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Fw: [RamanujaMission] Fw: Brahmotsavam of Navalpakkam Temple & Desika Stothram MP3 CD

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Dear BhakthAs:


I am enclosing mail from SrIman Navalpaakkam Ananth Swamy

who is known to all of us through his joint Kaimkaryams for

dhivya dEsams and Dhivya prabhandhams with Driman Ramadurai

Venkat of Bahrain .


Sriman Ananth has created a special web site for His Veda AgrahAram

(SrI AgrahAram) that is steeped in the tradition of great SrI VaishNavite

AchAryAs . All their efforts have been blessed by SrI AlarmElmangA SamEtha

SrinivAsa Parabrahmam , who presides over this village , where Parama

VaidhikAs reside and protect our ancient traditions and impart knowledge to

the next generation of aasthikAs.


Our dear SrI MaadhavakkaNNan of Sirirangam and Singapore has

posted an excellent article on NaavalpAkkam today in the lists and I refer

you to that posting for more details on this extraordinary village ,

which is like an oasis of tranquility and scholarship amongst all

the turbulence of modern day India and the world .


The address for the new web site is:



In this beautiful web site , You can have the darsanam of

the Dhivya dampathis but also can hear the audio clippings of

Ghanam rendering of Veda Manthram , two verses from the Adhikaraa

Sangraham of Swamy Desikan , Manthra Pushpam and most importantly

the Swamy Desika SthOthra Paatam clippings from the 9 year old son

of SrI Ananth Swamy , Master N.A.Sundaravaradhan It is stimulating

to know that at such an young age, Master Sundaravaradhan has learnt

the complete set of the SthOthrams of Swamy Desikan and recite it by heart.

He is setting an example to all Vishnava youngsters.Please listen to

his renderings .


In the SrI Saila Vamsam ( Periya Thirumalai Nambi Vamsam)

was born Pancha Matha Bhanjana Thaatha DEsikan ( 1509-1591 C.E) .

He was the Raaja Guru for Vijaya Nagara kings at Chandragir i.

The Pancha (Five) mathams that he defeated in religious debates

to celebrate the glories of Bhagavath RaamAnuja Darsanam are :

Kapila , KaNAtha, Sukha , Jaina and Saiva Mathams.He performed

many Yaj~nams and had as his key sishyar , SrI RangarAmAnuja Muni ,

who is revered as "Upanishad BhAshyakArar " by us for blessing us

with VisishtAdhvaithic intrepretation of the Upanishads .Pancha Matha

Bhanjana ThAthAcchArya Swamy was unexcelled in thre areas of

our Darsanam : (1) Veda Maarga prathishtApanam (2) Para Tatthva

NirNayam and (3) AachAra anushtAnam .


In this lineage came many Vaishnavite AchAryAs like

SrI Lakshmi KumAra ThAtha Desikan ( 1572-1632 C.E) ,

the SveekAra Puthran of Pancha Matha Bhanjana ThAtha

Desikan , Thirupputtkkuzhi Swamy ( B1823 C.E),

VilliyampAkkam Swamy ( Gopala ThAtha Desikan ),

SrI AyyAtthu Swamy ( Ayyaa SrI KrishNa ThathArya

Swamy ) , Thirupputtkkuzhi Nrusimha ThAthArya Swamy and others.


The Moola Purushar for the NaavalpAkkam Vamsam was

Ayyaa KumAra ThAtha Desikan .He had mastered the adhyayanam

of the four VedAs and had performed hundred yaj~nams

and hence was revered as " Chathur Veda Satha Krathu " .

He was the Minister for the Naayak king of Tanjore

(Achyutha Naayak) and it was in his time the Temple for

Lord SrinivAsa was built and consecrated at NaavalpAkkam .

In his 8th generation was born another Chathur Veda Satha Krathu,

SrI SaThakOpa KrishNaswamy ThAthArya MahA Desikan (SKTD)

in the year 1904 C.E. His centenneray was celebrated by

HH Sri PeriyANDavan of Srirangam on March 18,2004 at

NaavalpAkkam in a grand manner . The only son of

SrI SKTD Swamy ( Sri U.Ve N.S.R Swamy ) and

his son SrI N.S. SrinivAsa RaghavaacchAr Swamy )

conducted the SathamAna Uthsavam in the company of

great Veda VidhwAns of ThAtha Vamsam .


The incredibly scholarly publications of Great scholars

with links to NaavalpAkkam are assembled in the special

Web site created by SrIman NavalpAkkam Ananath Swamy.


Thus goes the tradition at NaavalpAkkam .

All of us should make it a point to visit this

SrI AgrahAram.


The BrahmOthsavam for the dhivya dampathis of NavalpAkkam is

scheduled this year to commence on May 3 . The Uthsavam

program is available at the web site . Please plan to attend and

meet some of " the living legends " of this scholastic village , who

continue to contribute so much for our ancient darsanam blessed by

Bhagavath RaamAnuja and His PoorvAchAryAs in an untiring manner.


Sri MahA DEvi SamEtha Sri VaradarAja ParabrahmaNE Nama:

Daasan , Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SaThakOpan


The Mail from Sri Ananth Swamy


> Sri Alarmelmanga Sametha Sri Srinivasa parabrahmane namah:


> Dear Sri Sadagopan Swamin


> Pranamams !!!


> The brahmotsavam of Srinivasa perumal temple at Navalpakkam Village for


> Tharana year starts on 03/05/2004. On the eve of brahmotsavam, we have

> made an humble attempt in hosting a simple site in free web space,


> Navalpakkam Village. The site contatins brief introduction, few


> utsavam schedule ..etc. Being hosted in a free web site, there may


> advertisements apprearing. You may kindly ignore the same.


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