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black magic

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Did you find a solution to this problem? I have the same problem done from an ashram in Kerala since 2008. Appreciate if you can share your fix!!




dear sriman narayana bhaktas..


I am having a worst problem (which will result in my death) and this problem is sort of spiritual in nature.I am suffering from a rare type of possession(a combination of possession by evil spirits and black magic) .This possession is called "Kshudhram" and this used to be a menace in Kerala many years ago. This whole black magic and possession is performed by an evil daemon called "Kshudra" . This started when I used to work in bangalore. I started hearing sounds of two people continuously (i.e the sounds are there day in and day out(24*7)). One of these two people is the daemon "kshudra" and has a companion named "Sasikala"(This resembles a small girl child voice). This daemon can undesratnd what we are thinking and will keep on insulting us,threatening us and cajoiling us day in and day out. The disturbance caused by these spirits is unbearable and they also perform black magic on me like produce itching on legs and hands, causing pain in different parts of the body ,preventing me from sleeping at night, preventing me from having sexual inter course, sort of stabbing with a knife etc. I initially thought that this is an instance of some mental disorder and met many doctors and tried different medicines (psychiatric) but none had any effect on the condition. These spirits always remind me that no matter what mantras I try there possession will not go and in the end I will have to commit suicide to get rid of this. But any how I am chanting Vishnu mantras every day which are giving me some relief. Please note that this is a worst form of balck magic which existed in ancient Kerala. Bacoz of this my earlier free life is totally lost and I am on the verge of committing suicide. Some body please provide me a remedy..Expecting your help :(




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