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coconut oil

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Dear frater_mercurius,<br>Hello again!<br>This is

regarding your querry about coconut oil.<br>There are

places in India like Kerala where Coconut oil is used

Internally. Means food is prepared in Coconut oil as well as

Coconut oil is used in the form of Internal Snehana.

<br>So you can use the same but what I feel in this

case,for that matter you have to have some sort of

expirience of using the Coconut oil internally and that too

for a considerable time period. This is known as

SATMYA.There isn't a fix time to achieve Satmya. Satmya is

getting used to the thing (ie Coconut oil in this case.)

If you think that you have Satmya with Coconut oil

then no harm in using it Internally or you should use

it only as an EXTERNAL SNEHA for snehana

purposes.<br>I think I have made it clear. Do ask if you need

some more answers. I will try my level best.<br>Take


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Dear fratur_mercurius,<br>PS:<br>As rightly

pointed out by Prionka, the coconut oil won't be an

alternative for Ghee with respect to the effects it provides.

The effect of Ghee and Coconut oil will be different

on the body when taken Internally.For othere

purposes like for preparetion of food etc. you can use

Coconut oil. <br>Prasad.

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> What is your views on the use of coconut oil, the quality it might

> provide for a better health and about the information on the following

> sites listed? Another question is why there is so little general

> knowledge about coconut oil, if it is so healthy as it sounds.


there is lots of knowledge on the benefits of coconut - just ask anyone

from Kerala, where it is the dominant food and oil

the problem is the dogma that was generated in the last century that

tropical oils like coconut and palm oils are bad simply because they

were rich in saturated fat - as we can see, the entire edifice that

saturated fat is bad is beginning to crumble, but very slowly - there

is too much inertia at the USDA to reverse its policies, and drug

manufacturers have a strangle-hold on dietary policy, i.e. 'saturated

fat and cholesterol are bad'


the idea that coconut oil is bad for health is an example of scientific

thinking entirely divorced from reality

early researchers based this on experimental animal models, feeding

large amounts of lard to fluffy the rabbit, only to watch poor fluffy

develop atherosclerosis (when was that last time you saw a carnivorous

rabbit?), and the subsequent extrapolation to human health - but if

they had bothered to do epidemiological research they would have

clearly seen that these oils are not harmful


in my opinion the shift away from tropical oils was also racially and

economically motivated, to shut down what was a thriving industry in

developing countries, to take power away from brown-skinned people and

channel investment $$ into a select number of american and canadian

farms bought out by white-skinned corporations that planted vast fields

of imported (and now GMO) crops like canola (i.e. "canadian oil,"



there is lots of marketing hype around coconut oil - some of it has a

basis in truth

for example, coconut has beneficial activities on immune and endocrinal


in this respect the benefits are corrective, shifting the dominance

away from potentially toxic polyunsaturated fatty acids to time-honored

fats and oils that we are well-adapted to consume


but as Dr. Bhate alluded to, the true nature of something cannot be

understood by an analysis of its parts

my opinion is to ignore the hype and use coconut oil the way its been

used for thousands of years in south east asia

it should be fresh and cold-pressed, and fragrantly coco-nutty


there is no miracle cure except the miracle of our own awareness, when

its petty prejudices have been stripped away and we come face to face

with ourSELF


for this reason Lord Buddha touched the ground after enlightenment and

raised his hand in the abhaya (fear-dispelling) mudra - there is no

fear when we stay rooted

for this, i suggest we root ourselves in the tradition of our own

humanity, of which Ayurveda is a shining light


om bhaisajye bhaisajye maha bhaisajye samudgate

salutations to you the medicine!


blessing... todd




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I am a keralite living in North India (Delhi). Since migrating to Delhi, I have changed my food eating habbit and have now more or less become a North INdian as far as food is concerned. This has resulted in a side-effect also. I have gastric problem with the kind of food I am eating. But whenever I go to kerala on my yearly leave for a month or so, I do not have this problem. In kerala, I take kerala food which is prepared using coconut and coconut oil. Coconut oil, it seems is acting as a laxity agent as I do not have the problem of constipation or gastric trouble when I am in kerala. Moreover, the coconut oil reduces the effect of chilly which is used extensively in indian curries. Although scientists say that since it is rich in saturated fat, keralites seem to be healthy and there are no data to support that there is any increase in the number of people who have developed any kind of blokage in their blood vessels. Coconut oil may not be suitable for Europeans where cold condition prevails, but it is absolutely safe in INdia, especailly south of Vindhyas where it is hot condition throughout the year.



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I have an auntie whom I greatly revere and she says coconut oil can help with gastroesophageal reflux (GERD) as well. Actually I think what she meant is that it helps with acidity. I had GERD and it didn't go away with coconut oil because mine was an anatomical problem. Acidity results from what you eat and can often be helped by coconut oil. One tablespoon twice a day. :)

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I am keralite and I was leaving in north india. I faced similar problem. I was having the gastric problmes and whenver I go to kerala, everything was normal. It may be due to the kind of food you eat and may be due to water or may be due to the use of cocunut oil. But I am not sure.

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