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Jagadguru Shree Kripalu Ji Maharaj says...

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Jagadguru Shree Kripalu Ji Maharaj says...


* This world is most necessary. This world is as necessary as God. The

world is for your body and God is for your soul. God is not for your

body. The world is not for your soul. They should stay in their own



* Austerity, yog, or vigorous practice of meditation etc., are never

required in order to receive Grace of Radha Krishn as They are

causelessly merciful by nature. Just have unflinching faith in Them.

That's all you have to do. Your eternally ruined luck will be

instantly transformed and you will become Theirs forever.


* Obtain the true knowledge of soul, maya and God from a Spiritual



* True surrender is to join your mind with the Divine Spiritual

Master by obeying his instructions without any questions or hesitation.


* It is the nature of the mind to love someone, now lovingly attach

your mind only to God.


* And always feel that God and the Spiritual Master are with you.

With whatever time you have available, bring God and the Spiritual

Master into your mind. Remember them. Then your heart will keep purifying.


* First, meditate upon the form of Krishn according to your liking.

Meditation means lovingly remembering Krishn (Radha Krishn) while

trying to imagine that He is present near you in His Divine form.


* If a person meditates on the form of Radha Krishn with the

intention of receiving His vision and love, his meditation will be

called remembrance, divine-love consciousness or raganuga bhakti.


* Bhakti is the recognition of our sweet relationship with Krishn. It

directly relates to God Krishn Who is beyond this world of maya.


* Shed tears of love and separation, and ask Krishn for His Divine

love and Divine vision.


* Understand from your Spiritual Master your true relationship with

your beloved God.


* Only through selfless bhakti one can truly understand God and have

His vision. Because Divine love (bhakti) is the inner power of God.

Thus bhakti is supreme.


Enjoy more at the source: http://jkp.org/quotes/index.html


Jaya Sri Radhey!


, pyari_h <no_reply> wrote:



> I recall the wise instructions of Jagadguru Sri Kripaluji Maharaj

> to his devotees ....


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Guest guest

This is great! I wish people can just see him speak. Wow. IT was a sight to be seen. The verse from many different scriptures were just flowing out of his mouth. He was so grand this Sunday. See him again next week.

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Guest guest

yes the speech was amazing....but again, ALLLLL his speeches were amazing, although I have to admit sitting there live in front of Him was something. But what i love most about him is how intimate he can be with his devotees...he is SOOO much fun!!!


Guru Kripalurmam sharanam..

Vande hum sadguruh charanam

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