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re: saTamarSaNa gotra tAtAchari tanians and family lines

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Shri sadananda and bhaktas,

Thank you for your kind response to the topic. it seems true that we belong to

Parakala mutt

right from brahma tantra swantantra jeeyars of hh. Sri vedantaDesika sisyas

onwards. As mentioned in nrusimha priya june,'92, the tanians of hh ghatikasatam

ammal alias sri narasimha vardacharyulu

established three different lineage maTams namely sri ahobala maTam by his son

sri rangachariar,

malawalamunulu ashram by his second son sri Padmanabhulu and vanamamalai maTam

by his

sisya sri Pillai lokacharyulu.

My moola purushal sri conjeevaram tatachari who was most popularly known as

pancha Bhanjanam

tatachari left conjeevaram to ahobilam with the invitation of his maternal

uncle Sri

ShasTaparAnkusa swami, the 6th peetadhipathi, who was his guru and teacher.

>From the time

onwards we were alienated to ahobila peetam as tatachari sisya parampara. The

tAtAchari families

used to be outstanding spiritual teachers of the time. His son sri lakshmi

kumara tAtAchari was

very popular not only by virtue of his Performance of koti kanyadan but also

gilded both the varadaraja

swamy (conjeevaram) and sri venketeswaraswamy (tirumala) temples with gold. He

was a great person of importance and influence, being guru of both the

veketapathirayas I(1575 -1614) and II (1630 -1642c.e.) belong to aravedu dynasty

and, fortunate of crowning both of them. I am happy to note that sri krishna

tata chari belongs to one his family line. I am sure our family line is more

closely related to them than other tanians of tAtAchari who continued their

association with parakala maTam like putaparti, kuntimadhi and other

gandikota(dharmavaram) saThamarSaNa vaishnavites. i had come across one

great sanskrit scholar sri gopalaswamy iyyengar in tirupati belonging to

tirumala kumara families as mentioned in my previous topic on ' issues on

sAthmuRai at tirumala temple' in reply to sri t.c.a venketesan. we are

interested to know about them and others like gaddam, peddinti too.

Can any of our learned shaThamarSanars or other bhaghavatars enlighten us with

the particulars of tAtachari tanians and the family links.

My bukkapatnam tirumala lineage started with highly erudite vishistTadwaita

vedavedanga scholar sriman bukkapatnam tirumala raghvacharyulu(tAtAchari). It

seems sriman Ananthachari was his eldest son, my bukkapatnam tirumala purushal

who got Oruturu agrahAram. We do not know the details of other son, sri

chinnayyacharyulu. the tanians of ananthachari were sri varadachari and sri

veerraghavachari, sri srinivasa tATAchari, the kaniShTa and aShTama putra of

sri varadachari, was my great grand father. from the time of settlement of sri

ananthachari onwards we were native of oruturu agraharam till my grand father

sriman venketachari as revealed by my elders and a relative late sri echampati

rajagopalachari, advocate, guntur. He was dealing with a civil suit (succession

case) of veeraraghvacharyulu's wife. That is how we migrated to oruturu

agraharam from bukkapatnam but retained bukkapatnam tirumala as our initial

and tamil was our mother tongue at home.

the same was confirmed in the hand written poetic kavyam, by name "kuvalAsya


in telugu by my grand father's elder brother, sriman Raghavachari. it was

recently printed by one of

his grand tanians and i am fortunate of having the copy of his holy prabhandha

kavyum of great scholarly nature. my forefathers were all staunch sri

vaishnvites and great scholars in veda vedangas and andhra geervAnNa panditas

having great artistic talents in music and poetry. most of them were asthna

kavis in the asthanams of nuzvid rajas.

my pedda tAtagaru, sriman Raghavacharyulu garu, expressed great love and

affection to his third brother, sriman venketacharyulu, my grand father, by

praising him in his book as "truly unshakable vidwatkesari to the core" as

praised by the scholars at the time. out of sheer regard and gratitude to his

brother, my grand father gave 'nAmakaraNam' to his only son as "mohan

raghavacharyulu". both were staying at nuzvid during the period. i presume

that his eldest brother sriman ananthacharyulu continued to stay at oruturu

agraharam. sriman raghavacharyulu wrote about his vamsam in a poetic form in

telugu which i am reproducing the substance of one of them into english for

the benefit of our bhaktas.

"wherein the sreshta munis sriman natha yAmuna was born,

wherein HH sri venketeswar called the bhakta as tAtagaru and asked for teertam

to quench his thirst,

wherein the purushals DhEvidhis were acharyas for nalanara pathis,

wherein the vamsAryans were stAnAcharis to rich kAnchyadhi nidulu

gracefully(nimpu sompAraga)

wherein the vamsaryAns of what an earth the santati were great sadAcharya

purushals, kotikanyadan pradAthas and srivaishNava pEtadhipathis, is my vamsam

to be proud of". one must read the actual telugu poetry and enjoy how sweetly

he expressed his great devotion and his attachment to his vamsam and

vaishnavism . He was my padda tAtagaru(periya tAtaverghazh)- hats off to him

and to my ancestry -adiyen, dasAnudasan, pranNamAmyaham


the sacred book on "kuvalAsya vijayam" ia a 'hUNabhASAndra divyakathA

prabandam'. the

pachamAsvAsam kavyum (five chapters) comprised of stotras, vamsAbhivanam,

kuvalAsya katha,

sri ramayanam, sundarakhAndam, dasAvatAra varnanam; bhagavatam, sri krishna

leela, rukmini

kalyANam, narakAsura vadha; and sri mahabhAratam, subadra varnanam

(description), araNya

parvam, virATa parvam, udyOga parvam, sri bhagavat geeta, yudda parvam, etc.,

etc. all in 363

pages comprising about 1725 poems, each had its own outstanding telugu jilugu

with intermittent preponderance of vachana sahityam and bhakti bhavams. I

received this sacred book only week days back from my friend. I am thinking of

translating the telugu poetry into english if god permits.


Coming to the details of tengalai saThamrSaNa gotrakaras, they are srimat

tirumala families aliented

to vanamamalai maTa sampradayam. sri padmanabhAcharyulu (alias dharmacharyulu

- brother of sri kurusheshuluk tAtAchari) son of sri pundarikakshar and grand

son of the abhiman putra of sri rAmanujar, namely. sri tirukkuruhaipirAn pillai

(other names, if i am correct, were satagopalachari, kurusheshulu?), was the

moola purshal to ayanampudi tirumala families. His santati in eighth generation

was sri narahari desikulu. He was very famous sanskrit scholar and wrote many

talapatra grandhas. He wrote 'narahariyam' a detailed vakhyanam to sri vishnu

puranam. A tamil-sanskrit mixed talapatra grandha on 'sriman narahari desika

prabhavam' written by one his tanian was printed (around 1940's) by sri vashnava

mudrakshasala.. It contains many historical bhakti events of great interest.

continuing further details in the srimat tirumala vamsa vriksham, the jgnana

guru of sri narahari desikar was sri paTTAbhiraan residing in tirunagari and

popularly known as sri bhattesh yogi. By his upadesam, sri narahari desikar

alienated to tengalai sampradayam and was followed by his tanians. Sri narahari

family tanians spread all over andhra. Some of them become jeeyars preaching

bhakti and spreading vaishanvism

One of his tanians migrated to srikAkulam, and became stanacharya to sri andhra

mahavishnu temple after making samskaram as per agama sastras. From the time

onwards they were following chandramAnam instead of suryamAnam. the family

line known to me are continuing in panasalavalasa of srikakulam dt. as

mentioned in my last topic on 'agiripalli kshetram and next'. justise sriman

t.v.r.tatachari of delhi (retired.), is highly stotriya vaishnava scholar.

Due respects to him, he is in early nineties by now and is quite active. He

belongs to one of srimat tirumala families settled in vijayanagaram.

One such family was (tengalai)tAtAchari families settled in gaddipadu, who

published a booklet on 'sri aynampudi tirumala vari guru parampara tanians'

containing bhakti slokas, vAkya guruparampara, Acharya parampara, charama

slOkas, mangallAsAsanams etc printed (1951) on the occasion of demise(acharya

tiruvagzhali) of the famous Acharya vedanta ugma sriman lakshmEkumara


reviewing the brief comments in the vamsa vriksham written by srimat tiumala

families, it was revealed that addanki families and tirupati satamarshana

families are the tanians of chinna siriya tirumala

nambi (mitratara, todappar, siriya/pillai tirumala nambi were his other names?).

the santati of sri kuruseshulu tAtAchari werespread in kanchi, tanjavoor,

navalpakkam. Among them sri kotikanyadanam tatachari, ballari raghavacharyulu,

vanapalli? Venketachari (vanapalli? tirumala ramachandra seems tobe one of his

tanians) were famous tanians. sri kuruseshulu tAtAchri was the rajaguru of

vijayanagar rajas, tanjavur nayaks and further on rajaguru of Anegondi

samsthanam (the present dattamandalam comprising gadwal etc.). Further details

needs to be addressed. It is also intersting to find out how bukkapatnam

tirumala family tanians differed from tirumala bukkapatnam families.

In ttd. monthly magazine "saptagiri", one of tirumala kumara family taninan,

sriman T.K.T. viraraghvacharya's article on "history of tirupati " mentioned

that sriman sottai ettur tiumala nambi kumara tattayyangar, son of sottai ettur

tirumala nambi srinivsayyangar belonged to saThamarShaNa gotram. he was the

most prominent man among the acharya purshal during sri krishna devaraya and

achyutaraya times. He made a significant endowments and was the recipient of the

donor's share in the offerings to the tirupati - tirumalai temples made by his

disciples (june '01-p24-26). While he was very old during the period of

sadasivaraya, he made an endowment(1549/1554) as detailed there in. sriman

ettur kumara tattayyangar had two sons, namely sri tirumala (kumara)

tattayyangar, who came to the notice as acharya of Singaraja son of

salakkayyadeva maharaja during the reign of achyutaraya maharaya

(iv.170,10-2-1542). The other son was sriman(tirumala kumara?) srinivasayyangar

(Iyyengar, ayyangar and ayyavarlangaru as well as chari/charyulu are synonymous)

who was honoured by sadasivaraya with the magnificent grant of pedda ekkalur

village (in jagadabhi gutti sirmai). The two brothers occupied the place of

acharyas to one or other of the two powerful rival royal parties.)..

sri ettur thirumalai kumar tatachariar as mentioned in the august issue was the

spiritual guru of venketapathiraya before he became emperor succeeding sri

ranagarayadeva maharayar, whom he crowned him. he was the famous person among

srivaishnavas and said to have regilded the vimanam of sri venketeswara temple.

He made several endowments in kanchipuram and his descendants have always been

holding the key position in sri varadarajaswamy temple. going throuh the two

issues of `saptagiri' i think sri lakshmikumara kotiknyadan tatachari mentioned

earlier was the same sri ettur tirumala kumara tatachariar, son of sri ettur

nambi kumra tatachari(panchabhanjanam tatachari?) which needs to be confirmed.

it requires further studies to understand more about them.


These are some of my findings of saThamarShaNa tAtAchari family lines in a.p.,

to be addressed in detail about their Acharya purushals and their family links.

pl forgive if any mistake was found sheer out my ignorence. we heartily welcome

for any corrections and additions.

'srimatY srivenketewara parbrhamaNNY namah!!'


b.t. jairam(an)












































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