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Jewish Origins

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>From page 527 - 530 of Our World Vedic Culture, by P.N. Oaks. Posted by

Dharmapada Dasa. Here it is:




The Hindu Origin of the Jews



The Jews alias Judaists alias Zionists are the Yadu people of the clan of

Lord Krishna who had to migrate from the Dwarka Kingdom after the Mahabharat

war because life there became impossible as a result of nuclear explosions

and anarchy.


Of the 22 tribes that left the region in quick succession, the tem that

proceded North met with disaster and perished.


Out of the remaining 12 a few families dropped off and settled down in

regions currently known as Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Egypt Greece and Russia.

That great exodus took place 5,743 years ago. The Passover year which the

Jews commemorate provides a tally of the period elapsed from the time they

left India. ... One of their monarchs was Solomon.


Pococke observes: " That India was the point whence came the gold and the

luxurious appliances of Solomon's court is clear; both the length of the

voyage, the nature of the commercial imports and the original land of the

Phoenician's establish this fact. It ws a coasting voyage of three years."

India in Greece, by E. Pococke )


Pococke adds: " When Judah did evil in the sight of the Lord, and built them

high places, and images, and goves, on every high hill, and under every

tree, the object was Bal; and the pillar was his symbol. It was on this

altar that they burned incense, and sacrificed the calf on the 15th day of

the month, the sacred amavas of the Hindus. The calf of Israel is the bull

of Balesar or Ishwar." The Bal alias Balesar is Balkrishna alias Baleshwar,

i.e., the Divine Child Krishna.


The name Solomon is a Sanskrit term. The great poet Kalidas describes King

Dushyant as ' Shalmanav,' i.e., a tall, hefty person with an impressive

personality. The term Solomon is that Sanskrit word with the vowel " a

rounded in pronunciation as " O ".




The Golden Calf


The image of the golden calf which one often hears of in the history of the

Jews was the calf which Lord Krishna leaned against when he used to play the

flute while grazing cows. ...


At that age, Lord Krishna was tall enough to lean only against a calf and

not a cow.




The Jewish Emblem


The so-called Jewish Star which is the emblem of the Jews is a Tantric,

Vedic symbol. It consists of two, interlocked triangles with the apex of one

facing North and the other South. This symbol is drawn in front of every

orthodox Hindu home in stone-powder design every morning after the house is

washed. The desing/drawing is known as Rangawali alias Rongoli. Even its

name David is the Sanskrit word Devi, i.e., " bestowed by the Mother

Goddess." The so-called Humayun tomb building in Delhi, which was a Goddess

temple, is inlaid with those emblems on the exterior, upper portions of its





The Birth Story of Moses


The birth story of Moses is identical with that of Lord Krishna. Even the

term Moses is the Sanskrit word Mahesh meaning the Great Lord, i.e.,






The term Galilee is the Sanskrit term Gawalaya, i.e., the sanctuary of cows

belonging to Nanda in whose farmstead Krishna was nurtured to adulthood.

Similarly, Narazeth is Nadrath ( Nanda's Chariot ) and Bethlehem is

Vatsaldham, meaning the home of the Darling Child.



Jewish Reference to the Vedas


A footnote in the book of Marco Polo's travelogue records " Much has been

written about the ancient settlement of Jews at Kaifungfu ( in China ). One

of the most interesting papers on the subject is in Chinese Repository,

Volume XX. It gives the translation of a Chinese/Jewish inscription. Here is

the passage: With respect to the Israelite religion, we find [ the

statement ] that its first ancestor, Adam, came originally from India and

that during the period of the Chau State the sacred writings were already in

existence. ... The founder of the religion is Abraham, who is considered the

first teacher of it. Then came Moses, who established the law, and handed

down the sacred writings. After this time the religion entered China."


The reference to sacred writings handed down from Abraham and treated with

the same veneration as Heaven clearly implies the Vedas because, according

to tradition, the Vedas were made available by Brahma, spelled as Abraham in

the West.


Jerusalem the City of Krishna


Jerusalem, the chief city of the Israeli community, is appropriately named

after Lord Krishna. The original name of that city is Yerusaleim. In popular

parlance " J " often replaces " Y ". Therefore, Yerusaleim came to be

pronounced as Jerusalem. The term Yerusaleim is the Sanskrit term Yedu

Ishalayam, meaning the temple and township of Lord Krishna.

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