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Gita Discussion-Ramanuja Bhashya

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I hope in the new milliennium,

with the appointment of

Madhavaji as the Chief

Moderator, the Gita Discussion



Incidentally, I am reminded of

a beautiful translation into

English of Sri Ramanuja

Bhagavad Gita Bhashya, by

Swami Adi Devananda of the Sri

Ramakrishna Order.


Also, surprisingly enough, the

whole turn from Adi Shankara's

Advaita Bhashya, to

Visishtadvaita by Ramauja,

happens in just 4 verses.


Also, the 'Bhagavad Gita

Saaraam' by Bhagavan Sri

Ramana Maharshi, which is a

'finding' of 40 selected

verses from the Gita, that

form a 'continuous whole' in

terms of Advaita, is a very

good addendum and a

clarificatory summary of Adi

Shankara's Gita Bhashya.


Thanks and kind regards

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Hand over all worries to him and be free, Gita confirms as Veda says...Tatra kah mohah tatra kah shokah .

Ishwarah sarva bhutanam hradyeshe arjun tishthati .

Bhramyan sarva bhutani yantrarudani mayya...

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