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Fwd: American Eagle Apologizes for the Ganesha Flip Flops

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Hindus in America will never leave anybody to abuse or degenerate Hindusim, Jai

Bharat Mata.... With Love & OM! Krishna Prasad American Eagle Apologizes for

Ganesha Flip-flops. They will withdraw the product

from the stores.


In 2003 American Eagle Outfitters in USA introduced flip-flops (Sandals) with

images of Lord Ganesha as one of their summer products. This company operates

about 750 American Eagle stores in the USA and Canada. AE is also listed at



On 27 April, 2003 IndiaCause launched informal protest on our website (which was

NOT conveyed to our members). We communicated our disappointment with the

Management and expected their response before we launched a formal protest.


On 29 April, 2003 American Eagle Management responded positively to our protest

and faxed in their letter confirming "Please accept this letter as our formal

apology for our use of the image resembling the Lord Ganesh on this product". In

his letter, Neil Bulman, Jr. (Vice President and General Counsel, AE) assured

"we will remove these flip-flop shoes from our stores"....


We assume, hundreds of visitors would have sent in their protest emails to AE

Management using our site.


The flip-flop image and the apology is available at:



List of other successful campaigns by IndiaCause:



All the credit for our successes goes to IC members and supporters.


Thank you for your support.

Team @ IndiaCause


Meet our Team: http://www.indiacause.com/IC_Team_Members.htm


Our Mission: http://www.indiacause.com/IC_Vision.htm


------ End of message -------


Join this India movement at:



Thank you.

Mahendra Joshi


Representation of Indians in North America and across the world


Do you wish to volunteer for this movement?



To :


(Only if the above link does not work, reply with subject Remove)



Vinjamuri Srimahavishnu <vsmvishnu wrote:> Wed, 30 Apr 2003

12:07:58 +0530




> chakravartula

> [chakravartula]

> Wednesday, April 30, 2003 5:36 AM

> Jaiswal Aarthi; Aditya K T; anandreddy;

> Karamched Archana; n balaji;

> n balaji; Srivatsa Chakravarthy; n chandrababu;

> Chandrababu N; tirumala

> dwaraka; stv dwarakanath; stv dwarakanath; stv

> dwarakanath;

> Chakravartula Gopi Krishna; K J R; Asam R Kalyan

> Mohan; Karunakar Reddy

> N; Karunakar T; KrishnaPatnam; shravan kumar; Lalit

> M C; Laxmana Murthy

> P; Srinivasa Raghavachary Madhavi; Madhavi S R;

> tirumala madhusudan;

> Murthy K L N; m prem charan; HariShankar R; GOGGI


> rajender; gangisetti rajeshwar; Dr. K A Raju; Rama

> Rao M V;

> chukkayapalli ramachander; sagi ramakrishnaraju;

> tandalampuranam

> ramanujan; tandalampuranam ramanujan; bv ramaprasad;

> Ramesh Nookala; r

> rameshreddy; rkaramchedu; Siva shanker RD; Srinivas

> G; Srivani N;

> s.chetlur sudha; s.chetlur sudha; Sudha;

> suryaprakash1; suryaprakash2;

> suryaprakash3; sreenivas tanikella; durga gunneswara

> rao tippabotla;

> Vaiku S R; srinivasaraghavachary Vaikunatanath;

> vasavi college; b

> veeranna; b veeranna; venkatreddy; Madhabhushanam

> VijayRaghavan; hari

> Ranganath( Hindu gods denigrated again)




> Hi all

> Resond with your feelings whether

> hindu god or other we shouldnever denigrate,

> people quite often denigrate Hindu gods

> let us send our protest to the Eagle web site

> http://www.hindunet.org/ahad/americaneagle/ pass

> this mail to

> as many as possible and see that that company

> reacts

> not onmalisbut stop that product

> Ranganath


> Hi There,


> It has become a regular pattern to denigrate

> Hindu Gods. Please sign


> the petition and register your protest. I even

> called the American


> Eagle and got an apology from them.


> Thank You!


> Raghavan




> Gopal Kollengode < gkolleng9

> Mon Apr 28, 2003 5:41 pm

> Fwd: FW: Religious Insensitivity






> Note: forwarded message attached.



> =====

> Gopal Kollengode

> gkolleng9

> (858) 349-0783 (cell)




> The New Search - Faster. Easier. Bingo.

> http://search.

> Neal Shah < nealpshah

> Mon Apr 28, 2003 4:54 pm

> Fwd: FW: Religious Insensitivity

> Ali < asachaniAnjali Kumar <anubliss wrote:


> Mon, 28 Apr 2003 12:27:53 -0700 (PDT)

> Anjali Kumar

> FW: Religious Insensitivity

> dkyoga



> Fyi...




> Dear Friends,


> 'American Eagle Outfitters' has definitely crossed

> the line. This

> clothing/shoe company has insulted the global Hindu

> community by

> designing and marketing flip flops with the image of

> Lord Ganesh on the

> in-sole of the shoes. As Hindus, we revere Lord

> Ganesh--and placing His

> image on the in-sole, where we would place our feet,

> is of utmost

> disrespect. We are certain that the reaction of the

> Christian, Jewish,

> or Moslem community would have been equally

> outrageous if their revered

> symbols were placed on the flip flops.


> PLEASE visit the site of 'American Hindus Against

> Defamation' (link

> below) to have your voice be heard against this

> outrageous act of

> religious intolerance and insensitivity. Contact

> information for the

> corporate offices of American Eagle are also

> available at this site.


> http://www.hindunet.org/ahad/americaneagle/


> Thanks,

> Archana



> Archana More Sharma

> Doctoral Candidate,

> UCLA School of Public Health




> _____



> The New Search - Faster. Easier. Bingo.




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visit http://in.tv.











The New Search - Faster. Easier. Bingo.



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