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India's Secular media ignores Hindu Massacre Victims

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1. "Secular" Indian Media and the J&K massacre




1. "Secular" Indian Media and the J&K massacre

The recent attack in J&K was clearly targeted at innocent Kashmiri

Pundits. Terrorist's objective was to mass murder the Hindus and they

succeeded in that.


So let us study the response to this by our "Secular" media.

While most of the international media clearly stated "Hindus

massacred", our "Secular" media felt ashamed to publish "Hindus" in

their titles. Most interesting part of the story is, how much time

our "Secular" media gave for this story on Samachar.com? Just few

hours? Unbelievebly, most of them removed the link from Samachar in

just few hours. Why? Probably our media is "Secular" and anything

that is "Hindu" is communal for them. Even death of a Hindu must not

be give sufficient coverage, else they may be termed as communal, is

it not?


Most unfortunate part is: When IndiaCause Maxim Gandhi Bashing

campaign was covered by our "Secular" media, they gave more than

sufficient time for the story (6 hours to 12 hours). Thus, the

kicking of Gandhi image by some stupid Magazine gets more coverage

than the cold blooded killings of 24 Hindus in Kashmir? Why is it

so??? It's called "Secularism" friends!!!! Can anyone imagine the

coverage Indian "Secular" media would have given if the victims were

from other communities?


Can not believe it, isn't it? See it for yourself.

This story is not available on Samachar archive on 23, 24 and 25

March (Except on NDTV). Also note the two days TOP coverage given

to "Chicago dances away with six Oscars". What is more important for

India? Is it Oscar or the massacre? Samachar 23 March, 24 March, 25



These poor Hindus did even not find place on the TOP story any time.


Here are some interesting titles for the massacre story:


International Media:

Muslim guerrillas massacre 24 Hindus in Indian Kashmir

BBC Gunmen Kill 24 Kashmir Hindus (link not available)

CNN Hindu villagers killed in Kashmir

ABC 24 Hindus killed in Kashmir


Indian "Secular" Media: Titles that briefly appeared on Samachar

Sify Militants massacre 24 in Kashmir village (link no more available

on Sify. Why?)

Times of India Militants massacre 24 in Kashmir

Rediff 24 People massacred in Kashmir (they had this special title on


Deccan Herald 24 massacred in J&K

The Hindu Was it listed on Samachar?

Hindustan Times Was it listed on Samachar?

Our "Secular" Titles perfectly match with Pakistani Newspaper

Dawn Pakistan 24 killed in Valley


Who was different? It was NDTV. Their Title was : "24 Kashmiri

Pandits massacred in south Kashmir". Also their report was on

Samachar for nearly for a complete day. Thank god there is someone

who found this story worth keeping for several hours on Samachar. We

should also thank Indian Express for their generous gesture in the

title on Samachar "24 Kashmiri Pandits gunned down". It would be

interesting though, to know how many hours they kept this link on

Samachar.com. Was is there only for 2 hours?


Long Live India and our "Secular" media!!!


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