing death until one reaches spiritual perfection.


Ever since man started getting illness, he began to discover the causes for

illness. The prevention of illness thus came to be added in the evolution of

culture. Even while he was enjoying pleasures and suffering from pains through

his five senses, he began to understand the perfect functional order of Nature

i.e. the principle of cause and effect through his sixth sense.


In his efforts to cure and prevent illness he further thought of avoidance or

postponement of death. By continuos search and research for generations, men

found several methods, of rejuvenation his physical body with foods, medicines,

herbs, and exercises and austerities. Each method showed a certain effect and

some systems are still being practiced in some parts of the world. Yet a perfect

system has not been evolved to suit all sections of people of all countries,

climates and ecological conditions.


So, centuries before Christ, Lord Buddha renounced his crown in search of the

root cause of sufferings and questioned the scholars of the day about the

reasons for diseases, old age and death. Intellectuals of the day could not

answer these questions. These remained unanswered for hundreds of years, but the

urge and the search was on.


Success came though some alchemists of South India, called "Siddhas" between

theirs tenth and fifteenth centuries. They actually lived as long as they wished

and after death their bodies were impervious to decay and disintegration. Twenty

of them actually demonstrated their longevity to the people and showed that

their bodies did not decay after death. Their findings were however,

deliberately kept hidden in obscures language, in so many bits and pieces in

their writings, in the form of Tamil poems. Although these poems are

descriptively simple, even great scholars have been unable to decipher the real



YOGIRAJ VETHATHIRI MAHARISHI had occasions to go through the literature of the

Siddhas, even at his teenage, in the course of his study, he learned of several

herbs and medicines to cure diseases. Interspersed in the 'Siddhas' teachings

were indications about the process of KAYA KALPA. However they were in puzzles

to which there seemed to be no key.


Meanwhile, he studied medicine and got diplomas in Ayurveda, Siddha and

Homeopathy. To the limited extent he could understand the meaning of the Siddha

scriptures, he began practicing exercises for rejuvenation, general health and

spiritual enlightenment.


Many years later after Maharishi had attained self-realization through Kundalini

Yoga, he happened to study the same Siddha texts. What a wonder! Everything was

now clear about Kaya Kalpa with its science and practical exercises. Initially

he taught these exercises to some close friends and found that they got immense



Now he is teaching this wonderful process to thousands of people every year both

in India and abroad. The practitioners have obtained immense benefits not only

to physical strength and vitality, but also in terms of cure for some

longstanding ailments.


Further more Kaya kalpa gives significant spiritual benefit. The sexual energy

is transmuted into spiritual energy, by directing it to the "Crown Chakras". The

enlightenment of Consciousness, which is the purpose of birth, is gradually

achieved. The temperamental moods developed in man's personality will be

naturally sublimated into spiritual awareness and morality for the welfare and

happiness of all.


Practice of Kaya Kalpa involves two main exercises.


1.Toning up of the nervous system to withstand the aging process and

2."OJAS breath" -- to recycle the sexual vital fluid to rejuvenate the body and

postpone death. The two exercises are very simple to learn and practice. These

hardly take five minutes in the morning and the evening.


The Course is taught in one session of three hours, in the first part the

science of body chemistry and its functions are explained in detail, in the

second part the practical exercises are personally taught so that the student

becomes well acquainted with their sequential order and duration. As this

practice is a restructuring process of the body in a natural way to medicines or

herbs are involved. Significant results will soon be notified if moderation in

food, work, rest, sex and use of thought force is observed.


Any person after physical maturity is eligible to learn and practice Kaya Kalpa

without previous experience in meditation or spiritual practices. Also this may

be done in conjunction with any other spiritual practices or physical exercises.

Maharishi will personally teach this to anyone who takes a pledge not to teach

to any other person without prior permission from him.


Benefits of Kaya Kalpa Practice


1. Sexual vital fluid becomes thickened and the stock is increased so that the

lifeforce and bio-magnetism are sufficiently maintained in the body. It

strengthens and rejuvenates the body. It will help to cure and prevent diseases

and relieved the practitioner of the troubles of old age. 'Sexual Potency' is

enhanced but craving is brought within control.

2. Monks, nuns and those who remain celibate will be greatly benefited, since

sexual excitement would not occur quickly, through recycling of the sexual vital

fluid and absorption of it in the body.

3. Sexual energy is transmitted into spiritual energy - developing and

strengthening spiritual awareness.

4. Kaya Kalpa practice improves character and personality. There will be genetic

improvement for healthier and more intelligent progeny.

5. Conception can be controlled at will when either of the partners have become

successful in the practice over sufficient period of time.


Kaya Kalpa is a precious gift of mankind. These practice helps one to maintain

physical and mental health, further spiritual development and rejuvenates the

physical system to withstand the agreeing process. The practice will help all

people regardless of sex, race, religion or creed, to enjoy a happy and

satisfactory life.


Thousands of people have been benefited. Why not you too?


In order to extend the benefits of Kaya Kalpa to the whole world we are now

engaged in research to study its effects in curing various ailments and in

maintaining physical of this study we have established the VETHATHIRI MAHARISHI



What is Yoga?



Yoga is a science of life to develop the sixth sense to its fullness and to

enable and equip man to enjoy peaceful and blissful life. It is essentially an

art of understanding all about the soul, which is only the life-force and

realizing its relationship with the body, the society, the world and the

Universe, maintaining its harmony and finally getting it merged with the

Universal soul.



In other words, Yoga is a systematic psychic practice to improve awareness, to

develop will-power and to realize the Self to metamorphose the character so that

it can be in tune with the Self and the Society and to put an end to the

birth-cycle by merging with the Almighty.



Yoga is a complete process of perfection of man by developing his personality so

that he may reach his ultimate goal, thereby fulfilling the purpose of his

birth. In simplest form, Yoga means a system of life best-suited for man to be

in harmonious communion with Nature.


Kundalini Yoga



Kundalini Yoga is a systematic and integrated practice for body and mind and its

thrust is to make a man creative. By a new method, which is wholly safe, one can

get the kundalini power aroused in minutes. Hence this method is called the

Simplified Kundalini Yoga, abbreviated to "SKY". Kaya Kalpa is the culmination

of Kundalini Yoga and its objective is to enable the practitioner to postpone

the aging process and death. In all SKY centers in India, Malaysia, Singapore,

South Korea, Japan and USA, Kaya Kalpa Yoga is now being taught at regular

intervals. These two yogic practices are very important in Karma Yoga - which

only can save humankind from a slow but total destruction.


What is SKY ?



Nature, through the centuries, has been developing all sciences so that they may

be more and more useful to the common man. Likewise this Science of raising the

Kundalini power has also been developed in recent times. A master who is well

versed in Kundalini Yoga can arouse an aspirant's Kundalini power in minutes.

The aspirant can feel the vibration of the Kundalini energy at once. For a few

people, however, it takes two or three days to feel the vibration clearly. From

the date of initiation, the aspirant is enabled to practice Meditation by

merging his mind within his soul. This process of Yoga is called "Simplified

Kundalini Yoga (SKY)". This is the process followed in all the branches of Self

Realisation Centres organised by the -->World Community Serivce Centre (WCSC)

(Regd) with headquarters at 20, Second Seaward Street, Valmiki Nager,


Chennai 600 041, India.


There are ten stages in SKY. They are,




Purification of Body and Soul as the master passes his energy into the aspirant.



Understanding the secret meaning of "Pranavam" (OM) the symbol of absolute




Arousing the Kundalini power from the Mooladara to the Agna Chakra and opening

the eye of wisdom, thereby enabling the aspirant to fell the existence and

function of the mystic Kundalini Power.



Shanti Yoga: A practice to subdue and control the force rising to the Agna

Chakra, so that it may not be excessive.



Thuria Yoga: Meditation on the crown center.



Thuriyatheetha Yoga: Merging of the individual Consciousness with the Absolute.



Maneuver of the six temperaments viz., Greed, Anger, Miserliness, Immoral sexual

passion, Vanity and Vengeance.



Autosuggestion to promote harmony in oneself and in the environment.



Fulfillment of five duties- that is duty to self, family, relations, nation and




Techniques to increase the stock of the life force (bio-current) and channelise

the same.




These ten stages are explained below:



In main the soul-forces of his mother and father are jointly functioning. These

two kinds of life-forces commingled at the time of the coming together of the

chromosomes. This becomes the collective character of a person. All the imprints

of Karmas of the parents are ingrained in him. The sensual attraction and sexual

activity of the parents cause birth. So everyone has inherited sensual

attraction and temperamental moods. The results are pains, miseries and problems

in life. Against this background, if one is to have a change in the personality,

some additional highly characterized life-force is necessary. The person with

such divine personality and life-force is the Guru (Preceptor). The Guru has to

pass his energy to a spiritual aspirant with the noble thought that the disciple

should become purified and enlightened in Consciousness.


The life-force of the Guru is passed onto an aspirant in three ways:



By touch- this is called "Sparsa Diksha" in Sanskrit.



By sight- this is "Chakshu Diksha"



By thought - this is "Gnana Diksha".




The mind of the aspirant is linked with the soul in the first, with the

universal force in the second and with the Truth in the third method.



After passing the life-force, the Kundalini power of the aspirant is aroused and

identified. All of these three methods are followed in SKY.



Linking the mind of an aspirant with his soul is a ceremony of Divine Communion.

This kind of graceful boon of a Guru to his disciple for the latter's

enlightenment is called Initiation in spiritual terminology.



A master of SKY passes his power by touch to the aspirant and the Kundalini

power is aroused. To start with, the aspirant will fell a feeble vibration in

the Agna Chakra. There is no visualization, mantra or pranayama to be done in

the SKY process. One should simply sit and observe the movement of the Kundalini

power at the Agna Chakra. This meditation will improve awareness and will power.

It will further enable the practitioner to withdraw from external sensory

activity and thus conserve his life-force. This will free the aspirant from the

forgetful state because of his improved awareness.





According to the age of the aspirant and his depth of contemplation in

practicing Meditation , the Kundalini power will be aroused forcefully within

five to fifteen days after initiation. Heaviness may be felt in the head. At

this time, Shanti Yoga is essential. This yoga is similar to the brake-system in

car; it slows down and controls the excessive flow of energy. Whenever the

vibration of flow of the Kundalini power increases to the stage of discomfort,

it can easily be controlled by practising Shanti Yoga. This practice will also

help to regulate the physical routines of the body. One can understand the

benefits for oneself after practical experience.





There are five kosas (Sheaths) for the mind according to the domain of its

activities. When it is in the feelings and fulfilment of bodily needs, that

field of action is called "Annamaya Kosa". When it is engaged in reflecting its

habits and emotional thoughts, that state is called "Manomaya Kosa". When it is

shrunk in its base, the mind realises the existence, function and results of its

own life-force and works accordingly. That state of knowledge is called

"Pranamaya Kosa". When it gets link with Universal function and knows about the

secrets of the Law of Nature, there the domain of the mind is called

"Vignanamaya Kosa".



When it realizes the Truth and gets communion with it, that perfect stage is

called "Anandamaya Kosa". When the mind is working with Annamaya and Manomaya

Kosas it is the self-forgotten state for the soul. In the Agna Chakra Yoga, the

soul gets sufficient awareness and then the senses will be understood as only

the instruments for the soul. In the Agna Chakra Yoga, the mind is merged within

the soul. (Soul, life-force and Prana are one and the same). The soul comes to

the state of the valubale Pranamaya Kosa . There the working frequency of the

mind gets so subtle that it will acquire more will-power, sharpness in

intelligence and steadiness.



In Thuriya Yoga, the Master, by his graceful sight passes the divine Yogic Power

again the lifts the Kundalini power up to the Sahasradara. The Kundalini Sakthi

will begin to vibrate in the Sahasradara, giving a very pleasant sensation. Her

the mind will get much shorted frequency in its fucntion, so that it gets link

with the universal in its function. The Vignanamaya Kosa state comes into being

to the soul. Intuition and certain siddis (Extra ordinary powers) will be

experienced in this stage.





Bye the merciful thought-force of the Master, the aspirant is taken to the

Thuriateetha state. Here, the soul merges into the Absolute State- the Almighty.

This psychic practice is called "Samadhi" and communion with God. This state is

the Realization of Consciousness. The Jiva_Brahma Iykyamukthi is this state.



With the practices detailed above, the first part in the training of the

Simplified Kundalini Yoga is completed.



Thereafter, by his own experience and by elucidation from the Master, the

aspirant's wisdom will blossom with its clear light. In these days of worries,

miseries and restlessness, the only sanctuary for mankind is spiritual

knowledge. Perfection of mind and Realization of Self is the real goal of life.

Peace and happiness can be maintained in the life of individual and society, if

one takes to the path of spiritual knowledge. The entire world community cannot,

of course, become enlightened in a short time. Elders should first understand

the value and need of spiritual knowledge and children should be educated and

trained into the new order of spiritual life. Political leaders, administrative

authorities, industrialists, social workers, writers, teachers, college students

and government officials should first undergo this valuable psychic practice and

see for themselves the benefits of intellectual perfection. As a consequence

political administration, economy, educational system and

the morality of the society will be improved and be oriented towards peace and

happiness for mankind.



SKY can be practiced by men and women and above the age of maturity, that is,

fourteen years of age. Simplified Kundalini Yoga will ensure peace within

individuals, peace among society and ultimately peace among all nations.


Interested friends can go to the site http://www.vethathiri.org for more

intersting details about SKY centres and ashrams all over the world.


Personally I have the experience of visiting Maharishi at his ashram and it is

defenirely an enchanting experience the guruji's there are geat masters in

kundalani yoga and all trained by the maharishi himself.

















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