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Fw: Annual Veda /WAVES Conference at Pondichery

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Guest guest

Dear BhakthAs:


The contents of the conference would be of interest to Vedic students.

One or two topics are difficult to relate and are peculiar based on

titles alone . Overall ,the conference sounds like an interesting one.



WAVES' 7th India Conference at Pondicherry, Dec 27-29, 2003,





7th India Conference of WAVES


Mahatma Gandhi Dental College

Auditorium, Pondicherry


Contemporary World Order: A Vedic Perspective

from 27th Dec to 29th Dec., 2003


PROGRAMMESaturday, the 27th Dec., 2003 INAUGURAL SESSION

10.30-12.00v Invocationv Welcome Address-Dr. S. Kalyanraman,

President, WAVES, India Branchv Introduction of WAVES-Prof. Shashi

Tiwari, Sanskrit Department, University of Delhi & Secretary, WAVES,

India Branchv Scope of the Conference-Prof. N.K. Jha, Dean, School

of International Studies, Pondicherry University & Chairman, Local

Organizing Committee of The Conferencev Inauguration of the

Conference-Thiru N. Rangaswamy, Hon'ble Chief Minister of

Pondicherry.v Inauguration of Pondicherry Chapter of WAVES-Thiru

M.D.R. Ramachandharan, Hon'ble Speaker, Legislative Assembly,

Pondicherryv Address by the Guest of Honour-Prof. O.P. Pandey,

Secretary, MSRVV Pratishthan, Ujjainv Presidential Address-Prof.

A.K. Bhatnagar, Vice-Chancellor, Pondicherry Universityv Vote of

Thanks-Dr. Panch Ramalingam, Lecturer, ASC, Pondicherry

University.TEA : 12.00 - 12.30Session 1 (Plenary) : 12.30 to

13.30Chairperson : Prof. O.P. Pandey, Ujjain1. Vedic Vrata, Dr. S.

Kalyanaraman, Chennai2. Resources for Sustaining Tolerance in Vedic

Society, Dr. Kenneth Liberman, USALUNCH : 13.30 - 14.30Session II :

[A] : 14.30 - 16.00 Vedic Studies (1)Chairperson : Prof. Ram Gopal,

Jodhpur1. Ambitame, Naditame, Devitame Sarasvati; Dr. Ravindranath

Vaman Ramdas, Mumbai2. The Philosophy of the Vedas, Dr. K. Srinivas,

Pondicherry3. Hansavati Ric-A study; Prof. Gauri Mahulikar, Mumbai4.

Rigvedic Concept of Agni; Prof. P. Syamaladevi, KeralaSession II

: 14.30 - 16.00 Studies on Gita and UpanishadChairperson : Prof. Alka

Bakre, Mumbai1. Environment, Health and Safety:Guidance from the

Bhagavadgita; Prof. Lollah. G.K. Murthy, Bombay2. The Philosophy of

Gyan in the Srimadbhagwat Gita; Shri N.C. Beohar, Jabalpur3.

Dharmayuddha & Jehad, Bhagvadgita & the Koran; Prof. S.A. Abbasi,

Pondicherry4. Implementation of Upanisads in Modern Life; Dr. Rishi

Sagar, Kerala5. The Bhagavad Gita & the Non-Resident Indians in USA;

Dr. Savita Gaur, GujaratSession II [C] : 14.30 - 16.00 Epics and

DharmashastraChairperson : Mrs. S.P. Goel, Delhi1. Concept of Grammar

in Agni-Purana Session- Language, Literature & Linguistics; Shri

Jaganadh G., Kerala2. A Scrutiny of the Elements of the Sankhya

Philosophy in the Mahabharata; Dr. Sunanda S. Joshi, Mumbai3. The

Role of Divine Support for the Success of Lord Rama-Vedic View; Shri

Vaidyanath Prabhakar, Bangalore4. Vidur Niti-In modern Context; Prof.

Prabhakar Raya Pondicherry5. Hkfo";iqjk.k esa of.kZr lw;Z dk Lo:i(

MkW0 js[kk 'kqDyk] dkuiqjTEA : 16.00 - 16.15Session III [A] : 16.15 -

18.00 Religious StudiesChairperson : Prof. Indira Y. Junghare, USA1.

A Vedic Basis for the Stoic Concept of God; Dr. Isha Gamlath, Sri

Lanka2. Hindu-Christian Interreligious Dialogue in India; Prof. Anand

Nayak, Switzerland3. A comparative study of Hindu Dharma in global

context; Shri Prashant Bhardwaj, Shimla4. Shree Jagannath in Vedic

Literature; Gyanaranjan Panda. Tirupati5. Dancing Saktis of Belur and

Halebidu; Dr. Siri Rama, Singapore6. The Concept of Ushas in Rigveda;

Dr. S Malini, Kerala Session III : 16.15 - 18.00 Sanskrit

StudiesChairperson : Prof. Dr. K.V.V. Rao, Visakhapatnam1. Influence

of Vedas in Ancient Sanskrit Literature; Prof. Indira Bai, Kerala2.

;Kks oS Js"Brea deZ%( MkW0 lR; izdk'k nqcs] tks/kiqj3. The Cause and

Effect Relation Between Philosophy and Kavya; Dr. Sundari

Siddhartha, Chennai4. A General Study to Appreciate the

Sophistication of the Oral Tradition of Education during the Vedic

Period; Deepak Raajan & D Purushothaman, Pondicherry5. The Sources of

Dhvani; Dr. C. Upender Rao, Puri6. Dancing Saktis of Belur and

Halebidu; Dr. Siri Rama, Singapore SUNDAY 28 DECEMBER,

2003Session IV [A] : 9.30 - 11.30 Vedic Studies (2)Chairperson :

Prof. C.L. Prabhakar, Bangalore1. Ambovada-A Cosmogonic Doctrine of

Veda; Prof. Ram Gopal, Jodhpur2. A comparative Study of Vedic

Education-system and Modern Education system;Mrs. Ravichandrika T.S.,

Bangalore3. Concept of Ecology in Vedic and Ancient Indian Thought;

Prof. Shashi Tiwari, New Delhi4. Indian Psychology in Ancient Indian

Scriptures; Dr. Panch. Ramalingam, Pondicherry5. Vedic Literature and

International Law; Dr. T.S.N. Sastry, Pondicherry.6. Status of Women

in the Vedic Literature; Dr. Raj Gopalan, TirupatiSession IV :

9.30 - 11.30 Philosphical StudiesChairperson : Dr. Sundari Siddharth,

Chennai1. Description of Heart in Upanishads; Dr. Manmohan Acharya,

Orissa2. Indian Mysticism and the Concept of Universe in Hindi

Literature; Dr. S. Padmapriya, Pondicherry.3. Consciousness,

Perception and Argument in context of Swami Vivekananda's Works;Er.

Saurabh Kudesia, Gwalior4. ekufld ruko&mipkjkFkZ f'koladYilwDr( MkW0

jkelqesj ;kno] mÙkjdk'kh5. Relevance of Angika Abhinaya in Present

Context; Dr. Alka Pandey, Lucknow6. Vedantic Influence on the West :

A Study of Wittgenstein's Philosophy; Dr. Vikram Singh Sirola,

Pondicherry.Session IV [C] : 9.30 - 11.30 Yoga, Science and

HealthChairperson : Shri Bholanath Yogi, Principal, Dang, Nepal1. The

Yoga View of Diet; Shri Shreyas Munshi, Mumbai2. Drinks or Foods of

Fertility in Indian Myths : The precursors or Prototypes of Hormonal

Treatment or Fertility Drugs?; Dr. Ruchita Vasant Somane, Mumbai3.

Yoga, Spirituality and Medicine; Dr. (Mrs.) S. Indira, Pondicherry4.

jksxfuokj.ks izk.kk;keL; ykSfddksi;ksx%( MkW0 foeyk nsoh] xkthiqj5.

i;kZoj.k vkSj oSfnd lkfgR;( MkW0 ruwtk pkS/kjh] tcyiqjTEA : 11.30 -

11.45Session V [Plenary] : 11.45 - 13.30Chairperson : Dr. Shyam N.

Shukla, USA1. The Vedas : Universal Religion; Swami Sri Ramananda

Giri Ji, NEPAL2. Law and Order in the Rigveda; Prof. Satya Pal

Narang, Pondicherry3. Chandsastra, DeBruijn Sequences & Binary

Numbers; Prof. T.R.N. Rao, USALUNCH : 13.30 - 14.30Session VI [A] :

14.30 - 16.00 Cultural TraditionsChairperson : Prof. Shashi Tiwari,

Delhi1. Kuladevata : The Marathi Goddess; Prof. Indira Y. Junghare,

USA2. Relation of Language and Culture in Ancient India; Shri Debasis

Mahapatra, Bhubaneswar3. Mantra in Social Flux; Dr. Mrs. Alka Bakre,

Mumbai4. A Note on Performance of Music During Vedic & Contemporary

Times; Prof. T. Seetharamalakshmi, BangaloreSession VI : 14.30 -

16.00 Studies in RamayanaChairperson : Prof. S.V. Narayanan,

Pondicherry1. Unification of Cultural Contexts : Ramacharitmanas and

its Translations in Malayalam;Dr. Vijayakumaran, CPV, Kerala2. Vedic

Social Values and Ramayana : In Present Context; Prof. Y.P. Tiwari,

Shahdol3. Yoga & Ramayana; Shri T.S. Gopal, Bangalore4. Utilization

of Typical Episodes in Raamayana for Understanding, Teaching,

Learning and Memorizing Several "High School" level Physics

Phenomena; Dr. D.B. Ghare, BangaloreSession VI [C] : 14.30 - 16.00

Vedic Sciences and MathsChairperson : Prof. Madanmohan, Pondicherry1.

Present Status and Future Prospective of Our World Order in Context to

Vedic Intellect and Science; Dr. Brahma Ram Choudhary, Bikaner2.

Heroes Behind the Zero-Indian Mathematics; Shri S. Ram Mohan,

Chennai3. Techniques of Management in Vedic Science: A Study with

Special Reference to Peace, Prosperity and Human Development; Dr. P.

Moorthy, Pondicherry4. Eroticism & Flower Blossoms in

Gathasaptasathi; Prof. Sushma Kulshreshtha, DelhiTEA : 16.00 -

16.15Session VII [A] : 16.15 - 18.00 Vedic Studies (3)Chairperson :

Prof. Gauri Mahulikar, Mumbai1. Democracy in Vedic Tradition; Prof.

Nalini Kant Jha, Pondicherry2. Contemporary Relevance of the Rigvedic

Sacrifice; Prof. T. Thomas Varghese, Kerala3. Sustainability-A Vedic

Approach; Dr. K. Dharanidharan, Pondicherry4. Gayatri : The Prayer

for Light; Dr. Indulata Das, Bhubaneswar5. Vishvabhavana in Vedic

Perspective; Dr. Chakaradhar Behera, Pondicherry.Session VII :

16.15 - 18.00 Yoga and SpiritualityChairperson : Prof. R.S. Tripathi,

Tirupati1. Yoga-A Precious Gem of Vedic Thought; Prof. Madanmohan,

Pondicherry2. Yoga for Physical, Psychological and Spiritual

Well-being: A Critical Study;Shri M. Parameswaran, Pondicherry3. Yoga

as a Spiritual Discipline; Dr. D. Sakthignanavel, Pondicherry4. Yoga,

Spirituality and Medicine, Dr. N. Govindarajulu, Pondicherry5.

Self-realization and Self-esteem-In Ancient Thought; Dr. Neelam

Trivedi, Kanpur.MONDAY, 29TH DECEMBER, 2003Session VIII [A] : 9.30 -

11.15 Vedic Studies (4)Chairperson : Prof. S.P. Narang,

Pondicherry1. Astrology and Vedas; Dr. S. Krishna Kumar, Bangalore2.

Managing The Future : Yesterday's Lessons for Tomorrow; Prof. S.V.

Narayanan, Pondicherry3. The Role of Vedanga Jyotisha in Modern

World; Mr. Jeffrey Armstrong, Canada4. Food (Annam) and Shelter

(Vasati) : in Vedic View; Prof. C.L. Prabhakar, Bangalore5. Human

Rights through the Vedic Perspective of Human Values; Dr. B.

Krishnamurthy, Pondicherry6. Environmental Planning and Sustainable

Development in the Vedic Texts; Shri Jitendra Mohan Mishra and Shri

Debabrata Panda, Pondicherry.Session VIII : 9.30 - 11.15

Political & Social StudiesChairperson : Prof. N.K. Jha, Pondicherry1.

Polity in the Vedas; Dr. Neelmani Upadhyay, Mandi, H.P.2. The Concept

of Tapas in Vedic Literature and its importance in the Present Age;

Mrs. Shashi Prabha Goel, Delhi3. Relevance of Social Concepts

Depicted in the Minor Social Dramas of the Sanskrit Literature; Prof.

Dr. K.V.V. Rao, Visakhapatnam4. "Whole of the Existence is One Mass of

Energy"; Shri Rakesh Pandey, Gwalior.5. Aggressor : A Vedic

Perspective; Shri K. Manikandan, ChennaiTEA : 11.15 - 11.30Session IX

[Plenary] : 11.30 - 12.30Chairperson : Prof. T.R.N. Rao, USA1. Ahimsa:

A Vedic Source for A Peaceful World Order; Dr. Hope K. Fitz, USA2.

Vedic View on Globalization and Development; Prof. Jean-Pierre

Muller, Pondicherry VALEDICTORY SESSION : 12.30-14.00v

Invocationv Welcome Address-Prof. Shashi Tiwari, Secretary, India

Branch, WAVESv Felicitation-Thiru Dr. R. Padmanabhan, IAS, Chief

Secretary, Pondicherry Governmentv Address by the Chief Guest-Thiru

K. Lakshminarayanan, Hon'ble Minister for Education & Tourism,

Pondicherryv Address by the Guest of Honour-Dr. Shyam N. Shukla, USAv

Address by the Guest of Honour-Prof. Hope K Fitz, USAv Report of the

Seminar-Mrs. S.P. Goel, GC, Member, WAVESv Presidential Address-Dr.

S. Kalyanraman, President, India Branch WAVESv Vote of Thanks-Prof.

N.K. Jha, Dean, SIS & Head, Deptt. of Pol. Sci., Pondicherry

UniversityLUNCH : 14.00 - 15.00SIGHT SEEING TOUR FOR DELEGATES 15.30

onwardsConveners :Prof. N.K. Jha, Pondicherry & Prof. Shashi Tiwari,

New Delhi

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