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Shmashana Kali

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disposition and has the power to end it all for you right now. Can you see the

Goddess like this? Are you ready to face Her like this? When you see Her do you

need to turn away or do you embrace Her? But do you know that She is not just

part of you macrocosmic world She is part of your micrcosmic world. She is fear

and the trancending of fear. She also grants boons to those who face the Mother

in this way. She breaks all man made moral codes. She is Shakti. Shakti has

several meanings. one meaning is Power or energy. Cant you feel it? The energy

of a ypoung child. The energy of lightning. The energy of a waterfall. It is

all around us. Shakti is everywhere at once. Even in deep space. Another

meaning of Shakti is Goddess. The Goddess as energy or the Goddess as her

unmanifest self as well. Shiva even has this Shakti within him. Shmashana Kali

is also a protector. She can be used as protection. She can be used to chase

away bad spirits. Kali can be supreme destruction. She can also

be supreme dissolution. But even as goulish as She can be Shmashana Kali is

beautyful beyond words. She is the one who ends a life in order to bring new

life. Do you still fear her? Is She an image from your nightmeres? Can you

embrace Her? Can you take on her Godform? Kali is at once the Benine and

ggentle Mother and the fierce and terrible Mother. But also she is beneficial

in both aspects. She is the Holy Mother, She is beyond good and bad. Both

concepts come from Her. Oh Mother, Oh Destroyerwith tears in my eyes and

longing in my heartI call you Mother again and againLong have I called you.

Long have I adored youa thousand life times in one lifeI have called youTake

away my misery, take away my agonywipe the tears from my facewipe the tears

from the face of all your devoteesCome Mother; come and take me in your

embraceas quick as a hawk swoop down and take me to your place where love is

eternalI, Kalimir await thee



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