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Excavations at Sravasti

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2000-yr-old Buddhist temple discovered in UP


Gathered by Staff Reporter


PATNA,JUNE 1: Archaeologists have discovered the remains of a 2,000-

year-old shrine at Shravasti, the capital of the ancient Koshal

kingdom in what is now state of Uttar Pradesh state where the Buddha

used to preach, according to an AFP report. The discovery, which was

reported by a team from the state Archaeological Survey of India

(ASI) has shed light on life at the time of the Buddha two millennia

ago, Birendra Nath, the superintending archaeologist of the ASI

branch here reportedly said today. Nath said that Buddha stayed for

four months at Shravasti and delivered most of his sermons

there. "The excavation sites have unveiled one of the most important

cities of ancient India called Shravasti, which was the capital of

the Koshal kingdom of King Premjit -- a contemporary of Lord Buddha,"

he said. Stating that Shravasti site was first identified by Sir

Alexander Cunningham, a British archaeologist, in 1861, Nath said a

large number of terracotta earthenware, human figurines, beads,

plaques, seals, copper and silver coins and objects of bone and ivory

were discovered. The excavations also unearthed a large number of

polished pottery and wares dating back to the sixth century BC, he

said, adding the temple hints at the existence of a well-planned town

with good drainage and brick-layered wells.

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