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pls tell me - Reg Vashikaran

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Applying any manthra' for the sake of small and silly reasons are not good and

should not be. That too manthra' like vasheekaran should not be used for

ordinary cause untill and unless there is some genuine reason behind doig it.


Its sure to give result of its domain according to ur SANKALP and concentration

in doing it. Dont have doubts in it. But Its an herculean task and dangerous

some times if not properly followed the instruction given by the GURU.


Rather its better to do:


1) Chant GURU manthra and get more power to ur mind.

2) Give suggesstions to ur friend in ushah kal(3:30AM - 5:30AM) and night after 11-12 PM

3) Continue this for a period of one week

4) Make a Follow up indirectly to ur friend

5) Success will be urs'




samit76 <samit76 > wrote:

one of my very good friend become my enemy becouse of my own fault.pls let me

know what i should do whether vashikaran prayog will do something.whether it

will be better to take vashikaran diksha i am desperate to get him back i will

be very thankfullJay Gurudev



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In other threads you mentioned that the kleem mantra is the best, whereas here you have advised guru mantra. Could you please explain why? I'm curious because, Guru is my lagna lord. But, I'm aware that 'kleem' is a bija mantra for fulfilling desires. I'm looking to get married immediately. Therefore, my desire is to get a young, beautiful wife. I'm NOT in love with anyone.


Which mantra would be best for me? Also, if you could give details of the procedure, that will help immensely as well.




Guru Manta is Best

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