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Urday.in is a website which designed especially to provide the information on the Religions in India. It is a spiritual web site with the sole purpose of promoting sanatan dharma and spreading its awareness among the masses.


This site provides useful information various religious resources and beneficial knowledge on fields like vedas, puranas, shastra, darshan, smriti, upanishad, bhagwad gita, ramayana, mahabharata, bhartrihari shatak, narad bhakti, kamasutra, sanskar, rituals & rites, stotra sadhana, nitya karma, patanjali yoga, pranayama, surya namaskar, gods & symbols, chatur yugas etc.,


On this site you will find important and logical information on astrology, gemology, palmistry, numerology and vaastu shastra which is very helpful to know about the astrological effects on human life. It also contains information on various festivals celebrated in India.


Information on various religions like Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism and Jainism are explained in brief on this site. You will get aarati audios of vaiorus hindu gods like aarati of Lord Ganesh, God Shiva, Hanuman on this site. By reading this website you will get various Indian Gods and Goddess.


This site also provides the useful resources on Ayurveda and various Ayurvedic medical treatments and various types of yogas to maintain your health.


You can also get some animated stories from Panchatantra on this website.

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