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Bangaru Kamakshi Amman - a post by Ganapathy=vijaya

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ganapathy = = vijaya" <srividya101


"adi ma" adi_shakthi16


Dear Akka


Work pressure written in A hurry pl correct the grammar AND EDIT

SUITABLY AND POST A COPY TO ambaal group as well.






Bangaru Kaamakshi Amman



Bangaru means pure gold. She was in Kaanchi as uthsava Vighraha and

taken to Tanjore due to political problems during the Muslim rule in

the year 1786. The royals of Tanjore srimad Thulaja King built a

temple for her. The raja gopuraM was constructed later on in 1788 by

the King Sarabhoji. The temple thouGh under endowment board of Tamil

nadu the dharma Kartha are the Kaanchi Kaamakti mutt

peetacthipathies and twice their Holiness had conducted the maha




The speciality of this temple is the priests conduct six kala puja

daily without fail.




She has been installed in West Nain Street of the temple. The temple

uses Sadaari like the Vaishnava temples. The garlands which ARE

receiveD from the devotees are taken out in the morning and evenings

only and during the day she wears all the garlands given by the

devotees and on no accont it is removed during the intervening





She holds a parrot in her hand and another hand she appears to keep

in a slanting position below the hip region and her right leg appears

to be turned inwards slightly and this is known as " tribhangam " and

this is how the brahma got darshan of her. She is known to be Virgin.




Earlier at Kaanchi She was installed in the southern temple side and

was also known to devotees as Swarnangi, Sukahastha, Suthlinga

vallabha, dharma Devi, swarnambika etc. she is now represented by a

panchloka vigraham and a meru.




She is believed to have taken shape as a gold Vighraha after

darshan To Brahma the creator , on his Wish during Swaethavaraha

Kalpam—Sri Muukha varsham—the tamil month of IpPasi – krishnapaksha

Dashami – poora Star.




There are some rare manuscripts in the saraswathi Mahal library of

tanjore on this temple written in an unknown language known as "

MODI" which is yet to be deciphered


During the sarada Navarathri before the Divine mother panchratna

kirthanas are sung.




If one concentrates on Her face She bears a divine smile and gives

out a rare grace which one would not fail to notice.




Maha periyavaAL used to start the Vyasa puja at kaanchi only after

receiving the prasad of her from tanjore. That was the Bhakthi of

Periyavaal to wards Bangaru Kaamakshi.




Even to day the heirs of the Rajas of Tanjore offer thirumangaLyam on

the Tamil month Panguni Uttaram. .




Brahma installed it as per Devi's wish in the southern part of

Kaamakshi temple. Duurvasa Sage has codified certain procedures for

the Puja based on Sowbhaghya chinthamani.









The great Karnatic musician Shyama SASTRIGAL , the first son of the

Archakar (PRIEST). of BangAru kamAkshi at Tanjore became the archakar

of BangAru KaamAkshi at Tanjore. Is it a little wonder then that

shyama sastrigal composed such devotional hymns on this Beautiful

GODDESS WHOSE EYES ARE FULL OF LOVE for her consort kameshwera

and "karunyam" (compassion) for her devotees!


Syama shastri used to talk to the Goddess regularly and the goddess

in turn talked to him. ON such occassions, shyama sastri would start

composing songs extempore !ONE OF SUCH SONHGS addressed the deity

thus " kAmAkshi bangAru kAmAkshi nanu brOvavE" - O KAMAKSHI !

bangaru kamakshi! please protect me !


all the Three Sangeetha samrats ( doyens of Karnatic music

Thiyagaraja, muthuswamy dilshitir and shyama shastri used to meet

regularly in shastri's home and had lively discussions. In fact, one

of shyama shastri's sons (subbaraya sastri ) learned many compostions

from muthuswamy dikshitir and Thiyagaraja and became very famous just

like his father.


Join me in saluting the Three doyens of karnatic music ! (thiagaraja,

muthuswamy dikshitir and shymama shastri)


join me in saluting the three Manifestations of Kamakshi! (kanch

kamakshi! bangaru kamakshi of tanjore ! mangadu kamakshi of chennai)


join me in saluting the holy trinity ! (brahma, vishnu and shiva)

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