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Bala Kanda Sarga-56

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Bala Kanda Sarga-56


Om Asmadgurubhyo Namaha

Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha


Vishvamithra released an astra (weapon) to counter act Vashishta's Brahma

dhanda. Vashishta lifted his Brahma-dhanda and cooled down Aaagneya astra and

said, "Wait, even with your new powers, you are not equal to me, I possess the

power of Brahmagyana (power of knowledge). Try to destroy me if you can." Thus

spoken Vashishta sat in meditation holding His Brahma dhanda in front of Him as

a guard. Vishvamithra released all the weapons he acquired from Siva, which

included Varuna-asthras, Rudra-asthras, Indra-asthras, Pashupatha-astra on

Vashishta. He also used multitudes of other asthras which were absorbed by

Vashishta's Brahma-dhanda while He sat in meditation. After using all those

powerful weapons, till Vishvamithra couldn't destroy Vashishta. Finally He sent

Brahma-astra with anger. But Vashishta being Brahmajnaana, He diluted the

Brahma-astra with his Brahma Thejas. The sight of Vashishta not being affected

by Brahma-astra was a sight to behold. With his Brahma Thejas, His body glowed

like a fire ball. The Brahma-dhanda which he was holding appeared like a

lightening rod. Looking at him, all the Rishis said, "Oh Brahmarishi; Please

control your Brahma Thejas within you. Vishvamithra is defeated". Now

Vishvamithra who has been defeated said with all reverence....


Dhik balam kshathriya balam, brahmathejo balam balam I

ekena brahma dandena, sarvaasthraani hathaanime II


"Kshathriya power is very abhorrent. The power of Brahmavidya is real power.

With just one Brahma-dhanda all my asthras were vanquished. I am going to aim

high for Brahmavidya and start doing Tapas to achieve it leaving all my anger

and jealousy behind".


(To be cont)

JET USA Prajna Teachers


Jai Srimannarayana

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