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So many fools!

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So many fools!


Emperor Akbar was taking a stroll in the palace garden with his

courtier Birbal following close behind. Just then, they sighted a

tall Pathan approaching them with reins of a pure bred horse in his

hand. Said he, ¡°Your Majesty, I am a horse trader from the Middle

East. If Your Majesty would allow, I would like to supply the best

Arab horses for your army. I have brought a horse as a specimen for

your inspection. If you like this one, I¡¯ll get any number for Your



Emperor Akbar inspected the horse from all sides and patting the

mane of the stallion, whispered to Birbal, ¡°Birbal, ask the

treasurer to hand me a lakh gold sovereigns so that I may buy such

beautiful animals.¡±


Birbal bowed to the Emperor in respect and left. In no time he

returned with the treasurer in tow. Said the treasurer, while

handing over a bagful of sovereigns to Emperor Akbar, ¡°Here is the

money asked for by Your Majesty.¡±


Akbar happily took the bag and handing it over to the horse trader,

said, ¡°Here is a bagful of sovereigns. I wish to buy all the horses

you have on your estate. Kindly provide them soon.¡±


The trader with shining eyes took the bagful and promising to return

with all the horses he possessed, left the palace garden.


Next day, Akbar said to Birbal, ¡°Birbal, I asked you to chalk out a

list of fools present in my kingdom. Have you done the work?¡±


Birbal replied, ¡°The list is ready with me, Your Majesty. I have,

however, to add another name on this.¡±


The Emperor was pleased at the prompt action taken by Birbal and

impatiently said, ¡°Hurry up and add the last name. I want to know

the names of all the fools now.¡±


Birbal promptly noted down the name on his list before handing it

over to the Emperor. On seeing a long list of names, Akbar was very

amused. ¡°Gosh, I did not know that I had so many fools in my

kingdom.¡± So saying, he began to read the names on the list. On

reading the first name itself, the Emperor expostulated, ¡°Birbal,

what is the meaning of this impertinence? How dare you put my name

on top of the list? I want an immediate explanation from you.¡±


Birbal, without losing his cool, began to explain, ¡°Your Majesty

showed how gullible and foolish Your Majesty is. By giving away a

lakh sovereigns to a complete stranger without even asking for the

address of the horse trader, has not Your Majesty shown his



The Emperor realised his mistake but not given to accepting defeat

easily, said, ¡°I¡¯m sure he will return soon with all the horses

for me.¡±


Birbal, not to be left behind either, added, ¡°In that case, I shall

delete Your Majesty¡¯s name and replace it with the horse trader¡¯s

to the list.¡±

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Krishna is "Absolute Truth" and Ignorance is also an "Absolutely Real Existence".

Because there is a state of existence that is called ''absolute" so there is stupidity that is 'absolute' --real life accidents transpire in absolutely reality --the true lessons of life take us from ignorance to Knowledge.

To learn the intricacies of vidya and avidya one needs study:

The proper path is towards knowledge that fullfills the guidelines of Sri Isopanisad Verse #11:

"Only one who can learn the process of nescience and that of transcendental knowledge side by Side can transcend the influence of repeated birth and death and enjoy the full blessings of immortality"

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