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Authentic India/Hindu History Timeline (Corrected of British Distortions)

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Authentic India/Hindu History (Corrected of British Distortions)









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request ;504/454-6348, B-FAX. 504/485-7928, bsharma.


ABSTRACT: The History and writing of History has been important in

the Hindu tradition. The Itihas (History) is found in Ramayana,

Mahabharata and other Purans and Vedas. For constructing proper

ancient Indian History, it is necessary to use these ancient accounts

along with the latest Archeological and Historic research. This

article attempts this.


The British and the Christian Missionaries, who conquered India and

wrote the Indian History, have deliberately distorted the Indian

History to achieve their aims of converting Hindus to Christianity

and securing the British Colonial rule; by reducing the ancientness

of Hindu History and thereby showing (since ideas flow from more

ancient to less ancient) that every thing of value was brought to

India by Europeans, so as to malign Hindus, reduce their self esteem

and thereby facilitating the convertion process. One of the major

distortion in this has been the Aryan Race and Invasion Theory. Some

of the European "Scholars" involved in introducing the distortions

were Macauley, Max Mueller and Monier Williams. Their personal

letters, recently surfaced from the British Archives, clearly expose

their bias. Though the modern scholars have denounced the imperialist

and their designs, they have not succeeded in correcting the

distortions in the Indian History- and this distorted History is

still being taught not only in the West, but also in India. This

article focusses on the correction of these distortions.


The time scope if this article is very wide; it starts with the

creation of the Universe, 19¼ Billion years ago, and ends with the

1998 election. Since it is only an outline and not a text, it is

naturally brief. But it provides ample references (several dozen

references are listed, which in turn provide many hundreds of

references) to present the background and justification for the

conclusions and the information given herein.



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by Madan M. Mathrani, 818-363-1423, EMAIL: math35


Two Methods used for Dating: I; Based on Puranic & Vedic Data. II;

Modern Scientific Data, See;




19,251,961,000 yrs ago, per I: Universe created, birth of Brahama &

Shiva & start of Hindu (Sanatan) Dharma

3,893,098 yrs ago, per I: Vedas re-written

2,066,998 yrs ago per I- 9501 BC per II: Deva/Asura Wars in King

Prithu period. 1st recorded Hindu migration to east & west (west Asia

to western europe)

2,066,998 yrs ago per I- 9501 BC per II: Metal Refining invented in

India, also Irrigation and 1st recorded Democracy used in India.

1,767,523 yrs ago per I- 8957 BC per II: Invention of Chariot by King

Chitrarath of Yadava Dynasty.

1,567,873 yrs ago per I- 9593 BC per II: Parasuram & invention of

Archery by Rishi Richika

1,348,258 yrs ago per I- 8194 BC per II: King Sagar & invention of

Fire Arms and Missiles by Rishi Aurva. First recorded invaders from

west; Defeated by king Sagar, & absorbed in Hindu society.

1,348,000 yrs ago: King Bhagiratha diverts Ganga river from northward

flow to south into the ocean. Largest civil engineering project of

the world.

869,098 yrs ago per Method-I, 7323 BC per II: Ramayana. Sanskrit

Grammer taught to Rama. Another migration of Hindus to east & west.


30,000 yrs ago: Hindus from Sindh migrate & colonize west Asia.

Around 3200 BC: Vishnu Purana, with ideas of relativity, evolution,

roundness of Earth, writen by Parasura

3138 BC: Krishna & Mahabharata war. Attack on Mathura by Yavana's

from west, defeated by Krishna. Attackers absorbed in Hindu Dharma.

3102 BC: Start of Kali Era at Krishna's death.

3138-1900 BC: Saraswati river drying up & related geological


1807 BC: Budha, death of

1600 BC: Hindu Kinds like Mitanni in west Asia. Book in Sanskrit on

chariot building found.

1534-1218 BC: Maurya Dysnasty

509 BC: Adi Shankara's birth

500 BC-500 AD: Tamil Sangam Literature

327-82 BC: Gupta dynasty

323 BC-200 AD: 1000 year invasion by Greeks, Yavanas, Pahlavas,

Shakas, Kushans- Defeated by Guptas, & invaders absorbed in Hindu

Dharma. Alexander defeated by king Puru, & mortally wounded by

Sindhis-causing his death.

58 BC: Vikrama Era. Invaders from west defeated by King Vikram

638-1193 AD: Moslem invasion of India. 712 AD: Arabs occupy Sindh.

753: Baparawal with Dahir's wife & son stops further advance of

Arabs. 1193: Kutub Din occupies Delhi. Hindus inspired by many saints

never stop the war & thus prevent Moslem invaders from consolidation,

and finaly in;

1784: Hindus, mainly Marahatas (also helped by Rajputs, Sikhs and

Bundelas), overthrow Moslems from all of India.

1843: British capture all of India

1857: War of independence against British

1947: British leave & India becomes free- Mainly due to Indian

National army of Bose & its impact on Indian soldiers & resulting

mutiny by Indian Navy in 1946. But British leave on their own terms

due to Gandhi's non-violence policy: British give 29% of country to

15% Moslems. Nehru thru appeasement gets 8% Moslems to stay in India

to win elections, now increased to 12% and asking for 2nd Pakistan.



XXXX PART-2 (Details) ABSTRACT: See Front before Summary


A. METHODOLOGY: There are perhaps three methods to determine the



Method-i: The Quotations from Hindu scriptures like theVeda and


Method-ii: The standard scientific method based on physical evidence.

Method-iii: Quotations from Bible.


Method-iii: Based on Biblical accounts the Irish Archbishop John

Ushar in 1664 (Ref-2,3a Pg 15,4) derived that God created the

universe in the year 4004 BC, and also that Earth is flat. The

Christian missionaries and the British who conquered India and wrote

the Indian History, believed in such ideas, and wrote the Indian

history on this basis. Further, the Europeon Christians put forth the

Aryan Race theory, Ref-4 PG15 (1866),Ref-33 Pg-14, which was also

partly based on the Racist Biblical accounts of White and Black men.


INTRODUCTION: Europeans have been obsessed for several centuries with

racism and racial superiority complex (Ref 33; IDEAS OF RACE IN

SCIENCE, 1800-1960, by Nancy Stepan, Professor, Yale University, USA,

1982). Based on it they have concocted many theories to claim that

world Civilization was developed by Europeans, and the Europeans

only. For example, when they found an advanced civilization in black

Africa, they claimed it was the white Europeans who went their and

built it. They also claim the same about the ancient civilizations of

Asia Minor, with no credit to the Black Africans, who have played a

big role their. So when they found that the Hindu civilization was

being claimed by some to be the most ancient in the world, they again

concocted theories to claim that it was also developed by Europeans

and brought to India by the blond blue eyed Europeans, the Aryan

Race. Since ideas flow from the more ancient to the less, they then

went to work to reduce the Hindu ancientness, via many concocted



These theories include absurd ideas e.g.; that Aryans though nomadic

used chariots, that they used Sanskrit though it is a synthetic and

literary language and can only be used by scholars, that the Nomadic

Aryans brought the Sanskrit to India from the west though the Pre-

Sanskrit languages (like Brahmi, from which Sanskrit was developed)

and the vast Sanskrit literature exists only in India, that

Mahabharata is more ancient than Ramayana, that Aryans were the

drivers behind creation of even Hinduism- though per parts of their

own theory the Dravidians already had developed Hinduism and advanced

cities like Mohan-jo-Daro. Further, the latest Historic and

Archeological researches clearly show that the theory is quite

absurd. The use of the word Aryan with respect to the Jews (due to

their political clout) has been essentialy eliminated. But with

respect to Hindus (and Black Africans) it is still used, along with

the associated racism and myths, by the most western Historians, Ref

36, & their Indian agents. They are not even restrained by its

association with the Nazi Racist extremism. This European obssession

of superiority is so great that in spite of their most intense hatred

agianst Hinduism (except perhaps agianst the African Blacks) and the

fact that they are using Billions of Dollars and thousands of

Missionaries to destroy the "Hateful" Hinduism, they still deny the

poor Hindus the credit for developing even their own religion,



Some experts, correctly, have opined, Ref 38, that the fact that

Islam and Koran is not criticised by Western press for being very

Barbaric and Fanatical in its hatred towards other religions, is out

of sympathy for them because Moslems have been victims of racism in

the West. But Hindus are much Darker and have suffered much worse

racism. Many Moslems being from West Asia, N Africa and Eastern

Europe are as light as Nordics. But yet, Hindus get no such sympathy.

Also, Hindus get no credit in the West for having the most

enlightened attitude (respect) towards other religioins. Note: I

think the real reason is that Moslems are very ruthless and chop off

the heads of their critics and the Christian Missionaries, and so the

Westerners are afraid of them and the Christian Missionaries do not

dare to go into the Moslem countries. In contrast, Hindus are very

tolerant,and as a result have been made the targeted for destruction

by the West. It is only Human nature that one maligns one's target of



So, unfortunately, for these and other factors, the Method-iii still

has major impact on Indian History, and the reasons for it can be

summarized as follows;


Reason 1. Method-iii suited the aims of the British Imperialists, the

Racists and the Christian missionaries who wrote the Indian History

books under British rule, had the aim to malign Hindus & reduce their

self esteem so as to convert them to Christianity & secure the

British colonial empire. Macaulay, Max Mueller, Monier Williams were

some "scholars" involved in this conspiracy. Their personal letters

surfaced from British Archives (Ref-2 PG 38, -3B PG 19&20, -4 PG

5,10,13,14,37,38) show this. Though Max Mueller latter (just before

his death) changed his position on Aryan Race Theory (Ref-4 PG 18

1988,-2 pg 38), the racists & most Western Historians have not, Ref-



Reason 2. Method-iii also suited the aims of the corrupt Indian

Government of the Congress/ Communist Combine which has mostly ruled

India the 50 years since 1947. This corrupt Indian Government stayed

in power thru divide and rule Method. The congress party's own

leader, M. Gandhi, said in 1947 that it should be disbanded for being

too corrupt. The communists have always openly been Anti-National,

have maligned Hindus and were even against the freedom from British,

and supported China during the 1962 Chinese Invasion of India. So,

this corrupt Government has continued to use this same curriculum and

the same books in schools. Being Indian, its impact has been worse

than of the foreigners like the British and Christian missionaries.






Christ. AD= After Christ. BK= Before Kali Era or Before Krishna, Also

called YUGABADH. Kali Era started 3102 BC, when Krishna passed away,

Ref-3a Pg-24,-3b Pg 35,-4,-ll,-18,-19 Pg 1045, -22. AK= After Kali

Era. Billion=Bn. Million=M. NOTES: (1) The date should be 1324 years

earlier to correct the distortions introduced by the British and

Christian Missionaries. The dates are AD unless noted different. An *

is used to highlight certain events.


19,251,961,000 Ago, Method-i; Universe Created, start of Sanatan

Dharma, Incarnations of Brahama & Shiva. Ref-3A Pg 3 & 4, -11 Pg 14,

15, & Ref-21 : This is per the expiration since start of the universe

of; 4 days of Brahama (4X4.32 Billion yrs)+ 6 Manavatar's (6X

0.3085714 Billion yrs)+ 27 Mahayug's (27X 4.32 M)+ Sat Yug (1.728 M)+

Treta Yug (1.296 M)+ Dwapara Yug (0.864 M)+ 0.005098 M of Kali Yuga.

Comment: There were also 4 nights of Brahama, for which we should add

another 17.28 (4.32X4) Billion years to the above number. The periods

so ancient boggle our minds, but are common in Hindu tradition, & are

mentioned in Hindu prayers called SANKALPA or DESAKALASANKIRTANA,

recited at start of a ceremony. Brahma made himself 1/2 man 1/2 woman

& started the name "better half" for wife.


Correlation between Method-i & -ii: The current science of History is

not advanced enough to recognize that man has existed for period this

long, and only recognizes that man has existed for about 200,000

years. But many human bones and artifacts up to several hundred

million years old have been found and reported to scientific

community, but are not yet investigated, Ref-32, 33. Also science,

even when honest, can only state what can be proven with the physical

evidence available, & not that earlier existence is impossible. So,

very little research has been done in this area of very ancient dates

given in the Hindu History. This research should be done by the

Indian Universities, but they do not due to the wrong Government

policy. However, the trend with advances in technology is to increase

this duration of man's existence. For example, Sir Arthur Keith's

estimate in 1931 for separation of human branch from the anthropoid

was 1.3 million years- today it is over 10 million, Ref-8. Per this

trend, it is likely that science will recognize these ancient dates

in a few decades. (Scientific conclusions are based on what is most



Length of a Generation: The Human life now in Kali Yuga is 100 yrs

nominal. Per this, the generation length is calculated by Dr. Vartak,

Ref-27, to be 36.3 years. However in earlier Yugas per the Purans,

the life was longer: 1000 yrs long in Dwapar, in Treta 10,000 yrs and

in Sat Yuga 100,000 yrs. The Bible also recognizes this concept in a

brief form, in the Book of Genesis, that Human life was 1000 years

long. So, the generation was also longer by same ratio. In Sat Yuga,

Hiranyakashipu & Deva/Asura war time, a generation was 36,300 years

long, 3,630 in Treta &, 363 in Dwapar. The average of 1st two numbers

is 19,965 & of all three is 13,431.


The dates given here are per the total of 100 generations of Kings

determined by British Historian Pragiter, Ref-3C Pg 22, for all of

India's History before Kali Era. This is obviously approximate and

much too low. Per Matsya Puran the events listed herein were in

previous Maha Yugas, e.g. Deva/Asura wars were earlier than 7th

Mahayuga, Ref-20,Pg 138. There is no way all the Kings could be

listed for the 4 Million years of this Maha Yuga, much less for the

previous ones. Any error on hi side in calculating average generation

length is off-set many times by assuming present Maha Yug. Also, many

lists were destroyed by ravages of time & by the savages, e.g. the

Moslem and Christian Missionaries, who normally destroyed books of

other religions; The libraries at Nalanda University and at Alexandra

were burned by Moslems. The Portugese & British Christian

Missionaries during East India Co time did the same. For this article

all the ages are given for this Mahayuga. Other methods, e.g.

astronomical dates calculated by Dr. P V Vartik (Ref-37) for major

events of Ramayana based on the astronomical references given

therein, and 100 generation estimate by Pragiter are also used in

this article.


3,893,098 AGO; Vedas & Sanskrit Language, Method-i: Per Ref-21 Pg-

176, the Vedas become lost at end of each Kali Yuga and have to be

researched in the next Sat Yuga. So, the age of the current and the

latest Vedas is same as the start of the last Sat Yuga, namely

3,893,098 yrs AGO (Sat Yug 1.728 MY+ Treta Yug 1.296 MY+ Dwapara Yug

0.864 MY+ Kali Yuga 0.005098 MY). The Vedas were already an ancient

Scripture at the time of Ramayana and Mahabharata. (PER METHOD-ii the

age is 25,000 to 50,000 Yrs old, Ref-2 Pg- 36). Note: Per the

tradition, the writing, Sanskrit & its Grammer come from Lord Shiva,

via Indra and Brahaspati, Ref-4 Pg 53,54.


2,066,998 AGO; Deva Asura Wars per method-i; In 7th Treta Yuga as

Bali & Vaman, Ref-20 Pg 126 & 138 ("864,000+ 3102 KE+ 1996 AD" years

to Ramayana + 60 generations before Ramayana X 19,965 years per

Generation= 869,098 + 1,197,900 = 2,066,998 yrs), and took place

during the Sat Yuga period, Ref-3C Pg 22. The KE started 3102 BC and

is the time when Krishna passed away. The Devas/Asuras were blood

relations, and faught the 1st war in time of Hiranyakashipu, Ref-3C

Pg 24&25, and the last & 12th war, which lasted for 300 years, during

the time of king Yayati (Son of Nahusha, a contemporary of King

Prithu of Kosala).


Hindu Migrations to Eastern and Western World: There were major

migrations from India to (east &) west to Egypt, Greece, Middle East,

western Europe as far as Skandanavia & to Americas after major wars

and natural disasters, Ref-35, -18 pg 20 & -11 Pg-109. These were the

so called Aryans. Three such recorded migrations are: 1. After the

Deva Asura wars around the time of King Yayati , 2. After Ramayana

and 3. After Mahabharata.


King Prithu, Invention of Metal & Irrigation, Method-i: Process of

excavating metal ore and refining was invented by Bhrigu Gotra

Rishis, Ref-3C pg 28. Also hills were leveled for agricultural land &

irrigation, Ref-28, & this being a major event, Earth was named

Prithvi after Prithu. Per Method-I, 2,066,998 yrs ago. 9501 BC per

Method-II (7323 BC for Ramayana per Ref-37+ 60 generations X 36.3)


Earliest Democracy during time of Prithu; Descendants of King Druhyu

(son of Yayati) of Punjab grew tyranical, Ref-3C Pg-25, were

overthrown & Atri Gotra Rishis set up a Democratic Government. The

Democracy was also copied in Malwa by Bhrigu Gotra, and was

named "Pluralist Self Rule".


1,767,523 AGO per Method-I; Invention of Chariot by King Chitraratha

of Yadava Dynasty. (869,098 to Ramayana + 45 Generations before

Ramayana X 19,965 Years average per generation = 1,767,523). 10,955

yrs ago per Method-II. The Chariot bears his name, Ref-3C Pg-25. His

son King Shashabindu won many battles by adding a Chariot Division to

his army and became the Emperor. His empire was so vast that was said

to spread over entire travel of the Sun (The nomenclature later used

by British).


1,567,873 AGO, Method-I; Parasuram & Archery: (869,098 to Ramayana +

35 Generations before Ramayana X 19,965 Years average per generation

= 1,567,873), Ref-20 Pg 138 (19th Treta). 10,591 Per Method-II.

Archery was invented by Rishi Aurva of Bhargava gotra & developed by

his son Richika. Was adopted as war technology in time of Jamadagni

and Parashurama, Haihayas and Vasisthas of Kosala. There were major

wars between these groups. Parashurama was a master archer and he

inflicted many defeats on the Haihayas, his enemies. Ref-3c Pg-26.


1,348,258 AGO, Method-I; King Sagar & Agneastra (fire arms): 24

Generations before Ramayana= 869098 years to Ramayana + 24 X 19,1965

yrs average per generation = 1,348,258 YRS. 10,192 yrs ago per Method-

II. The Haihaya kings Taljangha and Veetihotra, with the help of

Sakas, Yavanas, Paradas and Kambhojas defeated Koshala king Bahu.

Bahu fled from Ayodhya and took refuge with Rishi Aurva. Aurva

invented the Agneyastra, a missile launched via fire power, Ref-3c

Pg26, Ref-11 Hindu Military Pg-292 etc, Ref-21 pg 252. Sagar (Bahu's

son) acquired this technology & with it defeated the enemies from

West- 1st recorded invasion from west. Also per Ramayana, Ref-9, Vol-

III, Pg 623: Bharata used a Nuclear type Missile against Afganistan

(Gandharvas) killing 300,000 soldiers instantly.


1,348,000 AGO, Method-I; King Bhagiratha & Diversion of Ganga River,

soon after King Sagar. 10,155 yrs ago per Method-II. Ganga used to

flow to north of Himalayas. Bhagiratha surveyed the land and diverted

Ganga to south thru the North Indian Plain and into the Bengal Sea,

Ref-3c Pg27 . Appears to be the largest civil Engineering project

ever in the world.


869,098 Ago; Ramayana per Method-i. 5098 to Start of Dwapar+ 864,000

for duration of Dwapar= 869,098. Per Matsya Puran, Ref-20 Pg-138,

Ramayana was in 24th Maha Yuga and now it is 28th. The date is older

by another 4 Maha Yugas (4X 4.32 Million Yrs). Ramayana, written by

Valmiki & recited at Rama's Coronation. 17,803 AGO per METHOD-ii

(=1996 AD+ 3102 KE+ 35 Genrations per Ref-3c Pg-31, X10 X36.3 (years

per Generation, see above). Per astronomical dating by Dr. P V

Vartak, Ref-37, Ramayana took place 7323 BC.


Points of Interest: (1) Ref-20 Pg 75; Creation of Planet Mercury and

that Moon was a part of Mercury not earth, (2) Ref-21 (a) PG 138;

Earth is round, (b) Pg 19; Re; evolution states: The force resident

in things created was the cause of creation, © Pg 349; Snow in

Mathura at Krishna's time, (d) Pgs-6,7,18, Relativity Basics; No Time

without Mass, (2) Ref-9 Vol-ii Pg-37; Snow in Nasik at Ram's time.


35,000 ago: Cave paintings, method-ii, ref-3d pg 20

30,000 ago: Sindhi Hindus migrate & colonies Egypt, Nubia, Abyssinia,

Greece, Phoenicia, ref-16a (pg 7, 8), ref-18 (pg 20).

85,00 Ago: Tamil Grammar by Rishi's of Agastya Gotra, ref-4 pg 54.

3139 Bc, around: Duryodhana sent 30,000 brahamins to Sindh, ref-16a

3138 bc or 36 bk: Mahabharata war, ref-3a pg 24 on,ref-4 pg 31, ll pg

114, 19 pg 1045, -22, Bhumika. The Mahabharata & Bhagvata Puranas

written few years after the war by Rishi Veda Vyasa, and recited to

King Parikhyat, Arjun'a son. Ref-3a gives a survey of 120 Dates

determined by various scholars. The References show this date to be

the most probable.


3102 BC OR 0 KE (Kali Era): It starts (Ref-20 Pg 205, Ref-3a Pg24,

11, 114, 19, 22 , Bhumika) with Krishna's Death. Kali Era and

associated Mahabharata Date is key point in the modern Indian

History. The Kali Era Calendar has been used for several thousand

years & also by Aryabhata. There are 2 Dates for Krishna's age; 80 &

125 yrs. Yavana from west in alliance with Jaidratha attacked Mathura

from several directions, forceing Krishna to move the capital to

Dwarka, which was protected by sea from couple sides.


3202-1900 BC; Saraswati river had already started drying up, per

method-i and ii,ref-3c (pg-35): Landsat photos show a bed of fertile

soil deposited by Saraswati 12-15 feet below sand in Rajistan. These

and events below, were caused by geological upheavals like earth

quakes & earth crust shifts.

3000-1900 BC; Harpa/Mohenjo Daro, end of

3000-1900 BC; Dwarka City submerged

3138-2132 BC; Barhadrath dynasty, ref-3c(pg-36), -4(pg-32), ref-30

(kaliyug raja vrithanta)

2132-1994 BC; Pradyoth Dynasty

1994-1634 BC; Sisunag Dynasty

1807 BC; Budha's Death, ref-3c pg-37, -18 pg 20.

1634-1534 BC; Nanda Dynasty, ref-3c pg-37 on.

1600 Bc; Hindu Kings (like Mitanni) in west asia, ref-29 (pg 104 on)

Ref-19 (pg 1045). They worshiped Hindu deities like Indra and Varuna

& used highly sanskritised language.




XXX PART-3. 1534-1218 BC; Maurya Dynasty

1534 BC; Chandra Gupta Maurya's coronation & Chanakya

1472 BC; Ashoka's Coronation ref-3c, (pg-37)

1218-918 BC; Sunga Dynasty

918-833 BC; Kanva Dynasty

833-327 BC; Andhra Satvahan Dynasty

509 BC; Adi Shankara's Birth, ref-3c pg-37

327-82 BC; Gupta Dynasty ref-3c(pg-38), -4(pg-32)

500 BC-500 AD; Tamil Sangam Literature, ref-3c, pg-50. Sangam was an

association of poets of Tamil literature. Per tradition, commentary

by Iraiyanar Agapporul, there were 3 sangams which continued for 990


600 BC- 400 AD; 1000 year invasion from west by Yavanas, Shakas,

Pahlavas, Kushans & Greeks- defeated by Guptas & invaders absorbed in

Hindu society. Alexander's invasion was part of this & quite minor,

only 4 years long & covering petty border kingdoms- But western

Historians have exaggerated it.


323 BC; Alexander's Defeat & Death by Sindhi Army: Alexander was

defeated in a battle by Sindhis, received mortal wounds there & died

from these wounds in a few months, ref-3c Pg-43, 16a (PG-13). He was

also defeated by King Puru per the Russian Historians (Ref-16a, Pg-13

on), and had to yield territory and gold, as a result, Puru has more

land after Alexander left.


58 BC; Vikrama Era Start ref-3c(pg-49), -19(pg 1046). A great

emperor, with major impact on India and outside. An Arab poet Bin Toi

(165 years before Mohammed) has eulogized king Vikram, ref-4 pg47.

335-375 AD; Samudra Gupta. He defeated many foreign invaders and

established united empire from Punjab to Bengal and Kashmir to


376-415 AD; Chandragupta 2nd. He defeated all the foreign powers from

North WestIndia and beyond Hindu Kush mountains. These foreigners

were assimilated into the Hindu society.

514-455 AD; Kumargupta

455 AD; Skandagupta. Only power in the world to defeat the Huns.

3Rd Century AD; Andhra Ikshwaku Dynasty ref-3c pg-57

3rd-7th AD; Salankayana, Brihatpalayana, Vishnukundin Dynasty's of


638-711 AD; Hindu Kings (Dahir and others) defeat 15 Arab attacks-

from Thana to Broach, Sindh & Gandhar, Ref-3c, Pg 61-64. In the last

attack in 712 AD, the Arabs under M. Bin Qasim succeeded, but via

usual deceptions.


Moslem Victories thru Treachery: The Hindu defeats were due to

excessive Chivalry & their failure to learn that Moslems took

repeated disadvantage of this. This started Moslem rule of Sindh but

did not go beyond Sindh due to the strength of Hindus and surrounding

Hindu Kings. A prime aim of Moslem conquest was the loot, destruction

of other religions, & the genocide was normal with them. By 1843,

Hindus in Sindh were reduced to 25%, and would be zero except that

Moslems used Hindus and Hindu Temples as Hostage to prevent attack by

Hindu Kings. But, the Moslem success was still limited, e.g. were not

able to replace Sindhi Language with Arabic as in West Asia. Even the

Moslems themselves took up Sindhi language, & the Devanagri script,

which continued till British replaced it with Arabic script in 1800s.

The repeated Moslem attempts to go past Sindh were defeated by Hindus

Kings like Chaulakyas of Lat, Prtiharas of Rajasthan, Lalitditya of

Kashmir, Jayabhata of Nandipuri, Yashovarman of Kannaoj, Bappa Rawal

of Chittor.


739-753 AD: Bapa Rawal of Chittor and Jaisiah (Dahir's son) and his

mother defeat Arabs under Salem, ref-11(pg-99), ref-16a pg 26. Per

the resulting peace treaty Arabs never attacked India again.

7TH-10TH CEN AD: Rashtakutas, Pratiharas & Palas. Pratihara's had the

largest empire, even larger than Harshaverdhana. They defeated Moslem

invasions from the west.

850-1150 AD; Chola Empire of Tanjore. Extended south of Tangabhadra

river & Lanka, Islands like Andaman/ Nikobar, Malaya, Sumatra, etc.

1008 AD; Anangapal of Gandhar defeated by Mohamud Gazni. Gandhar was

still part of India. The cause of defeat again was the same,

excessive Chivalry and failure to learn that the Moslems took

disadvantage of it. Anangpal while on an elephant was killed by an

arrow. Per Chivalry rules, a Warrior could only be challenged one to

one. The Moslems never respected this. Sadly, it took Hindus many

Centuries to learn this.

*1019 AD; Vidyadhara of Bundelkhand defeats Mahamud Gazni twice

*1178 AD; Nayaki Devi of Gujrat defeats Mahamud Gori

1191 AD; Prithviraj Chauhan defeats Mahamud Gori several times, but

like other Hindu Kings who defeated Gori, pardons him each time and

does not kill him, out of excessive Hindu chivalry, & Gori kept

coming back. Also Prithvi Raj fails to maintain his army, so Gori

finally wins in 1192 AD, & kills Prithviraj. This starts Moslem rule

in India & their most Bloody atrocities & Genocide of Hindus. WILL

DURANT, Ref-34 Pg 459, states; "Mohammedan Conquest of India is

probably the Bloodiest Story in History".


Scrutiny Of Hindu Failures: For about 6 centuries after 11 century

AD, Hindus were defeated by Moslems repeatedly. Reasons mentioned by

western Historians are: (a) Arabs and Turks were physically stronger.

But it is not valid because in the early wars in Sindh, Gandhar &

Punjab & later in Orissa, etc, Hindus won many victories, and in the

1800 AD Hindus defeated Moslems from all of India. (b) Hindu devotion

to religion was no less; 50,000 died to protect Somnath and over

300,000 died for Ayodhya. © Moslems too quarrelled among themselves

and many even killed their kin. (d) Disunity between Prithviraj and

Jaichand does not explain it, because each was able to defeat Gori

separately, as they had done it. (e) That Hindus would flee when

their commander was killed, also does not explain, as Moslem army of

Gori and others did the same. (f) If caste was the cause, most lower

castes would have converted to Islam to enjoy the royal pleasures,

but did not. Prithviraj and Jaichand were blood relations with caste

no factor. In 18th Century when Hindus defeated Moslems from all of

India, the caste system was still intact. So, only valid reason was

that Hindus gave up, for some foolish reasons, the advanced weapons

technology (e.g. the Fire Arms) which they pioneered, see above, and

continued to use excessive chivalry and one to one combat, which the

foreigners only exploited. Hindus took several centuries to realize

this mistake, & then defeated and overthrew Moslems from all of India

in 1800s.


Cultural and Religious Perspective: Hindu missionaries like the

Shaivas and Budhists went all over the world and propagated their

religion by convincing & never by force. But the Moslem method was by

force. After the victory, the Moslems as a routine, converted the

defeated by force. Moslems did this in 3 continents and also in

India. The Hindu self esteem remained high that Hindus covnerted back

when Moslems became weak.


The Moslems at the time were at height of their power & captured

major parts of the world. They were stopped only in two places in the

World, in Spain by Christian Crusaders and in India by Hindus.

Moslems never could capture all of India; e.g., never captured Assam.

Also could never consolidate their rule in India. The Hindus like

Bapa Rawal, Hemu, Rana Sanga, Nayakidevi Chalukya of Gujrat,

Vijayanagar, Rajputs, Pratap, Marahatas, Bundhelas, Sikhs, Jats, etc,

kept up the Freedom war- finally the Marahatas & others Hindus

overthrew them from all of India in the 18th century.


Hindu Saints & Savants: The Hindu Soceity produced a constant stream

of Saints & Savants who kept the Hindu Self Esteem High and inspired

Hindus to keep up the freedom struggle. A partial list of these is:

599-527 BC- Mahavir, founder of Janism (the date should be 1324

earlier per note b1). 1St BC- Tiruvalluvar (Tamil Nadu; Spiritual &

social welfare thru literature). 639-655 Gnanasanbandha (Tamil Nadu;

Saiva Saint, social equality, reconversion). 7Th AD Appar

Tirunavukkarasar (tamil nadu; Shaiva Saint, reconversion). 7Th AD-

Nammazhvar (Tamil Nadu; vaishnava siant). 7Th AD- Andal (saint to

only alwar women). 8Th AD-Sundarar (Raja Yogi, temple work). 9Th AD-

Manikkavachakar (Tamil Nadu; Mystic, many miracles, built temples).

1017-1137 Ramanujacharya (Tamil Nadu, Andhra & w. Karnataka; saint,

social equlity). 1113-1167 Basaveshwara (karnataka & Maharashtra;

saint, social reformer). 1199-1278 Madhavacharya (W. Karnataka;

founder of dwaitism, eatabilished udupi temple). 1199-1278 AD

Madhavacharya. 1270-1350 Ad- Namadeva. 1275-1269 Ad- Jnanadeva. 1279

AD Muktabai 13th-Jnaneshwar (Maharashtra; saint, devotee of Vithala).

1300 AD Janabai. 1398-1518 Kabir (UP & Punjab; Saint, Hindu Muslim

unity, Hathayogi) 1414-1480 Narasi Mehta (Gujurat; Music & Poetry).


1449-1569 Shankara Deva (Assam; Vaishnava Saint, social reformer).

1473-1531-Vallabhacharya (Saint, social reformer, Hindu/muslim

unity). 1478-1583-Surdas (UP; Krishna Bhakti, poetry & music) 1486-

1533 Chaitanya Maha Prabhu (Vaishnav saint, founder Bengal Gaudiya).

1469-1538 Guru Nanik (Punjab; founder of Sikhism, Hindu Muslim unity,

social reform). 1546-1614 Meera bai (Rajasthan, UP & Gujrat, thru

music & poetry). 1554-1689 Tulsidas (Wrote Ramayana in Hindi). 1598-

1659 Tukaram (saint). 1661-1664 Sikhguru Har Kishan. 1767-Tyagraja

(Tamil Nadu; kirtans, operas). 1772-1833 Raja Ram Mohan roy (social

reformer, journalist, educator). 1781-1830 Sahajananda Swami. 1820-

1891-Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar (educator, social reformer). 1836-1886-

Ramakrishna Pramhansa & Vivekananda. 1848-Sirdi Sai Baba. 1853-

Shattambi Swamigal (Kerala; reformer, maker of modern kerala, yogi &

scholar). 1854-1928 Narayana Guru (Keral & Tamil Nadu; social

reformer, temple entry for all). 1861-1941- Tagore, Rabindra Nath,

poet. 1879-1966-Sadhu Vaswani. 1879-1950 Raman Maharshi. 1893-1952

Swami Yogananda. 1894-1994-Chandra Shekharendra Shankaracharya. 1896-

1982 Anandamaji Ma. 1896-1977 Prabhupada Swam-ifounded ISKCON. 1908-

Mukandananda Swami. 1917-Chinmayananda Swami (a founding father of

vishwa hindu parishad). 1922-Pramukh Swami Maharaj. 1926- Satya Sai



900 AD; Chola Dynasty, many temples built

1026 AD; Mahamud Gazni plunders Somnath, somnath defended by 50,000

devotees. Gazni escapes annihilation by Hindu Kings Bhima, Bhoja &

Vishaldeva on return by changing his route from Rajasthan to Sindh.

1193 AD; Qutub Din captures Delhi

1268-1369; Vedanta Desika

1296 AD; Allaudin Khilji

1398 AD; Temur Lane invasion, ruthless & fanatic

1526 AD; Babar Destroys Ayodhya temple, erects victory monument, but

Hindus never gave up. 300,000 Gave their life in 77 battle. One

battle lead by Guru Govind Singh

1527 AD; Rana Sanga almost defeats Babar and overthrows moslem

conquerors, but for his excessive Hindu Chivalry, was defeated.

1292-1707; Hindu resistance from Bundalas to Moslems: Bir Singh,

Jujhar Singh, Champat rai, Chatra Sal.

1528-1698; Hindus of Rajistan resistance to Moslems: Ratna Singh,

Udaysingh, Pratap Singh, Amar Singh, Karna Singh, Jagat Singh, Raj

Singh, Durga Das, Jay Singh

1556; Hemu captures Delhi, Agra & almost overthrows Moslem Mughul

(akbar), but for his excessive Hindu chivalry, was defeated

1558; Ramaraya of Vijayanagar Raids Portuguese

1564; Rani Durgavati

1568 AD; Akbar "the great" orders massacre of 30,000 civilians, after

defeating Uday Singh of Mewar.

1572-1597 Pratap Singh

1576 AD; Battle of Haldighati. Bhils part of pratap's army

1576; Hindu army of Vijayanagar defeats Moslem Bijapur

*1584 AD; Pratap overthrows moslems from most of his territories

1603-1624 Guru Arjun compiles Adi Granth

1608-1681 Guru Ramdas, starts an organization like RSS, trains


*1615 Hindu Ahoms of Assam defeat Moslem Jahangir's army (Moslems

never captured Assam)

1615 AD; Mughals grant trading rights to British in return for help

against Portugese navy

1627 Birth of Shivaji

1630-1680 Shivaji Rule

1659 Shivaji defeats & kills Afzal Khan

1663 Shivaji defeats and wounds Shayist Khan

*1664 Shivaji captures Surat

*1665 Shivaji sends Naval Expedition to Malabar coast

1670 Chatrasal Bundela & Shivaji alliance

1674 Shivaji coronation, stablishes formal Hindu Kingdom, HINDU


*1679 Shivaji defeats joint British & Moslem Naval Fleet

*1634-1640 Guru Har Govind defeats Moslem army several times

1675 Guru Tegh Bahadur executed by Aurangzeb

*1638-1681 Hindu Ahoms of Assam repeatedly defeat moslem armies

1684 Ganga Ram of Behar chalenges moslem moguls

*1679 Rathor Rajputs fight to last man & save Viraha Temple

1688 Aurangzeb demolishes Mathura Temple

1690 Durga Das defeats Mugal army

*1704 Two sons of Guru Govind bricked up alive by Moslems

1708 Guru Govind assassinated by a Moslem

1720 Bundelas rise against Mughuls

*1721 Chatrasal Bundela defeats Moslem Mughul army

1723 Marahatas start probing attacks on Portugese on west coast

1729 Sekhoji Angria appointed Navy Admiral by Marahatas

*1736 Marahatas win control from Mughuls over Malwa, Bengal,

Bundelkhand and Deccan

*1737 Marahatas defeat Mughul army near Delhi

1739 Marahtas capture Basseon fort from Portuguese

*1741-1743 Marahatas capture Bengal & Bihar

1747 3rd Panipat War, Abdali Defeats Marahatas

1750 Jats defeat Moslem Mughul army

1757 Surajmal Jat defeats Mughuls & captures fort Balabgarh

*1758 Marahtas under Holkar extend control to Attock & Peshawar in

North West border of India

**1760 Marahatas capture Delhi

*1764 Marahtas defeat Haidar Ali

1766 Ahilya Bai Coronation, very competent ruler

1767-1773 Sikhs capture Saharanpur, Multan, Attock & Jammu

1780 Nana Phadnis forms quad alliance to oust British

*1784 Marahatas atain supreme power in Delhi; Hindus overthrow Moslem

invader from almost all of India. The Marahata control extends from

Daccon to Bengal, Delhi, Cutack and Peshawar. The Moslems never

controlled Assam. The Marahata defeat by Abdali in 1747 was not

fatal, as Marahatas quickly recovered. Abdali knew this, & so quickly

ran out of India after the battle, and sued for a peace treaty- which

Marahtas gave him. But before Hindus could consolidate, the British,

more organized and more clever, appeared. Moslems had fanatic

dedication to their religion, but the British had equally fanatic

dedication to their race, religion and country- and their

organization & technology was far superior. The moslems were just a

few decades removed from barbarism. But the british, in many areas

were highly advanced, and had developed democracy & responsible

electorate with moderate education and training in public affairs.

Hindus, though superior in the basic culture and religion, were no

match for the superior British organization and technology.

1792 Ranjit Singh succeeds his father to throne


XXXX PART-4. 1803 British capture Delhi

1805 Jats of Bharatpur defeat British

1816 Ranjit Singh captures Kohinoor and Gates of Somnath Temple from

Moslem Afgan King

1818 Ranjit Singh defeats Moslems, Captures Multan

1819 Ranjit Singh conquers Kashmir from Moslem invaders

1824-1883- Dayananda Saraswati; Started reconversion & interpreted

vedas correctly. Before, British propaganda was believed that vedas

were barbaric. 1831 British capture Punjab

1843 British capture Sindh, & almost all of India

1857 War of independence by Indian soldiers of British army: The East

India Co was abolished and the direct British rule started. Till then

the British rule was crude & openly tyrannical, but now became more

subtle and attacked Hindu foundation by distorting the Education. The

Royal Asiatic Society, financed by the British to brain wash Hindus,

was already started. Our Scriptures were translated by Christian

Missionaries like Max Mueller and Monier Williams of Cambridge

University, which intentionally distorted our History. Most

Britishers had sympathy with Christian missionary ideas. They wrote

History books to teach us their view that: Hindus never did any thing

of value, every thing of value came to India from the west, including

the Sanskrit language, that India was never a Nation until the

British. The blue eyed blond Aryans, were the first people to bring

civilization to India from the west.


The idea was to malign & reduce Hindu self esteem to convert them to

Christianity. It is now surfaced from their own personal letters in

the British archives that these men, like Max Mueller and Monier

Williams, who claimed to be scholars, were in fact Christian

Missionaries. Their biased & Racist ideas are analyzed in "The Ideas

of Race in Science" by Nancy Stepen, Ref-33. The British propaganda

has had major success; The Indian Government since 1947 of Congress/

Communist alliance is still using the British books in the Indian

Schools. When Kalyan Singh, Chief Minister of UP, started teaching

Hindu History & Vedas in the schools, he was accused by this Indian

establishment of brain washing children with Vedas. How can the

Vedas, the very basis of Indian Civilization, be Brain Washing?


1857-1920 Bal Gangadhar Tilak, leader of nationalist wing of Congress

Party. Other Nathionalist leaders were Bose & Patel. The Congress

always had the Nationalist and Pseudo-Secular Wings. The latter

appeased the Anti-Hindus, for which they got British support

(recognition, etc), with which they invariably captured power.

1863-1902 Vevekananda- Swami, inspired the nationalists. Thru his

speaches at Chicago Parliament of Religions got significant

recognition for Hinduism.

1867 Prarthna Samaj of Bhandarkar, Chandavarkar, Ranade

1869-1948 Mohandas Gandhi, leader of pseudo-secular wing of congress

party, & Nehru- with support of the West, defeated the nationalists

and Nehru became the 1st prime minister, though Patel was elected by

the Congress Working Committee. After Patel's death, the Nehru family

purged the Congress Party of Nationalists.

1872-1950 Rishi Aurobindo Ghosh, philosopher of modern Indian


1873-1906 Ramtirtha, Swami

1875 Arya samaj Started by Swami Dayananda

1876: Max Mueller, Cambridge University, introduces major distortions

in History & starts false Aryan Race Theory to malign Hindus to

convert them (per his letters, ref-4, pg-13). Though latter near his

death repudiates the Aryan Race theory- but the British continue it &

put it in Indian books via Macaulay. Nazi's carried it further.

Indian government of Congress Party continues same books to remain in

power thru divide and rule. The western historians still preach the

aryan race theory, ref-36 & -33 pg-14.

1876: Famine concern added life to non-violent societies, e.g.;

British India Assoc of Devendra Nath Tagore (started in 1851), Indian

Assoc of Bengal, Sarvajanik Sabha of Ranade, Madras Mahajan Sabha of

Subramanya Sharathi, Bombay Presidency Assoc of Pheroze Shah Mehta.

1882 Theosophical Soc., Dr. Annie Besant,- British but patriot of


1883-1966 Veer Savarkar, Damodar Vinayak; Provided philosophy for

Indian Nationalism. Leader of revolutionary freedom fighters and of

Hindu Mahasabha

1885; British start Congress Party thru Hume

1897; Savarkar starts Abhinav Bharati, revolutionary soceity

1897; Anushil Samiti oprational in Bengal

1897; Chapekar Bros, revolutionaries, Hanged by British.

1888-1975; Dr Radhakrishnan; Scholar in philosophy, president of


1890 Dr hedgewar, Keshav Baliram, born, started RSS.

1893; 1St World Parliament of Religions in Chicago, famous address by

Swami Vivekananda, got recognition for Hinuism

1905; Partition of Bengal- sparked many Revolutionaries

1907; Bomb exploded & Mr. Allen (Dacca magistrate) shot by freedom


1906; Muslim League Formed

1908; Khudi Ram declares revolution for freedom and kills British

agents Mr & Mrs kennedy, hanged by British.

1908; Alipore conspiracy case, many revolutionaries convicted. Many

agents of the british, e.g. Police inspector, public prosecutor were

killed by freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh, his uncle Ajit Singh,

Madanlal Dengra, Rajguru, Chandra Shekhar Azad. They were executed by


1911 Hindu Maha Sabha formed

1911 Bengal reunited thru public protest

1912 Delhi conspiracy case: Rash behari bose threw bomb at viceroy

Hardinge. 13 Convicted.

1914 Congress under Gandhi helps Khilafat Movement, a step to


1915; Freedom war planned by Gadar party of Lala Hardayal, Rash

Behari Bose, Sachindra Sanyal, Ganesh Pingle, Bhogi Kartar Singh. But

failed due to treachery, 291 indicted, 42 hanged.

1919 Nehru commission agreed to seperate Sindh State. A step to


1919 Jallianawala Bagh Massacre by British, they used English troops,

as Indian troops refused to shoot civilians

1921 Mopla Moslems riot & Massacre of Hindus. Gandhi praised the

Moslems & told Hindus not to fight back, which further encouraged

Moslems, & an step to Pakistan.

1929 Bhagat Singh & Batukeshwar Dutta threw bomb at central assembly,

Chittagong movement under Master Surya Sen, freed Chittagong for 8


1929 First Congress demand for freedom, before only for dominion


1925 RSS started by Dr. Hedgewar; Hindus had been victimised by

Moslems for 600 years & by British for 200 years. This and their

propaganda had reduced Hindu self esteem & awareness that India is

Hindu & the Cradle of Human Civilization, etc. Even many national

leaders like Nehru came to believe the enemy propaganda. RSS aims to

recreate Hindu self respect thru education, unity & self discipline.

1942 Congress Quit India Movement started Aug/42, but subdued 10/42

by British. Due to this failure the masses lost faith in non-violent


1946; Referendum; 95% Hindus voted for Congress against Hindu

Mahasabha. 96% Moslems voted against Gandhi and for Moslim league and

Pakistan. Moslem league declares civil war via "Direct Action" to get

Pakistan, via murder, rape & loot of helpless Hindu civilians, and

succeeds due to confused Hindu leaders like Gandhi & Nehru, who tell

Hindus not to even defend themselves. Gandhi totally failed to

convince Moslims, because he only used appeasement as the tool, never

learned to use the stick and carot.

1946 Mutiny by Indian Navy (Supported by Air Force). A major cause of

India's freedom from British.

6/1947; Conspiracy by Moslems to take Delhi by force. Foiled by RSS

8/1947; India freed from British, mainly due to fear of

revolutionaries and Indian National Army of Bose & Rash Behari & its

patriotic impact on Indian people & soldiers (Indian Navy mutiny in

1946), ref: conversation between Attlee & Churchill in British

archives confirm this. Ghandhi's non-violent movement helped to

increase national awareness, but it also allowed British to impose

their own terms; British gave 29% of country to 15% moslems as

Pakistan. Many Hindu areas given to Pakistan by Nehru's disregard for

Hindu interests; Gandhi & Nehru persuaded Moslems (with priviledges

like art. 29, 30 & 370) To stay in India, result; 8% moslems stayed

in India, now increased to 12% and asking for 2nd Pakistan. But

Pakistan commits near 100% genocide of Hindus; Population of Sindh &

Punjab reduced from 35% & 48% to 1% or less- no protest from India or

Western Countries against this genocide of Hindus.

1948 Gandhi Assassinated. Nehru & Congress exploit the backlash to

malign Hindus, kill Hindu Mahasabh Party & repeatedly try to kill

RSS, to help congress win subsequent elections for several decades-

though the courts repeatedly exonerated the Hindu organizations.

1950: India becomes Republic. The constitution gives special

privileges to Moslems and Non-Hindus e.g. Articles 29, 30 & 370. This

pandering again creates the same Moslem problems as before Pakistan.

Also genocide of Hindus by Moslems even in Indian areas e.g. Kashmir,

Kerala, Border areas of Bengal & Assam, with the help of Indian

Government- no protest from western countries against this genocide

of Hindus.

1951: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) formed, with S. Mukarji of former

Hindu Mahasabha as 1st President

1956: Linguistic States formed by Nehru's Devide & Rule policy to

keep India fragmented and fragile & keep out Hindi, the National


1961 Goa liberated from Portuguese. Western Countries malign India

1964 Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) formed.

1966 Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) of America formed

1971 Bangladesh separated from Pakistan with Indian help. But soon

Muslim Bangladesh continues genocide of Hindus & Budhists. No protest

from Indian Government or Western Countries against this genocide of


1993 Elections. BJP becomes the opposition party. Congress wins due

to backlash of Rajiv's assassination.

1996 Elections; BJP becomes the largest party & the opositioin party

(misses majority)

1998 Elections; BJP becomes the largest party & heads the coalition

Govt (misses majority)

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