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Abdul Bhai was residing in Nanded. His Guru's name was Amrudhin. Baba

appeared in his Guru's dream, gave two mangoes and asked him to send Abdul

Bhai to Him. In the morning Amrudhin found two mangoes in his bed. He gave

it to Abdul Bhai and directed him to go to Shirdi and meet Baba.

Accordingly, he came to Shirdi and took darshan of Baba in 1889 in his 20th

age. Baba also told that "My crow has come". Baba told him to look after the

five Akandams (ever burning lamps) in Dwarakamayee and in Lendi Baug and

also to keep clean all these places. Abdul Bhai served Baba by washing His

clothes, kept two pot full of water near the Akandam. He would read Kuran as

per Baba's instructions. One day he slept during the day time as he was

awakened through the previous night. Baba woke him up at 2 P.M. and asked

him to see the moon in the water. Abdul Bhai took two hand full of water and

saw the full moon in the water as Baba said. After sometime, Amrudhin his

previous guru came and called him back to Nanded. Abdul Bhai refused to go

as Baba was not willing and remained with Baba in serving him. After Baba's

Samadhi in 1918, he served Baba's Samadhi and called as Abdul Baba and took

Samadhi on 5-4-1954.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely !! StupendousDelectation and Deliverance be

there !!


( Adopted from AMBROSIA IN SHIRDI by Ramalingaswamy, Life Member of Shri

Sai Baba Sansthan, Shirdi at Munja Baba Sthan, Shirdi)

for more literature on Sai Baba and consolidated stories of "Ambrosia in

Shiridi" please visit www.saileelas.org

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