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worship of lord shiva at home (answers to all queries)

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dear shiv bhakts

om namo bhagawate rudraya


in the changed world scenario and the new world order, each person

enjoys full freedom in doing any and everything in any which way he

or she feels like, even the forms of worshipping. in delhi where i

stay, several devotees are found carrying single red rose in some

temples as if they are carrying that red rose in polythene packed

with deocrative grass and stuff for their lover. if they wish to

express that they are in love with their lord, their love is



but i still have thoughts of old school and hence my personal

suggestion is that if one cannot perform daily abhishekam to a

shivling, better they donate that shivling to a temple where the

shivling gets the samskaras.


if a person cannot perform pacha poojas or shodasa upacharas,

performing abhishekam with plain water or gangajal and then offering

a bilva patram is fine. if one can offer chandan, sacred thread,

flowers, incense stick, lamp and karpoora neerajanam, naivedyam

etc., it is better. but abhishekam is a must. i have no right even

to mention any rule for worship of lord shiva as there are no such

rules. but abhishekam is a must as mentioned in the scriptures.


only for ek mukh rudraksha, shivpuran says that it shall be

worshipped. for all other 13 types of rudraksh it says dharan i.e.

wearing. however, if a person is saatvik and has no vices and can

maintain the sanctity of the ek mukh rudraksh, he can also wear it.

even though the kaaju type ek mukh rudraksh is available for just

around rupees two thousand, the oval ek mukh rudraksh from indonesia

is avaiable upto rupees ten thousand. the round nepalese ek mukh

rudraksh has never been sold by any person anywhere in the world.

hence the indonesian oval ek mukh is the best. some of these are

almost round in shape. for getting rudraksh i request shiv bhakts

only to contact on my personal id and not in the group as we are

here to sing the glory of lord shiva only.


in praise of lord shiva and with best wishes


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Dear Sir,


Sorry for wrong placement of my reply directly to this thread but since I cannot post direclty here I am .


Can you please help me? I am suffering.

My date of birth is 22-09-1970. Place of Birth is Davanagere in India. Time of Birth is 3.45pm.

Lagna is Makara. Rashi is Mithuna or Gemeni.

1 in Lagna

2 in Rahu

3 Empty

4 Rahu

5 Empty

6 Moon

7 Empty

8 Mars, Ketu, Mercury

9 Sun

10 Jupiter and Venus


They say Jupiter and Venus in the 10th House is bad. Hence the suffering please help. Is there a remedy to minimise the bad effects of either of these planets and prosper?



My email ID is msg2003@rediffmail.com. Moderator please do not block me for the email ID typed here but the help is very necessary to me.

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Namaste panditji,


could u please tell me if its fine to do Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra if we consume non-veg or eggs. can the mantra be avoided for a day in a week in which we consume non-veg. or should we totally abstain from it if we are doing the mantra...


Thanking you...

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