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Ushnodaka: extension of water therapy

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Boiled water (Ushnodaka):



While a number of posts have discussed drinking water for health.

Similarly, water exposed to sun and moon rays (Anshodaka) is also

discussed. The contaminants in water, trace minerals and their

benefits have also been brought out. One member has just uncovered

the issue of boiled water, which present author has picked it up for

further discussion. This post is addressed to using boiled water as a

medicine to treat Vatic disorders as well as common situations such

as cold, cough, fever causing worries to mothers. The name `Jeevan'

to water gets justified this way.


Most of the pains in body are generally caused by Vata dosha. One of

two major reasons for vitiation of Vata is the diet and lifestyle

which causes loss of dhatus. The Vata takes the space created by

leaving dhatus. Second reason is the traffic jam. When naturally

moving. Mothers all over world know the efficacy of boiled water in

Vatic disorders, joint pains, cold, cough, fever, disorders related

to excretory systems, etc.


Vata encounters blockages caused by undigested ama and Kapha. This excites Vata

and causes pains. This is similar to situation in which pus entrapped in the

boil causes pain, which disappears when boil breaks. Both these forces are

weakened by boiled water.


The `Deepana' property of warm water causes expansion of strotas

(microchannels) of digestive juices. The increased hunger as a result of

increased flow of digestive juices causes proper digestion of food resulting

into increase of dhatus. When these increased dhatus take their usual

seats, Vata is driven away and pains reduce (this also explains why arthritis

treatment sometimes contains rasayanas.) Of course, warm water

as a medicine must be reduced and stopped when Agni has increased

sufficiently and pains reduced.


Knee pains – arthritis, Aamvata – rheumatism, Sciatica – Ranjanvata,

pains in waist or neck regions etc. in all such cases, boiled warm

water is proven useful. Along with this, diet must be light to digest,

avoiding oil and adopting ghee for souting of vegetables. The

ushnodaka causes digestion of Aama, Kapha and to expel them through

bowels, taking ½ to 1 tsp of Haritaki (Harde) powder with ushnodaka

is advised. The dose of Harde can be adjusted to the strength of

large intestine.


A well known Vaidya, Prabhashankarbhai of Gujarat, India used to

cure all joint pains with just fasting and Haritaki, along with

Ushnodaka. His method will be covered in another post. Today, many of his

disciples are propagating the philosophy. The joint pains, if not cured since

long time or pain is unbearable, one should try ayurvedic system under the

supervision of a nearby consultant.


Cold – Cough – Asthma


Ushnodaka, due to its bronco-dilatory and muco-kinetic actions, makes

the dried/solidified Kapha moist, melts, and makes it move. By

expanding the respiratory passages, removes the constraints in

breathing. The kinematics of Vata controlling the breathing follows

right direction, redcing Kapha and relieving breathing troubles. The

patients of cold, cough, asthma should add some ginger powder while

boiling water, and same water should be drunk throughout the day to

enjoy the relief.


Many people in Kerala drink ginger water throughout the year and such

water is served in both marriage lunches and hotels. `Chuvakuvallam'

is the name given to such water.


Ushnodaka in Urinary track problems:


Ushnodaka cleans the urinary passages through its diuretic action.

Hence this action is sometimes termed Basti shodhana. Due to

increased action by Kidneys, Meda also gets eliminated to some extent

and problems such as urinary stones do not arise. The blockages,

infections reduce and get cured. If there are specific problems, one

can boil `Rasayan Churna' with water and drink this

medicated `Ushnodaka'.




In feverish condition, the sweating action is generally blocked.

Ushnodaka causes digestion of Ama. All virus, bacteria, parasites

grow rapidly in Ama medium. They cause different fevers and

inflammations. For controlling fevers, one can add Sudarshan Churna

while boiling water.


Intestinal ailments


Patients suffering from mild constipation or loose motions caused by

Pitta dosha, should drink a glass of warm water, which causes

cleansing bowels without any powder or tablet. Warm water

naturalizes the disrupted or disturbed process of expansion

contraction of intestines, aiding the elimination. The patient of

Muco-collitis have to visit the rest room four-five times a day,

eliminating sticky motion. They never feel the relief of total empty

bowels. With ushnodaka, the mucous and Kapha get eliminated easily

and the ailment gets attacked right at the root. They should drink

ushnodaka made from ginger powder. In special cases, some of the

powders used in Avipattikara Churna can be used. Thus ushnodaka

expands the micro channels carrying Doshas, Dhatus, Wastes, removes

their sluggishness, makes them soft. The elasticity of these channels

is restored gradually.


`Shrut-Sheet Jal'


Modern medical science recommends drinking boiled and cooled water in

case of illnesses caused by infections, such as Jaundice, Gastritis,

Flue etc. Ayurveda terms such water as `Shrut Sheet Jal' Useful in

loose motions, vomiting, fainting, excess thirst, nose-bleeding,

excess bleeding through any part of the body, alocepia, eczema,

scabies, problems arising out of alcoholism. In pitta caused problems

such as GERD, hyper acidity, inflammations, gout, pitta fevers etc.

one should not drink warm water. In such cases this boiled and cooled

water is best.


Some precautions:


When you want to drink, prepare a fresh boiled water. Do not store

boiled water. Stored water develops acidic state. Thermos flask

can be used to tackle this problem. Boil water on low heat and when

froth stops forming, clear water is seen to be 50% of original, such

water is termed Ushnodak. This is useful for Vata and Pitta problems.

When 75% is remaining, such water useful for Vata (only) disorders.

When 75% is boiled out and 25% remains, such water takes care of all

three doshas. Due to Agni captured in boiled water, all boiled waters

are easier to digest than the one not boiled. One can make it fast

digestive by adding various spices. This subject is already covered

in our group by mapi.com messages last year. Discussion on water

cannot be complete without mentioning boiling with metal pieces such

as copper, silver, gold to make a 'Dhatu-pushti Jal' and properties

of water stored in Indian earthen pots. However, since each topic is

lengthy, author prefers to cover it some other day.


Dr Bhate

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