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lord shiva came in my dream

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last time when i was sleeping during daytime i got a dream that i was breaking

some eggs(not sure if by mistake or intentionally) and by breaking the eggs

thereby i was decreasing the possibility that the kittens inside would

survive..i mean if the eggs were allowed to grow then they would grow into live

kittens.....then all of a sudden lord shiva appears in front of me ...i get

scared and mentaly say to lord shiva that i have broken some eggs not sure if by

my mistake or in fun however it seems to me that lord shiva already knows that i

have broken the eggs....as far as i can remember the broken eggs are around 7-10

in number.....then lord shiva teaches me a yogic exercise/technique where i need

to keep the broken eggs in front of me and perform some yogic mudra/exercise of

rotating my head and moving my eyebrows in big circular way...i am not sure if

this exercise/technique lord shiva teaches me(in my dream) is yogic or

tantra......i personally feel that it was more of a yogic

exercise/technique....and after i practise this yogic exercise/technique in my

dream as per lord shiva's instructions,the broken eggs start getting repaired

automatically and emerge as full eggs without any crakes....

then lord shiva is not seen any more.......he disappears.........and the dream


this is the 1st time i have had lord shiva in my dreams..what would this dream

mean ...

is this some sort of message from lord shiva...

or does this mean something else................

i was saw lord shiva in my dreams with a tiger skin and rest stuff i cannot













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Guest guest





You have to ask yourself several questions:


1) If these eggs represented something in your life what would they



2) Kittens don't usually come out of eggs, so these are special kind

of kittens, if they were aspects of your life, what would they be?




I can tell you my first impression. You are playing with something very core

to life (eggs) and you don't know what you are doing (mistake or

intentional). Your actions are making things happen prematurely (kittens

coming out too soon). Lord Shiva appears to let you know what you need to do

to repair the damage. You do what he says and the damage is repaired. You

never ask why you need to do what you do, you just do it.




You don't need to know why any more. Just need to do the yoga and enjoy the







Awtar S.


Rochester, NY





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Guest bh
i saw lord shiva in my dream .... me my mother nd my elder sister wih few unknown people walked on top of the hill.  the was an empty area with a dhol. it was night and dark. We have started chanting shiva & beating the dhol. After some time by doing vigarous & deep devotional chantings with increase in the dhol beat lord shiva appeared with glittering shine for few seconds & i dont remember after that. what dose this dream mean to me?

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The appearance of a God in your dreams signifies either a caution or a blessing (darshan). In your case, I would say it is more of a blessing, since you were praying and invoking him. Dreams are mostly a projection of what is going on in the subconscious mind, if you have fears, worries etc., you are prone to nightmares. If you keep faith and strong belief in God, nightmares will never scare you.


Keep faith!



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