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What Does Sai Baba and Swami Narayana claim themselves to be?

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I will be replying in two or three posts, for some reason, its not posting the whole thing at a time. This post and the next post are connected... Just cant post it together.



Jay Swaminarayan,

Look, When I said about Gad-I-27,"God resides in every Indriya of a Sant" was the Vachanamrut and "not acharya" was my statement, Thats why I didnt quote my statement. You should have thought that with commen sense before out of excitement calling me foolish.

Acharya Viharilalji Maharaj wrote in Kirtan Kaustubhmala

His exact words in it are:

"Aksharmurti Gunatitanand Swami, Tene Aapya vartman,

Pote paline pachi palavya, Janne dai ghanu Gnan....."

Here when he says Aksharmurti Gunatitanand Swami then it means Akshar Murtimaan and not a Brahmswarup Saint but Brahman himself. This book abt maharaj written by Acharya Viharilalji Maharaj was printed by Kothari Hathibhai Nanajibhai in 1912 AD at Mumbai by your Management. Please do refer it, If I am wrong pease state what is written in there.

Now in Harililakalpataru, Achintyanand Brahmachari Who was not from BAPS does the Stuti of Gunatitanand Swami as Akshar:

Here what it states

"Yadromavivare leena Andanam kotayah Pruthak|

Tadhaksharam Gunatitam Gunatitam Namamyaham||"

In Brief it means: In whose every pore Infinite Brahmands stay different from each other, that Akshar who is Gunatit(above three Gunas), I bow down to that Gunatit(Gunatitanand Swami) .

When Maharaj gave diksha to Gunatitanand Swami in Dabhan, that description in Harililakalpataru as follows:

"Muljisharma Dikshaam Dadanasya prajayate|

Bhuyonmetra Samanando Tato Dhamaksharam Sa Me||

Mukteyranantayha saakam Me Yatrakhandtayoshyate|

Urdhvobhagarhitam Tanmulam Dhaam Chaksharam||

Harileelakalpataru: 7th Skand, 17th Adhyaya

It means: Mulji Akshar who is my murtimaan Akshardhaam, which is dimensionless, Where I stay with my infinite Muktas, I am very happy to give him diksha today.

If this sholka means something else then please do give me the real meaning. You say Nishkulanand Swami stated Gopalanand Swami as Akshar, Please do provide the reference???. If kariyani akshar ordi says that then: Look at the Junagadh Mandir -Sabha Gruh and Bhandar has Akshar Purushottam murtis. Jetpur Swaminarayan Mandir, Panchala Swaminarayan Mandir, Faneni Swaminarayan Mandir, Mendarda, Vekri, Kaalsari, Bhundari, Rajkot,Verawad, Manavadar and Gondal Swaminarayan Mandirs, all under the Jurisdiction of Acharya has Akshar Purushottam murtis (or say photo or painting).Now you cant say that this doesnt exist or BAPS went into the Mandirs and installed it. I have sited them my self and have the pictures as well. I dont know the process to upload the pics on this forum. All of them and a few other mandirs state clearly beneath the Photos as Mul Akshar Gunatitanand Swami.

Now you said that installing Akshar beside Maharaj is "against the wishes of Lord". Can you please prove that this with some material said by Maharaj or any Paramhansas???. Maharaj in Vadtal 5 clearly states that "If you spend 5 rupees for god then you should spend 5 rupees for his Uttam Bhakta as well......" He also said-"Jetlu Raja nu rajya etluj Rani nu Raj..." It doesnt mean that Queen replaces the King. Gadhada-I-68 states:"Eight types of Murtis where god resides and the ninth is the Sant" Gunanatitanand Swami is such Sant and Uttam Bhakta. Akshar is Akshar since Anadi but the Akshar mukts have done the Bhakti of ParaBrahman and attained such State. So, Akshar is the Devotee since Anadi i.e., Time immemorial. Read Loya 12, Maharaj Clearly says that Uttam NIrvikalp Nishachay is attained only by reaching a state equvivalent to that of Aksharbrahman. It clearly means that Akshar's Bhakti and NIshachay is not comparable with any of the Jivas including Acharya Maharaj.

Now Maharaj said in Shikshapatri that Laxmi with narayan is called Laxminarayan, Nar and Narayan is called Narnarayan etc..And in Shikshapatri Shlok 111, Maharaj clearly states that Radha, Laxmi etc.. are Bhagwan's Bhaktas who somtimes are next to him or sometimes reside in the body. Now at that time every one knew abt Laxminarayan, Narnarayan etc He was trying to hint something else. In shloka 203 Mahraj says that he has written this shikshapatri in brief and for more knowledge refer to the Sampraday Scriptures.

The Most Authentic Scripture after Shikshapatri(Written by Maharaj) is Vachanamrut(Words Spoken by Maharaj). From Vachanamrut Gad-I-41, Maharaj clearly states that he doesnt reside in Prakrutipurush as much as he resides in Akshar. Prakrutipurush is the first Tatva for creation (Khagol Bhugol, Gad-I-41, Gad-II-31 etc..), It means it is only Purushottam Narayan above AksharBrahman and nobody else and also Akshar is above Maya with ParaBrahman since Anadi. Therefore Akshar is the Sarva Sreshta and Uttam Bhakta Of Maharaj. It means all the Muktas, Prakrutipurush, Pradhanpurush, Viratpurush,all Avatars and gods, and Jivas do not Understand the Swarup of Maharaj as much as Akshar does. There for to know the Paripurna Mahima and possess complete Swarup Nishta, Akshar or Mahraj himself is required (loya12). Thus from Shikshapatri when Maharaj says abt Knowing the Avatars along with their Uttambhaktas, He means to say to himself along with his Uttam Bhakta. And also in Vachanamrut Gad -III-38,Maharaj says that we should bow down to Avatars but Upasana should be done only of the Pragat Bhagwan and also in Loya-11 he says that we shouldnt do the Dhyan of Paroksh Avatars. Now in Shikshapatri he says to sing the glory of Radha Krishna but in Vachanamrut he stresses on not doing the Upasana of Paroksh Avatars. So, It is clear that Maharaj doesn't want us to do the Bhakti of Radha Krishna or Narnarayan but he wants us to his bhakti along with his Uttam Bhakta as people have done in past of Laxminarayan etc..

You say that why didnt Maharaj install AksharPruushottam himself?? Because it was very difficult for him to install his Murti by himself then how would you expect him to install his Uttam Bhakta. Muktanand Swami and abt 200 sanits didnt want Maharaj to install his Deity. Read the Jeevan Charitra, this prasang should be there because Muktanand Swami breaks his leg falling from horse while travelling to Vadtal to stop Mahraj from installing his Murti. You will again say that I am wrong and prove it. Then I would ask you, If no body had any problem with Maharaj installing his Murti then Why did Maharaj install his Murti in the Last Khand and not in the Madhya Khand?? This act of Maharaj (installing his own Murti) makes him different from all Avatars. No Avatar in the past had installed its own own Murti by themselves. And also Krishna Bhagwaan says no where that he should be installed along with Radha. It was Vallabhacharya who placed Radha with Krishna Bhagwaan. Many opposed him but today every one Understands it.

Now, as shown that Gunatitanand Swami is Akshar and Akshar is Mahraj's Uttam Bhakta, Thats why BAPS has Akshar along with Purushottam. In BAPS, Upasana is of Just Maharaj and not of Akshar. AksharPrushottam Upasana is the short form of "Akshar roop thaiyne Purushottam ni Bhakti Karvi"(Loya 12).


Continued in next post.................

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Continuing my previous post:


You said:


Also where is the reference of Shirji Maharaj stating about samagam of Swami in Junagadh to Paramhans?

Purushottam Prakash, Prakran 32:

"Sunder Mandir Karavyu....

....Vadi Sant ne Aapi Agna re, Rehavu nahi Ahiya Aavya vina re,

Varsovaras Ek <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /><st1:place w:st="on">Maas</st1:place> , Karvo aa Mandima Nivaas re."

Maharaj then says to Gopalanand Swami also to go to Junagagh once every year and do samagam of Gunatitanand Swami.

Please explain to me that How the above mentioned references are all wrong??? They show that Gunatitanand Swami is Mul Akshar.

There are many prasangs where Maharaj has introduced Gunatitanand Swami as Akshardhaam in the Jeevan Charitra. If I give any of those refernces then you would say that BAPS has changed the scriptures. Thats why I have given the above references.

Now when you talk about Shastriji Maharaj, the acharya present then was Laxmi Prasad Maharaj. Read about his life, He was a Rajasik person and not at all pure in his life. Thats why he had to be removed from the Gadi. Still Shastriji Maharaj asked for permission just to leave Vadtal. He had to leave vadtal as it came upon to his life. He didnt leave vadtal with heaps of gold or Money. He left without a single penny and with just 5 sadhus with him. How can anyone with out any resources built such a big Mandir in Bochasan, It was the Akshar Purushottam Gnan which was explained to the people and then they helped build the Mandir. The Pratishta of Murtis is done through Vedic Mantras, If Acharya comes to it its very good, If he doesn't come, Mahraj's siddhant doesn't go false. Even Acharya was given initiation by <st1:place w:st="on"><st1:City w:st="on">santos</st1:City></st1:place>. We are ready to take diksha from Acharya but Maharaj and his Siddhant comes first. Acharyas do not exist since Anadi but Akshar Brahman does and If Akshar and Prushottam exist above Maya since Anadi then how can you say that Akshar Purushottam sidhhant is false.

Now you said that in Shikshapatri Maharaj says that Murtis installed by Acharya should only be worshiped. But Mahraj has also mentioned the NIyams of Acharya in the Shikshapatri What about them?? Just because Laxmi prasad ji Maharaj didnt go to do Bocahsan Murti pratishta you said Shastriji Maharaj did something considered out of the fellowship. During Shastriji Mahraj's time, On one side it is Clear Akshar Purushottam Upasana Mandir (Bochasan) and on the other side is the Rajoguni Acharya Maharaj, Which side do you think Mahraj is on. If you still think whatever the Acharya does shouldnt be seen and just follow him Blindly then how do you expect to reach Akshardhaam. If Raghuvirji Maaharaj would have done anything like Laxmiprasad ji Maharaj then Saints would never have considered his Pratishta. In Vachanamrut Gad-I-38, Maharaj says that I do not have any Sneh or attachment towards my Sagasambandhi(his own relations). But if one has Bhakti and Seva Bhaav for Maharaj then he says that he Likes them. In vadtal-11 Maharaj says that if Bhagwan is not present on earth then one should take the Aashro of such SADHU or Bhagwan's Murti. Shastriji Mahraj was such a Brahmaswaroop Sadhu with Sampurn Tyag of Stree Purush. What can he do if no body had the sense to Understand Maharaj's principle. He did what Maharaj wanted to do i.e. to install Maharaj with Akshar. This understanding of Akshar purushottam came from Gunatitanand Swami himself. Bhagatji Maharaj had attained such a state of Gunatit from Gunatitanand Swami.

When Maharaj says that every one should respect Acharya and accept the deities installed only him or he is present through the Acharya, It is just that no body leaves this Satsang and go into Paroksh Bhagwan. Thats why Maharaj said that. If Maharaj said he is present through Acharyas then What abt some of the Acharyas who have broken the niyams of Maharaj and acted against panch vartaman. He cant br present through them. Acharya Raghuvirji Maharaj, Acharaya Vihari Lal ji Maharaj and few other Acharyas were true Acharyas, Even they accepted Gunatitanand Swami as Mul Akshar, It was the Satsang Samaj that couldnt handle it.

You Said:

"What makes you think that only a Sadhu is a sant? A sant is he who possesses 32 qualities. Now this can be a Grahast or a Sanyasi. You state many foolish things"

I never said only the Sadhu is an Ekantik Bhakta. Even Gruhast can be a Sant as you mentioned the examples of Janak raja and Vedvyas. It is very nice to hear that you have such samjan for Acharya Maharaj. Even I have read about Acharyas, I respect them too. But not even if they break Maharaj's Agnas.

But Based on this statement you cannot say that Acharya is the Sant What Maharaj refered in Vachanamrut. Just think about the Satsang Samaj when Mahraj was present on the earth and look at it now. You mentioned a few <st1:City w:st="on">Santos</st1:City> names who are staunch in their niyams but why is it only a few <st1:place w:st="on"><st1:City w:st="on">santos</st1:City></st1:place> today?? Why is anybody not able to take any action about people not following the niyam Dharma, What happened to the awareness?? I went to the NarNarayan Mandir in Amdavad when I went to <st1:country-region w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on">India</st1:place></st1:country-region> last year. They still say NarNarayan dev ki Jai first and then Maharaj's Jai. What happenend to the Sarvopari Nishta in Maharaj??

As you said, you can find hundreds of saints who are still stanch like those of Bhuj but you cannot say that all of those are like the Sant, Maharaj refers in Vachanamrut. There is only one akshar and only one Satpurush and only One Pramukh Swami Mahraj.

The Sant in the Vachanamrut Maharaj speaks abt is Akshar Brahman. The Description in Gad I-27, when you compare it to Loya 12, Vadtal-11, Madya-41 etc.. you can understand how their is a difference in Maharaj's presence in different tatvas as explained above.

The Brahmic state Maharaj talks about in Vachanamrut can be attained through a Brahmaswaroop Sant or by Maharaj himself. Jaga Swami, Pragji Bhakta, Balmukund Swami etc had attained such state through the Samagam of Gunatitanand Swami and not through Acharaya.

The saints you have spoken about can be observing every niyam of Maharaj, they might become nirvasnik through following those niyams but the Satpurush or Akshar or the Sant is Nirlep since Anadi. He doesnt have any vasana or dosh in him at all. That is why he is the Moksh nu Dwar. There is no way to enter Akshardham without attaing the Brahmic state. No where in the Sampraday Scriptures does Maharaj state that you becaome Ekantik through the samagam of Acharya, that you become Nirvasnik through Acharya, that you can attain the Uttam Nirvikalp sthiti and Sarvopari Swaroop nishtha through Acharya, He always mentions it to be the Sant or Sadhu or Bhakta. In Vadtal 5 Mahraj says that we should do the Mansi of Bhagwaan along with his Bhakta. So does he mean that to be the Acharya??.

Maharaj spoke about Acharya in so many places, As you said in Purushottam Prakash, Desh Vibhag no Lekh, Vachanamrut etc.. Then at that time if Maharaj meant that the Acharya is the Bhakta or Sant (referring to Vachanamrut) then why did he also say about the Sant separately? Why didnt Nishkulanand Swami write any such thing about Acharya as he wrote about Sant? Why did Acharya Raghuvirji Mahraj and Viharilalji Mahraj mentioned Gunatitanand Swami as Akshar Murti, if they themselves were his Uttam Bhaktas or the Sant What Mahraj says in Vachanamrut?? Through Vachanamrut even you will have to accept that there is no one other like Akshar Brahman. If Acharya Mahraj were the Sant then what about the Akshar who doesnt even have any sansarg of Maya??

It shows that Gadis were established to look after the Satsang and the Mandirs. It is just for the people to have respect towards Acharya, Maharaj said their Mahima.

You used the word "QUALIFY" to attain Brahm Bhaav. Their is no link between Acharya and Becoming Brahmarup. Even though Acharya was present, Many <st1:place w:st="on"><st1:City w:st="on">santos</st1:City></st1:place> who used to do Vicharan in villages used to initiate villagers into Satsang Fellowship. Not every one was taken to Acharya. Even when Mahraj was present not every one was intiated into Satsang by Maharaj. If you are talking about the Sadhu Diksha then Pramukh Swami is the Ekantik, Akshar Brahman Sant as in Vachanamrut. Getting Diksha from him equvivalent to that of from Maharaj. <st1:place w:st="on"><st1:City w:st="on">Santos</st1:City></st1:place> after diksha go to Vadtal out of respect for Maharaj and his prasadi mandirs.

In BAPS it is Maharaj doing the Pratishta of Murtis through Pramukh Swami Maharaj. Acharya is no doubt to be respected but Maharaj is Bhagwaan himself and is pragat through his Ekantik Sant(I-27).

OK as you say Raghuvirji Mahraj attained Brahmic state through Gopalanand Swami, it is clear that he achieved that state through some Saint and not by himself. So tell me who is such a sant through today's acharya have attained the Brahmic Sthiti ???.

If you guys believe GOPALANAND SWAMI to be Mul Akshar then through Vachanamrut Akshar is the Uttam Bhakta of MAHARAJ then why is Gopalanand Swami not being installed along with Maharaj the same way as Laxminarayan and Narnarayan are being installed in the Mandirs today ????



I want to ask these all question to all BAPS followers, 1. Do you do whatever Pramukh swami maharaj say?

Yes we do, If you would have done as Pramukh Swami Said you would have never left BAPS. You talk about the Authencity of BAPS Sadhus but what about your Authenticity. You are no Authentic personality or a Legend from scriptures to doubt the Authenticity of BAPS sadhus. It is open come and have look at their lives.


If yes, Pramukh swami maharaj has told in "Pramukhswami ni amrut vani" that, every satsangi should read books published by the seal of Acharya maharaj.

Which Samput are you talking about their are 11 Samputs consisting of about 20-25 pravachans in each Samput of Pramukh Swaim ni Amrut Vani.

Now I have the Vachanamrut from both sides. There is no difference, you can refer to what ever refernces that I have given from my Vachanamrut. We read the right books and get right understandings. You keep saying that BAPS alters books, DONT TALK IF YOU CANNOT PROVE IT. It is not the stamp of Acharya we require, it is the Satpurush we require to attain Moksha.


Did you read Shikshapatri? (Full version, not only Sukti ratna). which is stating that Murties which are established by Acharya should only be worshipped, other murties should not be worshipped but may be paid respect.

Yes we do read Shikshapatri and not the suktiratnas, DO YOU READ SHIKSHAPATRI?? What about Acharyas niyams, even he is a Gruhast. OK, Even if I leave everything and come under acharaya, Tell me through which SANT, has todays acharya attained Brahmic State as you said about Raghuvirji Maharaj, who can guarnte my Moksha ??. Dont say that Maharaj has guarenteed the Moksha. Maharaj has guarenteed only for those who have attained Brahmic State, Who can take me to that stae there ??

Here I have a guarntee from Pramukh Swami Maharaj whom I believe to be Akshar himself because it is the direct parampara from Maharaj and Gunatitanand Swami. All the gurus in Parampara have Purest of pure NIshta, Upasana and Dharam.


So please decide which murty are you worshipping? Established by Lord Swaminarayan Himself or by Gurus of BAPS.

You can clearly see, our Upasya Bhagwaan is Maharaj himself, our central Shrine has Maharaj along with his Uttam bhakta, Our Mantra is Swaminarayan, We are striving to become Brahmaroop, We are following Maharaj's Aagna(Shikshapatri), Following his true concept(From Vachanamrut), Our Dhaam is Akshardhaam etc.. So what do you think BAPS is doing? Just because Acharya didnt install the Murtis, the upasana doesn't change, If he doesnt install the Murtis, Upasana cannot be given up, Maharaj's Siddhant cannot be falsified. I have already explained the Akshar Purushottam Upasana through Vachanamrut above. If they cant accept Maharaj's Siddhant then we cant give up doing Bhakti for Maharaj. Madhya-9 clearly states that, Having complete Nishta of Bhagwan if one has to leave the Satsang under certain circumstances then even though one is out side Satsang Maharaj says that at the end he would attain Akshardhaam. And One might be staying in the Satsang following the Shastras to the point but does not have the nishta of Bhagwatswarup then he would go to some devlok but not Akshardhaam.

What do you have to say abt this Vachanamrut ?? Dont say that BAPS has edited this, Look for yourself in your Vachanamrut. So even if BAPS is declared as vimukh by VADTAL but still is SANMUKH by this Vachanamrut.

Maharaj said his Nishta and not Acharyas Nishta. So Shastriji Mahraj had to come out of Vadtal under such circumstances, You cant say Aksharpurushottam (Akshar roop thai Purushottam ni Bhakti Karvi) Upasana concept is false. If you do then prove it. If Acharya Maharaj doesnt install the idols then we cannot give up the nishta of Maharaj and Swami. That is the answer for your Question for which you have left BAPS as you said.


In shikshapatri shlok Shree Hari has written that "Dharmado" should be given to the temples which I have built ("AAne me je sthapela Lakshminarayan aadik dev mandir..."). So please ask your self that are you giving dharmada to these Hari sthapit temples?

The result of what a Sanstha is doing with the Dharmado is seen clearly by its work. The BAPS might have about 1million followers and Vadtal-Amdavad Sanstha might have more. But BAPS has more than 600 Mandirs (Not miniature mandirs but very beautifully stone carved) for a million followers BAPS has more than 9000 centres running in 45 countries, It is working for so many relief works and so many other things. And more over the Gandhinagar and Delhi Akshardhaam. All these are not the assets for BAPS but only the Guru through whom Mahraj is present is the asset of this Sanstha. I am jst explaining because you have raised such a question abt Dharmado. Read more on BAPSdotOrg or go see for your self. Show me wher e is BAPS wasting money from Haribhaktos.

In Bhaktachintamani Nishkulanand Swami has stated about Acharya and more than Acharya he has stated about the Sant.

If Acharya Mahraj is attaining the Brahmic state through samagam of a Sant then definitely he is not such a Sant. You mentioned a few saints names, But even nishkulanand Swami was a saint himself of Pratham Pankti (1st row) of Maharaj. He him self says in Chosath Padi:

"Kahe Sant sevya sare kaaj, Em chhe Agamama,......."

"Eva Sant tani Odkhan, kahu sahu Sambhlo,

Pachi Saupi tene man pran, E vade tem vado.

Jena Antarma avinash, vaas kari vasiya

Tena Kaam krodh pamya nash, lobh ne moh gaya...."

"Eve Sant jame jamya Shyam, Jamya Sarve Devata

Jamya Sarve lok ...... Sahu thaya Trupta"

"Van Sadhu no Vartaro re Aa pad sunta Odkha Se......."

"Jenu Tan man maanyu tyage re Bhakti Dharme Bhave re,

Jena Vachane vintya vairagya re, Antarma thi aave re,

Shil Santosh ne vali Shanti re Antar maa thi aave re....."

Even Nishkulanand Swami was a great Sadhu but not as great as he has describes about a true Sant who is capable of destroying Vasanas and doing Moksha. Show me a sant like this ?? Who is definitely something more than even Sadguru Nishkulanand Swami, in whom Bhagwan resides. The names you have mentioned might be as good as Nishkulanand Swami, who was Aishwarya sampan, they might be like Muktanand Swami, or Brahmanand Swami but still not as capable as the one mentioned in the above pad. i.e., Moksha nu Dwar(Satpurush). That is Pramukh Swami Maharaj. Now you will ask what me say that then, It is not by mere words that you could understand Pramukh Swami Mahraj, you have to see it your self. How can you understand a Satpurush if you just keep seeing negative in him ?? You say, you have seen him driving in Mercedes and living with comforts and sitting on a throne. What were you doing in BAPS for past 20 years, Didnt you see him writing more than 500,000 letters, replying the Haribhaktos to help them out in their problems, Didn't you see him doing padhraminis at more than 200 houses (in just one day) of Aadivasi huts in radiant summers. He has visited more than 250000 houses to improve peoples' lives and made them addiction free and bought them on Bhakti Marg. Even at the age of 86 he has done vicharan in more than 30 villages and many cities in year 2006. This year (2007) he has alredy visited more than 15 villages and now visiting so many different countries. Get me someone this old and doing this much vicharan at this age of 86. You have never seen the thorns that are on his throne because he never lets anybody know his pains. Never in his life has said that "I have done this" or "I have achieved this" This is not easy for someone holding Guniess records and Keys to the cities etc. He has never considered all these but only behaved as a sevak of Haribhaktos and Uttam Bhakt of Maharaj.

Pramukh Swami, His Sadhus and all BAPS Satsangis go for darshan at all Vadtal-Amdavad Gadi Mandirs, out of respect for Maharaj. Maharaj has done his Leela in these places. So, it is a Pilgrimage(teerth dhaam).

You talk abt Senior saints of BAPS not answering your questions, This is just not possible. I have been in this BAPS Swaminarayan Satsang since past 3 years and I never had an ocassion where I asked a question and didnt get a reply. More over I am from south and could understand these things as they are crystal clear. You being a Gujarati and in Satsang since 25 yrs left BAPS then some thing is wrong with your understanding. You say I state foolish things but from your post you have made a fool of yourself. You said that Acharyas are another form of Maharaj, prove it, give reference. Cant just go by your words. You said he is above akshar muktas. There is only one entity above Muktas, Brahman, as Mahraj said: Jivas, Ishawaras are anant but there is only one Akshar and only One Parabrahman(read Khagol Bhugol, II-41 etc..). If you say Acharya is Above akshar muktas then he should be Akshar himself. Then if Raghuvirji Mahraj was above akshar muktas then why did he attain Brahmic State through Gopalanand Swami as you said and why did he mention Gunatitanand Swami as Akshar.

I dont understand what kind of theory you are following, No doubt you had to leave BAPS.

You mentioned the Shloka at the end, Even I know that Shloka. What do you wanna prove through it ??? That BAPS is out of Satsang, But my friend With Mahraj's Siddhant and his Niyams BAPS is not outside Satsang But BAPS IS THE SATSANG.

It is Moksha that a Jiva requires not stamping of any Organisation. So, Anyone keen about Liberation come to Pramukh Swami Who is the BHAGWAT SANT according to Sreemad BHAGWAT and is the ParamEkantik Satpurush and Uttam Bhakt and Ekantik Dharak of Bhagwan Swaminarayan. (One who calls Pramukh Swami as Maharaj will be making a fool of himself)

My respects to all the Acharyas, No offence to them. It was just arguments to support the true concepts.



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Dear Bhakto of Lord Shree Swaminarayan,


You all are on the right track with one common goal i.e., Akshardham and Shreeji Maharaj ni Seva, the ultimate salvation and antyatik kaliyan.


What you should have to understand as a devotee of Lord Shree Swaminarayan Bhagwan is what's Maharaj's eternal Wish and Marma when he came on this earth?


Maharaj had discoursed many times in different places that "Hu aa pruthvi par pehla kadi avyo nathi ane Pacho aavano nathi" and also "Tamari pratyaksh je betha che te Pursotam Narayan e avtari che ane bija purve je thai gaya che ane pachi je thase ee badha avtaar che, mate avtarii ane avataar ma bhed kem janvo to jem teer(Airrow) ane teer no chalavanara ma bhed che tem teer(Avataar) ane teer na chalavnar (Avataaree) ma pan bhed che".


Maharaj had also said that "brahma e karodo varsh paryant tap karyu tyare sakshat aa pote Pratyaksh Pursotam Narayan e daya e kari ne Nar-Narayandev no Shaap pote swikari ne jeev na kalyan mate pruthvi par avya che".


You can also scrutinize by going back to the time by reading the common history when Shreeji Maharaj was on the earth, that it was so diffcult to establish sudh dharma and so many diffculty even Swaminaryan bhagwan had faced. First of all, Swaminarayan bhagwan was the one who stoped "Balki ne dudh piti karvano reevaj", Second "Sati-Pratha nabud Karavi" (kaaranke sati thava patni e potana pati sathe jeevta sadgi javani jarur nathi parantu potana hriday thi sati thay eno vandho nathi, kaaran ke darek jeev potana karma anusar janma ane maran ni kriya ma ave che ane anurup bhogo bhogwe che, tatha te vakhate em andhshraddha hati ke stree-jati nu kalyan na thay parantu Swaminarayan bhagwane kidhu ke jeev to Achedh, Abhedh, Ajar, Amar etyadeek che lakshan jena evo jeev che te purush pan nathi ane stree pan nathi ane tene pan bhagawan bhajwano adhikar che ane kalyan enu pan thase, aathij Shreeji Maharaj e Ek Veshiya ne satsangi kari ne udhar karyo hato ane kahyu hatu ke o bai tane pan bhagwan bhajwano adhikar che ane tame juo ke Sagram Wagri ane eni patni ne paaka satsangi banavya hata), te vakhate vidhwa stree o ne RAAND namna sabd thi sambodh ta ane enu modhu juve to apsakun ganta, parantu Shreeji Maharaje Shikshapatri ma pan sadva ane vidhwa na dharma lakhiya che te sena mate je, jo vidhwa stree ne paranvu hoy biji waar (kaaran ke bahu nani ummar ma vidhwa thai jati amuk to) to tene hak che paranva no parantu jo naa paranvu hoy to pachi Shikhsapatri ma vidhawa na je dharma lakhiya che te pramane varte to j stree no dharma sachvay ane nahi to gotada pan thai sake jo e pramane naa varte to. Tatha jene var(husband) no tyag karyo che ane bhagwan bhajwa nikdi che te bai ne Sankhyyogi bai evu sundar naam api ne stree o no uddhar karyo. Biju ke Shreeji Maharaj e "Ahinsamay Yagno" chalu karavi ne jeev ni hinsa tatha manusya dhwara thata paap ne atkavyu te pan ketla kasto ane virodho sahan kari ne.


Shreeji Maharaj vakhate je pote ane paramhanso e kaaryo karya hata e badha maha muskeli mathi paar utarva jetla kathin hata ane ketlay sadhu-haribhakto e to pota na pran pan gumava padya che bija ne daru-maas ane tamaku na vyasan thi chodava ne sacha manusya bani bhagwan na marge aagad vadhe ane ena jeev nu kalyan thay ena mate. Eva jamana ma Gunatitanand Swami Akshar che ane pote Purna Purshotam Narayan je Akshardham na Adhipati che e samjvu to ketlak paramhanso ne pan aghru padi jatu to te jamana ma potana etle ke "Akshar e sahit Pursotam na" mandir karva e ghanij dur ni vaat hati. Etle tame juo ke je Shree Ram ane Shree Krishna na Vakhat ma emne samjva muskel hata ane emne pote pan potana mandir samay sanjog pramane nata karya ane fakt Arjun, Vidurji, Akrurji, etc. thoda j jan ne emno bhagwan pana no nischay hato tem Shree Maharaj Vakhate pan ShreeJI Maharaj na amuk paramhanso ane haribhakto ne pan pursotam pana ni aa vaat takti nahati.


Biju ke Shree Ram ane Shree Krishna na vakhat ma temne pan badhu "Samay(time)" par mukyu hatu ke bhavishya ma emna mandir thase ane temna swadham gaman baad a j emna mandir thaya ane "SitaRam" tatha "RadhaKrishna" jeva mandiro ni sthapna thai, e samja va mate ke sita jeva bhakt thai ne Ram ni upasana karo to Vaikunth Pamay, temaj Radha jeva bhakt thai ne Krishna ni upasana karo to Golok pamay ane Nar jeva bhakt thai ne Narayan ni upasana karo to Badrikashram pamay ane Nirranmukta jeva bhakta thai ne Vasudev ni bhakti karo to Swetdwip Pamay ane evij rite Akshar jeva thai ne Purshotam Narayan ni bhakti karo to Akshardham ni prapti thay. Jyare Shreeji Maharaj e Vachnamrut ma lakhya pramane ke " Mane Gyani bhakta j bahu game che" em kahyu ane pote "Radha-Ramandev", "Nar-Narayandev", "Lakshmi-Narayandev" aadik mandiro ni sthapna karavi ane sauthi motu karya e karyu ke temne potani j murti "Shree Harikrishna Maharaj" na naame vadtaal na antyakhand ma padhravi kem ke emne pan "Samay(time)" upar badhu chodyu ke bhavishya ma mara sacha bhakto ane santo maro aa sidhhant ane Lakshmi-Narayan, Nar-Narayan aadik murti padhravano marma samajse ane Mari murti jem "Radha e sahit Krishna" tatha "Sita e sahit Ram" tatha jem "Nar sahit Narayan" pujay che tem "Akshar e sahit Pursotam" ni pan murti Madhya khand ma biraj se ane sarvopari sudh upasana pravatse. Biju janvanu em che ke Muktanand Swami jo Shreeji Maharaj ni sathe Vadtal Murti Pratistha karva aavat to potani je Shree Hari-Krishna Maharaj ni Murti padhrava na det ane pote Guru ni Jagya e Muktanand Swami ne manta hata ethi emno vachan pan lopi sakat nahi te mate j Shreeji Maharaj na sankalp thi Gaay(cow) e potanu shingdu Muktanand Swami ne maryu ane ethi Maharaj e temne Gadhada ma aaram karvanu kahyu ane Gunatitanand Swami ne tatha bija sadhu o ne emni seva ma rakhya. Kaaran Maharaj nu aa emna j haste chellu mandir hatu ane ej udgam sthan hatu sudh sarvopari upasana pravartan nu jema emne potani murti padhravi ane bhavisya ma thanari sudh upasana no sankalp sami e murti padhravi.


Tame j jara vichari ne juo, ke pote Purna Purshotam Narayan eva Shree Sahajanand Swami ke jemne kahyu hatu ke " AA pruthvi par pehla kadi aayo nahato ane have pachi aavis pan nahi" te su fakt pote avtaar dharan kari ne Nar-narayan, Lakshmi Narayan aadik devo na mandir sthapva avya ta, eno javab che naa kaaran ke evuj karvu hot to pote chek Akshardham thi Dhakko na khat ane koik "Olia purush" ne mokli ne pan aa kam thaat ane pote naa padharat to pan Eva mandiro to thaat j, parantu pote Hindu Dharma ni Vaishnavi Sakha ane Udhav Sampraday je Swaminarayan Sampraday jema Akshar e Sahit Pursotam ni Upasana thay ena mate j tatha anek jeevo nu Antyantik kalyaan thay ena matej e Avtaree nu Avtaar dharya nu prayojan hatu.


Tatha Shreeji Maharaj, pote to Purshotam Narayan che ane Akhsar aadik sarve na niyanta che temne bija nu nimit layi ne vaat kare nahi etli saamarthi e yukta che parantu pote "shistachar" sachvine pan temne Geeta, aadik grantho tatha Vyasji na pramano layi ne vaat kari che, ane pote e badha granto no saar pan kahi ne kidhu che ke Santo j moksh nu Dwar che. Tevij rite je Shikshapatri ma shlok lakhya che e pramane joyi e to aapan ne Shree Krishna na Bhakt Shree Sahajanand Swami hoy tem janay ane je niyamo lakhya che e pan Shree Krishna nu Mahatva vadharta hoy tem lakhya che parantu pote j Shikshapatri ma em lakhe che ke "AA Sampraday no Vistar e amaara granth (Vachanamrut, Shikhsapatri, etc.) thaki j janvo" em pota panu batave che. Mate ema je gyani hoy te samji sake ane je gyani na hoy te Shree Krishna e Swaminaryan Bhagwan na pan bhagwan che em samjay. Mate hey gyani bhakto jara Shreeji Maharaj no Marma samjo ke e pote Gunatitananad Swami je Akshar ane Pote je Purshotam che eni bhakti apne karvani che ane Akshardham ma javanu che.


Shreeji Maharaj jyaree pruthvi upar avya tyare temni seva ma ghana avtaaro tatha devta-devi o pan janma dharan kari ne avya:


1: Gopalanand Swami (Shree Krishna no Avtaar)

2. Nityanand Swami (Vyasji no Avtar)

3. ShukSwami (Shukdevji no Avtar)

4. Jeevu baa (Lakshmi ji no Avtar)

5. Raaj baa (Saraswati ji no Avtar)

6. Ayodhya Prasadji Maharaj ( Sheshnaagji no Avtar)

7. Raghuveer ji Maharaj ( Shree Ramchandra ji no Avtar)

8. Yoganandmuni Swami ( Indraji no Avtar), etc.


Etyaadik avataroo e Shree Sahajanand Swami(Avataree) ke je potanu Akshardham(Gunatitanand Swami) and Mukto sahit je Aishwayra tene laine pruthvi upar padharya ta jema Shree Gunatitanand Swami ( Akshar no Avatar) ane temni seva mate aa purve thai gaya ta e avataro e janma dharan karyo hato kaaran ke antyantik pralay ma to sarve devta devi o na lok sahit prakruti purush sudhi sarve naash pame ne Akshar ma lay thai jaay che ane Akshardham ke je ne sankotch ane vikotch evi koi avastha pan nathi.


Aaa uparthi pote Shree Sahajanand Swami e Sarva-upari, Sarva-karta, Sarve-na-niyanta, Sarva-avatari ane Akshardham na Adhi pati janay che ane je aa Sudh upasana pramane chalse te Akshardham no adhikari thase ane Maharaj ni pase emni seva ma bes se.

Kalyaan to je mahapapi hase ane Swaminarayan Mantra ek vaar pan bolse enu pan thase ane Akshardham ma pan jase aa nahi ne pachi na janme parantu jya sudhi sudhha upasana (Akshar-Pursotam Upasana) nahi samjay tya sudhi to bhagwan emni sathe emni seva ma nahi rake) kaaran ke samjan ma fer che.



Vartal ma Pragji Bhakt Gopalananad Swami ne prasna puche che: Samvat 1904 Hari Navmi na Sammaiyye Gunatitanand Swami Vartal Padharya hata. Swami Shree jyare jyare vartal padharta tyare Gopalanand Swamina Aasane j teoshree nu Aasan Rahetu. Aa Sammaiyya ma Swamishree e ShreejiMaharaj na Sarvopari Swaroop ni Adbhut Vaato Kari. Te Vaato Sambhadi ne Gopalananand Swami na Shishyo – Mahuvana Pragjee Bhakt(je pachad thi Gunatit guru parampara na pratham anugami purush kehvay che) tatha Aambardi na Jaga Bhakt saathe sammiyee avel Mahuvana Rathod Haribhakt Zinabhai ne Khooba j anand thayo. Temne thayu ke aavaa sarvopari Shree Hari ni bheda aakhand kem Rehvay? Tranye e madi ne aa prasna Gopalanand Swami ne puchvo em gothvi, niyam-chesta kari sau sui gaya. Rate 2 vage Gopalanand Swami Laghu karva Uthiya. Temni Dholni ni baaju ma sutela Pragjee Bhakt tarataj jaagi gaya ane swami no haath pakdi ne laghu ne khade lai gaya. Gopalanand Swami laghu kari avya etle Pragjee Bhakte Haath dhovravya. Pachi Gopaalanand Swami Dholni uper Pragjee bhakt pase betha. Jaga Bhakt ane Zeenabhai Rathod pan Jaagi gaya hata. Atle te o pan tya avi ne betha. Thodi vaare antaryami pane jane jani gaya hoy tem Pragjee Bhakt ne Gopalanand Swami e kahyu: “Kai puchvu che?” Tyare Pragjee Bhakte haath jodi puchyu: “ Swami! Akshardham ma Maharaj tatha aap jeva Sadhu sathe Tyagee rahiye to rehvay ke Gruhastha rahiye to rehvay? Aavo mudda no prasna sambhadi ne Gopalanand Swami rajee thai gaya. Pachi uttar apta kahyu: “Shreeji Maharaj ne Sarvopari, Sarva Avtaar na Avataaree jani ne tatha aa saame suta che te Gunatitanand Swami, Shreeji Maharaj ne rehvanu Anadi Akshardham che em samjee temna ma jeev jodo to Tyagee thav ke Gruhastha raho to pan, amari bhega akhand rehvase.” Aam, Gopalanand Swami e potana ladila aa traney shishyo ne Gunatitanand Swami Aksharbrham no Avtaar che e Odkhan Karavi, temna maa j jeev jodvani Aagna kari.

Maharaj ni Nistha thai pan Swamishree nu Swaroop Samjya?: Amdavad thi Nirgundasji tatha Vrundavandasji e bev Shree Gunatitanand Swami no samagam karva lagbhag ek mahinathi avya hata. Temne aa arsama Amdavad(Ahmedabad) jaanu thayu etle Swamishree ni raja lai ne nikadya. Darvaje temne Praagjee Bhakt madya. Temane temne kahyu: “Tame mahino rahya te Maharaj na Swaroop ni tamne nistha thai. Parantu Gunatitanand Swami nu Swarrop tame Samjya?” Tyare temne kahyu: “Swami pande kahe to maniea”. Tethi Praagje Bhakt Swamishree pase avya ne kahyu: “Nirgundas Swami ne lavu? Sahi kari deso?” Tyare Swamishree e kahyu: “Emne Gadhadavada no sambandh vadhu che etle hamna to aatluj thik che.Vadhu rehse nahi.” Aam Swamishree to jemni jevdi taanki(Tank) hoy te pramane tema maal bharta.

Hariharyanand Swami ni Mudda ni Vaat: Hariharyanand Swami ne Gunatitanand Swami ni tatha Shreeji Maharaj na Swaroop ni dadh nistha thai gayi. Tethi teo te kef ma ek divas Vanthali gaya. Ahi Mandir ma utarya ane haribhakto ne bolavine puchyu: “Kalyanbhai ne bolavo!” Parantu temne khabar aapi ke Kalyanbhai to Vaadi e gaya che. Etle teo Kalyanbhai ne madva Vaadi e gaya. Temne chete thi aata joi Kalyanbhai bolya: “Hariharyanand Swami aavta lage che.” Teo pase avya tyare Kalyanbhai temne dandvat karva lagya. Pachi page laagi ne bolya: “Swami! Bahu daya kari.” Tyare Hariharyanand Swami e kahyu: “Hu tamne ek muddani vaat samjavava avyo chu.” Etle Kalyanbhai e kahyu: “ Gunatitanand Swami Aksharbrahm che ane Shreejimaharaj Purna Pursotam che, e vaat to ame aap jevani krupa thi janie che. Parantu te uparant jo bijo muddo hoy to te samjavo.” Hariharyanand Swami aa Sambhadi digmudh thai gaya! Temne thayu ke je vaat samjavava hu ahi avyo te vaat to Kalyanbhai jane che. Pachi temne haath jodi ne kahyu: “ Kalyanbhai! E j param rahasya ane muddo che. Aa vaat tamne janava no vichar thayo etle hu ahi avyo. Parantu tamne to pehle thij aa nishta che j, te jaani mane bahu j anand thayo.”

Aakkha Vartal ma ek Raghuvirjee Maharaj e mane Odakhyo: Raghuveerji Maharaj e Swamishree ne vachan apyu hatu ke “Tirthvasi thaine jo hu Junagadh na aavu to Hu Raghuveerjee nahi” ane Swamishree e kahyu hatu ke “Jo hu tamari Granthee o gali tamne Gunatit na karu, to hu Gunatit nahi”. Aa banne vachano banne mahanubhao e pura karya. Aacharya Maharaj samvat 1917 ma Bhagwatprasadji Maharaj ne gaadi sopi nivrut thai gaya hata ane tyaar pachi Junagadh javana sanukul sanjogo sodhata chomasa ma padharya ane sada tran maas (3 ½ months) Swamishree sathe tirthvaase thai ne rahya. Rasaswad, Nindra no, tamam no tyaag kari Swamishree na samagam no Akhand laabh temne lidho. Sawar na Mangala Aarti vakhate taiyaar thai katha ma aavi jata ane Shangar aarti sudhi katha Sambhadta. Pachi utaare padhari khichdi athwa baati ne magni daal zat zat banavine vali katha ma besi jata. Rajbhog vakhate jamva padwa padharta. Tyaar pachi pan aaram na leta sabha ma padharta ane Swamishree ni Vaato Sambhadta. Temni aavi dadh shradha ane nirmanipanu joi Swamishree e temne lakshya ma raakhi Sarvopari Nistha, Ekantik Dharma vagere ni adbhut vaato kari temne potana sambandhe Gunatit kari didha. Tethij Swamishree kehta ke “ Aakha Vartal ma ek Raghuveerji Maharaj e mane odakhyo”. ‘mane odakhyo’ etle Swamishree Aksharbrham no Avtaar che e nishta temne thai Gayi!

Hu apne Divya Guno Aapu: Ek divas vaato na prasang darmiyhaan Gunatitanand Swami e Bhagwatprasadjee Maharaj ne kahyu: “Raghuveerji Maharaj e tamne Gaadi aapi ane Hu aapne diya guno aapu. Te aavse to j gaadi shobhadi shakso.” Em kahine Upasana, Dharma, Bhakti, Gyan vagere vishayo upper ghano updesh karyo. Swamishree ni aa vaato sambhadi Bhagwatprasadjee Maharaj pan Bahuj Raajee thaya. Aam, Satpurush na samagam thi akhand shanty made che, anek janma na paap hoy te pan naash paame che, ane aa janma ma udbhavta trividh tap pan aava motapurush ni divya vaato sambhadvathi shami jay che ane antar maa shanti shanti thai jaay che. Swamishree ni aa vaato sambhadi Shreeji Maharaj na Purna Pursotam swaroop ni upasana tatha Swamishree na Aksharbrahm pana ni nistha ni Granthi antar ma dadh kari didhi.

Ahmedabad ni Sabha ma Pursotam pana ni Vaatu: Samvat 1913 na Chaiti Punam na Sammaiye Gunatitanand Swamishree Vartal Padharya. Baalmukunddas Swami tatha anya Santo tatha Pragjee Bhakt, Jaaga Bhakt, Shivlalbhai vaere pan saathe hata. Punam na divase sabhama Gunatitanand Swamishree e ghani j Vaato kari ane Sauna anta:karan potani murti ma khechi lidha. Aacharya Shree Raghuveerji Maharaje pan Swamishree na samagam no ghano labh lidho. Swamishree roj saare Shangaar aarti thata sudhi Raghuveerji Maharaj na aasane besi ne vaato karta. Sammiyo Puro thayo ane Swamishree Vartal thi nikadvana hat ate vakhate Ahmedabad na Aacharya Shree Ayodhyaprasadji Maharaje kehv ravyu ke “Swami! Aap Ahmedabad padharo ane ahi Maharaj na Sarvopari pana ni jevi vaato kari tevi tya pan karo.” Temno aagrah joi Swamishree Vartal thi sidha Ahmedabad padharya. Swamishree Ahmedabad padharya tethi Aacharya Shree Ayodhyaprasadji Maharaj bahuj rajee thaya. Temne Swamishree ne kahyu: “ Ahi sabha ma aap Maharaj na Pursottam pana ni vaato karo.” Pachi sabha ma Swamishree ne khurshee mandi didhi. Swamishree khurshee uper besi maharaj na Pursottam pana ni vaato karva lagya. Shreejimaharaj na sarvopari swaroop ni Swamishree e adbhut vaato kari. Te sambhadi Uttamanand Swami tatha anya Sadhu o e sabha ma Swamishree ne kahyu: “Aavi vaato ame to sambhadi nathi ane tame kyathi karo cho?” Te sambhadi Swamishree e sabhama biji khurshee mangavi ane te uper Anand Swami ne besarya. Pachi pote kahyu: “Hu je vaat karu tema jo aa Anand Swami saakh pure to tame manso ke nahi? Anand Swami vrruddh ane anubhavi che, ShreejiMaharaj bhega ghanu rahya che. Vadi, Shreejimaharaj chhatta ni ketlik juni vaato jane che. Mate temni vaat ma tamne saune Vishwas che ke nahi?” Aetle sau e kahyu: “haa.” Pachi Swamishree sabha ma Shreejimaharaj na juna aakhyano kehva lagya. Ane darek prasang ma Anand Swami ni sakkhshi leva lagya. Swamishree e vaat karta kahyu ke – “ShreejiMaharaj pratham Loj ane Mangarol ma Anand Swami ne khabhe haath muke ne Kabir ni hori bolya:

“Koti Krushna jode haath, Koti Vishnu name maath;

Koti Shankar kare dhyan, Koti Brhama kathe gyan,

Sadguru khele Vasant.”

“pachi ShreejiMaharaj e Anand Swami ne puchyu ke ‘Eva Sadguru kon?’ Tyare Anand Swami e kahyu ke ‘Maharaj! E to kai samjatu nathi.’ Tyare Maharaj e kahyu ke ‘Eva Sadguru to aa Sahajanand Swami che.’ E vaat kari ne Anand Swami ne puchyu : “Swami! Tamone Maharaj e aa vaat kahi hati te saachi ke nahi?” Tyare Anand Swami bolya: “Haa, Shreeji Maharaj e aa vaat mane kahi hati ane te mane barabar yaad che.” Vadi, Swamishree e vaat kari ke – “Samvat 1867 ma Sarangpur ma Rathod Dhadhal ne tyha Maharaj holi ramya tyare fari Maharaj aanu aa j kabir nu pad bolta bolta amaari chhaati ma vaare vaare chhadi adadta jay ane kehta jaay –

“Koti Krushna jode haath, Koti Vishnu name maath;

Koti Shankar kare dhyan, Koti Brhama kathe gyan,

Sadguru khele Vasant.”

Pachi Shreejimaharaj e puchyu: “Eva Sadguru kon?” tyare Anand Swami e tatha Muktananand Swami e haath jodi ne kahyu hatu ke ‘Maharaj! Eva Sadguru to tame.’ Em pratham Maharaj e samjavyu hatu te pramane nu jyaare kahyu. Tyare ShreejiMaharaj e kahyu: “E to Sadguru no mahima kahyo che. Ame to Sarvopari Pursottam Bhagwan chiea ane Eva Sadguru to aa Gunatitanand Swami che.’ – Em kahi maari chhati ma fari chhadi adadi.” Etlee vaat kari Swamishree e fari Anand Swami ne puchyu: “Swami! Aa vaat saachhi ke?” Tyhare Anand Swami bolya ke “Swami! Saav Saachi.” Em kahi sammati aapi. Etlee vaat kari Swamishree bolya ke “Nagadka ma Vyapakanand Swami na dekhta (24) chovis avataaro ne Shreejimaharaj e potani murti ma thi pragat kari pacha potani murti ma leen kari didha – E vaat tamam ne Vyapakanand Swami e kahi hati te yaad che?” Tyare Anand Swami e kahyu: “Barabar yaad che.” Pachi Swamishree e fari kahyu: “Saantee haakta parvatbhai ne Maharaj e potani murtimaathi chovis avatar na darshan karavya ane pachaa te avataaro ne potani murti ma leen kari didha te vaat saachi ke?” Tyare Anand Swami e kahyu ke “Parvatbhai e jaate j aa vaat kahi che te kem khoti hoy?” Fari Swamishree bolya: “Anand Swami ! Saambhado. Mangarol ma Swaroopanand Swami ne Shreejimaharaj pehla Krishna swaroop e dekhaya ane pachi temne Akshardham ni Samadhi karavi potana Pursottam pana no nischay karavyo te vaat jaano cho?” Tyare Anand Swami e kahyu: “Swami! E vaat pan jaanu chu. Tame Shreejimaharaj na aa badha leelacharitra saambhadi ne bhega kari rakhya che te tamne dhanya che ke Maharaj nu sarvopari panu swaroop pravartavava ma tame aato dakhado karo cho!” Pachi Swamishree e kahyu :”E to thik, parantu Swaroopananad Swami ne ShreejiMaharaj e jyaare kahyu ke “Swami! Tamne Golok mokli e?” Tyare Swaroopanand Swami e kahyu ke ‘Maharaj! Iisshh Khadde me to pade j he.’ E vaat pan Swaroopanand Swami thaki tame saambhadi che ne?” Tyare Anand Swami e kahyu: “Haa, Swaroopanand Swami ghani vaar e vaat karta.” “Havee Chhelee vaa.” Em kahi ne Swamishree e Anand Swami ne kahyu: “Swami! Jayare Ahmedabad ma Shreejimaharaj e Nar-Narayan padharavya, tyare tamaru kandu jaali ne Uttaradi roopchoki ma ubha rahi, Shreejimaharaj e vaat kari hati ke ‘Aa Bharat khand na Raja Nar-Narayan che. Temni murti koi thekane anthi. Mate temne ahi padharavya che. Pan aava anant Nar-Narayan tatha Anant Krushnanarayan aa Pragat Pursottam Sahajanand Swami nu bhajan kare che.’ Em potani chhaatee ma haath adadi tamne vaat kari hati te yaad che ne?” Tyare Anand Swami e kahyu: “Haa, aa to mari j vaat. Etle kem bhulay?” Pachi vadi Anand Swami e kahyu: “Surat ma Gunatitanand Swami sathe hu jodi mangava jato. Tema ek divas Shreejimaharaj Swamishree ni aagad paaache page chalta hata, tyare aa Swamishree e Maharaj ne kahyu ke ‘Maharaj! Aap saamu joi ne chaalo etle khada tekra kalay.” Tyaare Maharaj e hasi ne kahyu: ‘Tamne puuthh ke deval? Aam, Swamishree no mahima to ShreejiMaharaj na Shreemukhe me saambhadiyo che.” Aaa pramane Swamishree Gunatitanand Swami e Shreeji Maharaj na Sarvoparipana na prasango upper Anand Swami ni saakhshee lidhi. Anand Swami no saad ziino etle sabhama chete sambhadato nahato, parantu Swamishree temna shabdo fari vaar sabha ma bolta ane kehta ke “Saambhado Bhaieeo ! Aa Anand Swami aa pramane kahe che.” Aa pramane Swamishree e Maharaj na Pursottam pana ni vaato kari ane saune pratiti karavi didhi. Aa sabha ma aa prasange Mahanubhavanand Swami, Nirgundas Swami tatha Vrundavan das Swami vagere betha hata. Teo badha Shreejimaharaj na sarvopari swaroop ni Swamishree ni vaat saambhadi maun thai gaya. Koi kaai boli shakyu nahi. Pachi Swamishree e Balmukunddas Swami pase Gadhada Madhya nu 9 mu Vachanamrut vanchavyu ane bolya: “Aa Vachanamrut ma pan Maharaj e kahyu che ke Mane Bija Avataar jeo Janso to Maro droh karyo kehvase. Maate Maharaj ne Bija Avataar jeva kem kehvaay? Ane jo kahiye to Maharaj na drohi thari e.” Aa pramane Swamishree e vaato kari. Te saambhadi Aacharya Shree Ayodhyaprasadji Maharaj e kahyu: “Swami! E to bahu kehvay!” Tyare Swamishree e Kahyu: “Tamara Baap na gun ane mahima kahiye cheea. Tamare amari sathe ghanu het che pan tamara khajana ni kuchi to tamo Keshavprasadjee ne aapso ke amne aapso?” Tyare Ayodhyaprasadji Maharaj e kahyu ke : “ E to ene j apay ne!” Te saambhadi Swamishree hasya. Pachi bolya : “Tem amne ShreejiMaharaj e Pursottampana ni kuchi aapi che ne tamne to gaadi sopi che te tamo puja o, parantu moksh ni aa aat to tamare amari pasethij saambhadvi padse.” Aa pramane sabhama Swamishree e ShreejiMaharaj na Sarvopari Swaroop Nistha ni Adbhut vaato kari ane ShreejiMaharaj ni Jay bolavi. Etlama Shangar Aarti thai etle sau Darshan karva java uthiya. Tyare Swamishree no haath Anand Swami e pakadyo ane kahyu: “Aree Gunatit ¡ tame to bot yaad rakhyu che.” Em, Anand Swami pan Swamishree ni vaato saambhadi bahuj raaji thaya. Swamishree Ahmedabad ma thoda divas rokai tyathee Dholka, Balol, Radaya, Advaal thai ne Sarangpur padharya. Tyathi Botad thai ne Gadhada padharya. Gadhada prasadi sthaan na Darshan kari ne tyathi Gondal thai ne Junagadh padharya.

Tame jara vichari ne juo ke Gunatitanand Swami Maharaj e Viharilalji Maharaj ne Vartamaan dharavya hata, mate moksh nu dwar to santo ane bhagwan e j che ema koi sansay nathi ane aa janme nahi ne karod janme aa samajso to j sudh upasana ane toj bhagwan ne sant raaji, ane Akshardham ni Prapti.



Jyare Maharaj e Ayodhya Prasadji Maharaj tatha Raghuveer ji Maharaj ne Gaadi Sopi tyare Satsang na Motera eva je Gopalanand Swami na haath ma e bev na kanda sopiya hatha ane Agna kari hati ke je koi pan nirnay lo te Gopalanand Swami jeva mota sadhu temne puchi ne levo ane Sadhu o ne aadar thaki manva ane emni seva karvi. Jena uparthi pan janay che ke Santo na samagam vina to Aacharyashree ne pan moksh nu dwar ugadatu nathi. Ane santo na samagam vina to shastro na aarth pan samjay nahi ane jem maa e potana badak ne ena pita no nischay karave che tem santo e maa ni thekane che ane Baap ne thekane Bhagwan Swaminarayan che. Tatha Shastriji Maharaj e je kaam karyu e to sakshat Purna Pursottam Maharaj e eva Gunatit Satpurush ma rahi ne Suddha Upasna na pravartan mate karyu, tatha juo ke Shastriji Maharaj ne vimukh karya hata e pote nikadya na hata enu kaaran ke e ekaj akha sampraday "Asmin Sampraday Ekmev" ma eva purush hata ke temna ma khule aam Maharaj e purshotam ane Swami(Gunatitanand) e Akshar che em pramano ane sidhanto dwara kehva ni taakat hati, jyare temnaj samay ma bija ghanak sadhu hata je Swami(Gunatitanand) ne Akshar ane Sahajanand Swami ne pursotam janta hova chata upadhi ni beek thi eno prachar kari shakta na hata. Ane jo Santo j moksh nu dwar na hot to Raguvirjee maharaj tatha Gopalanand Swami e Shreeji Maharaj ni agna pramane Varsh ma ek mahino kem Gunatitanand Swami no Samagam Karva jaat......(Hari Charitra Chintamani by Shree Rughnaath Swami, Bhuj) mate samjan ma pher rahi jase to muddo haath ma avyo nathi em samajvu tatha rasto bhulo padya cho em samjavu. Mate jad buddhi no tyag kari ne Swaminarayan Bhagwan na marma pramane emni su echa hati e samji ne e raste aggad vadho.


Jyare Ramamanand Swami e Nilkanthvarni Maharaj ne Bhagwati Diksha aapi tyare emnu "Sahajanand ane Narayan muni" em bej naam rakhya hata. Jyare apno Sampraday "Swaminarayan" kehvay che ane apne mala pan "Swaminarayan" naam ni j kari ye che. Saar su che, ke "SWAMI(Aksharbrhama Gunatitanand) and NARAYAN(Sahajanand Swami)" e jugal jodi ( jevi rite Radha jeva bhakt thai ne Krishna bhagwan ni upasana ane bhakti karva RadhaKrishna ni murti che em marma ma ShreejiMaharaj samjave che SwamiNarayan mantra dwara ke Swami etle ke Akshar(brahm) jeva thai ne Pursottam(parabrham) ni upasana ane bhakti karvi)sahit j bhagwan ni upasana ane bhakti karvi jem "Nar sahit Narayan ane Lakshmi sahit Narayan tatha uttam bhakta sahit Bhagwan ni" em marma ma samjavanu ke suddh upasana mate j bhagwane emna samay ma 6 shikharbadha mandir ni sthapana kari hati ane gyani santo bhakto par marma samjavanu chodyu hatu. Ama sansay hoy ane koi evo je samadhi ma jai sakto hoy tatha eva koi sadhu madya hoy to emne puchjo ke Maharaj ni Su Marji che em Maharaj ne puchi jue. Ane BAPS e to Maharaj Ni Marji Virudh anubhar matra pan nathi vartatu e nichye samajso.


Ane jo kahyu e pramane ke "Je aa Shikshapatri ni Agna pramane nahi varte te AA lok ane Par Lok ma nischay mota kast ne j Pamse" to jo BAPS Sampraday Shikhsaptri ni agna pramane na vart to hot to " Teni aa Lok ma je Aksharpursotam upasana no prachar che te thaat nahi ane aje BAPS sanshta sathe jodan pamela ane Aksharpursotam Ni Upasana karta haribhakto te Je Brhamananand bhogwe che ane potane purnakam mane che ane je sakshatkar thay che tatha potana anubhav pramane ante je bhagwan Swami ane santo mukto sathe tedwa ave che ne darshan thay che evo parcho hot nahi, tatha je pramane bhagwane Vachanamrut adik grantho ma lakhiyu che e pramane na je sadhu na lakshano kahya che temano 1 lakshan pan ocho na hoy eva Shree Pramukh Swami Maharaj ke je Shreeji Maharaj na Akhanddharak sant che ane Gunatit Satpurush che emna dwara aje pruthvi uper Shreejimaharaj Satsang ma Vichari Rahya che ane sukh ape che.


Tuk ma aatluj samajvanu ke Jyare Swaminaryan Bhagwan Antardhyan thavana hata ane te vakhate jyare Muktanand Swami ghor vimasan ma padi gaya hata tyare Shreeji Mahraj e Muktanand Swami( je sampraday na Guru saman mota) ne puchu hatu ke tame kem udas cho?, tyare Muktanand Swami e kahyu ke haju to ghana kaam karvana baki che ane tame chalya jaso to sampraday nu su thase: tyare Shreeji Maharaje kahyu ke kayu kaam adhuru che, juo ne Gaganchumbi potana hate 6 shikharbadh mandir bandhya, santo paramhanso tatha haribhakto pan eva karya ke jo Brhama pan vaad vivad karva ave to page lagi ne chalya jay. Ane biju ke swami tame chinta karso nahi, je pan aa sampraday nu gasatu bolse tena sampraday e sahit naas thase ane apno sampraday e viswa no uttam sampraday kehvase ane ek ek sadhu ni vase lakh lakh haribhakto farse ane pandle(leaves) pandle Swaminarayan nu bhajan thase ane anant jeevo nu kalyan hu karis. Tatha hey Swami sarve na Naadi Praan kona Haath ma che!! Aam Sahajanand Swami e umerta kahyu ke hey swami aa Gunatitanand Swami je maru rehvanu dham Akshar che e Swarupe to hu hamesa pruthvi uppar vicharto j Rahis. (je aje Gunatit Guru Parampara Chale Che(BAPS), haal ma Pramuk Swami Maharaj swarupe Shreeji Maharaj pruthvi uppar Akhand vicharan kare che ane Satsang ma rahya che ane e to dahyo hoy tene samjay kaaran ke "Swami Shreeji nu bhajan Sinh(lion) garjana Saman e to kare Satsang ma nivas, Kacha pocha ne nathi e Kamnu" evu che).



Shreeji Maharaj e Mulji Sharma (Gunatitanand Swami) ne jyare diksha aapi tyare sarva sabha jano ne kahyu hatu ke, “Mane aaje mara uttam bhakt ane maru rehvanu je Akshardham je atyare murtimaan mari seva mate hu mari sathe lavyo chu eva aa Mulji Sharma ne diksha aapta ghanoj anand thay che ane have thi temnu Bhagwati Diksha pachi nu naam “Gunatitanand” Rehse”

Maharaj Swami badha ne sadbudhhi ape ane sudh upasna samajay evi Shakti ape evij Hriday purvak ni Shreeji na Charano ma prathna sah Sarve ne Jay Shree Swaminarayan.

Sahajanand Swami Maharaj ni Jay, Aksharpursotam Maharaj ni Jay, Gunatitanand Swami Maharaj ni Jay, Bhagatji Maharaj ni Jay, Shastriji Maharaj ni Jay, Yogiji Maharaj ni Jay, Pragat Guru Hari rup Shree Pramukh Swami Maharaj ni Jay.



(watch on youtube)

Note: Before I joined BAPS, I did research by reading Vachanamrut, Shikshapatri, Shikshapatri arth dipika, Satsangi Jeevan, Nishkulanand Kavya, Shree Hari Charitra Chintamani, Swaminarayan jeevan charitra, Swami ni Vaato, Gopalanand Swami ni Vaato, Bhaktchintamani, Sharee hari leela chintamani, also did comparision of santo ane hari bhakto on both juna mandir and BAPS and after scrutinizing my self for my jeeva's kalyan I joined BAPS. Before that I was from Juna Mandir (Vartal) from my Moshal. Now it has been many years passed after coming into BAPS and from eternally I am feeling that “mare have karvanu kai rahyu nathi ane aa maro cheelo janma che” tatha “Pramukh Swami Maharaj (Gunatit Guru Parampara) rupe aaj ShreejiMaharaj aakhand rahya che ane pratiti pan thay che.”

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To Nav....


Gadhada I-27 states He lives in every indriya of a sant. That doesnt mean he doesnt live teh same way in a Acharya. Read Purshottam Prakash. It states clearly he lives in Acharyas fully.


Kastubhmala Kirtan was first published in Mumbai by a Hathibhai Nanajibhai Sheth in 1912 show me from that very copy Viharilalji Maharaj describing Gunatitanand Swami as Mul Akshar.... Nowhere. Its not there as its later added by people who follow different upasna. Kastubhmala Kirtan is visible today in Aksharbhuvan do have a read.


Harililakalpatru is also wrong with BAPS. They cant possibly know as they dont even have the original scripture. Ajendraprasadji Maharaj has it:


B.A.P.S have added to the Harililakalpatru as well. The original one is written by Sadhu Premsukhdasji in Gujarati on the order of Adi Acharya Raguvirji Maharaj. Each page has the stamp of Adi acharya on there. Please read 17th Adyay Shlok 39-49. B.A.P.S sadhu printed theirs in Samvat 2021 and added 8 more Shloks inside. It was made by the help of a sheth of Mumbai called Sheth Maneklal Chunilal. This person is also described in the B.A.P.S monthly sandesh October 2010 page number 28.


The original one does not even have Shriji Maharaj giving Mulji Sharma diksha in Dabhan so what to talk about saying he is Mul Akshar??? Go read for yourself. Acharya Ajendraprasadji Maharaj or has it and the scanned copy is with Swami Nityasvarupdasji of Sardhaar. That adhyay has only 49 Shloks and is the original one by Adi Acharya Raghuvirji Maharaj and Achintyanand Bramchari.


In this adhyay there are shlok 49 in total. After Shlok 45.. from shlok 47- 54 it starts "Shri Shukanand Uvach" and his talk. None of what B.A.P.S put is within it. Also, the main scripture itself is with Acharya maharaj then how did B.A.P.S get its so called version from? The full version is ready to be published again anyway and people can read for themselves the truth.


Please read Akshardham no garbo and Aksharanand Swamis vatos to see that al santos believed Mul akshar to be none but Gopalanand Swami. any mandirs under the mul sampraday which depict mul akshar as Gunatitanand Swami is down to Ragunathcharandas Swami of Junagadh who used to portray all the muktos as 'Mul Akshars'. Even Manki Ghodi. He made the chatris and many pictures of Gunatitanand Swami whose parampara he was of. Therefore such a parampara started. But this is not the fact.


In Aksharanand Swami Gopalanand Swamis prakran.. bhaktos wanted to install his image with Shriji Maharaj, to which swami replied "no". This should not be done. Upasna is only of Purshottam. Vachnamrut Loya 14 states so. kshar Akshar thi visisth Purshottam Nij upasna.


Pujan of a bhakt is mentioned in Vadtal 5 just like that of Bhagwans but not upasna. Also Gadhada pratham 68 says God resides in a sant. We dont argue with thuis. But that sant can not be worshipped in upasna. In Loya 12 is states brahm rupe thavu. Not worship brahm. Madhya 3 vachnamrut also states Akshar does not have ansh. So why do you state he does win your gurus?


Yes Shatanand Swami states that. wherever Bhagwan is His Mukts with His dham is always present. He doesnt say padhrava. He says sathej hoy che. We already know this. Shatanand Swami doesnt say worship them in upasna. Please read Shikshapatri bhashya yourself. Where does it mention a Gunatit parampara? where does it state also put Akshar or other avtars within your upasna? Also your very keen on typing this Shikshapatri Bhasya Page 439. But how come your not so keep in typing shikshapatri Bhashya for shloka 41 and 62 etc??? As it reveals your not following it thats why. Why cant you follow Shloka 41 on shatanand Swami? Which states having diksha of dharmvanshi Acharyas of either of the 2 gadis?? Or about pratyaksh murtis of Shloka 62??


Also Laksmi, Nar, Balbadra etc are either avtar or shakti. Mahraj was saying that shakti or avtar can be worshipped alongside Him. This doesnt mean to place Akshar with Bhagwan Also in all swarups under the mul sampraday, all the swarups wheather they be Narnarayan or Lakshminarayan, all have Bhagwan swaminarayan living in them pratyaksh.


Also, Vadtal 5 ma jeh varnan che te saparshad dhyan ni vyakhya che. Jemne mansi kehva ma ave che. Ane teo pan ekla bhakt ni nahi. Bhagwan sathej hoy temni kahi che. Ane Bhakt no mahima janva mateh kahi che nahi ke temni sathe upasna karvani. Vadtal 5 ma em kahyui che kyaay ke temni Bhagwan jevi upasna karvi????NAhi. karan ke Upasna toh ek Bhagwan neej thay. Ane teo pan jeo kanisth hoy temno prashna che. kanisth mathi uttam thava mate. Vanchi Nityanand Swami no prashna feri. Karan ke jeo kanisth hoy temne Mahraj no mahima hoy nahi etle temne eva ekantik brahmrup thayel bhakt/sant hoy temni tevi seva karvathi bhagwan raji thay. Juvo Bhagwan cheel kem bolya " EVU BHAGWAN NE TE BHAGWAN NA BHAKT TENI SARKHI SEVA KARYA NU FAL CHE". SEVA karya nu UPASNA karya nu nathi kidhu.


Why would Bhagwan find anything "very difficult" like you state. Whats difficult for Bhagwan? He installed his murti Himself and stated to do the same for the Acharyas after His antardhyan lila. What proof do you have that Muktanand swami and 200 saints didnt want Bhagwan to install His murti? Thats insulting them. Your saying that they didnt have nistha?


Wheather Mahraj installed His murti in whichever khand does not matter. As He himself stated He lives in all these svarups as Himself pratyaksh. Are yo ustating He didnt? That He doesnt live in any of the swarups such as Narnarayan. Lakshminarayan, Gopinathji Maharaj?


Your wrong about Gopalanand Swami being asked by Bhagwan to come Junagadh every year. Truth is:


Junagadh ni mahantai jyare shriji maharaje sadguru gunantitanand swamine sopva ma aavi tyare gunatitanand swami eh maharaj pase 2 var magya hata1 maharaj aap junagadh na jaman thao to mahantai swikaru,ne beh varas ma ek var sadguru Gopalanand swami junagadh aavi ne mane satsang karave to hu mahantai swikaru. Aksharanand swami ni Vato.


Gunatitanand Swami says not to take avgun or perform droh of an acharya and you go round calling a Acharya a "rajasic person". here listen to this, it will answer many of your questions:


YouTube - Swaminarayan Sampradai - A Must Hear For All Followers Of Bhagwan Swaminarayan!


Your not ready at all to take diksha. You hold the siddhant of your svarth before the siddhants of Bhagwan Swaminarayan. No Acharya accepted Mul Akshar to be Gunatitanand swami but as Gopalanand swami only. Read Madhvanand swami ni vato, Chaitanyanand Swami ni vato and Parshad Monji bhagat ni vato. Your still blind to teh truth. Also by assuming "Maharaj only said certain things so tehy wouldnt worsip paroksh"... where is this within the scriptures? Its clearly in teh scriptures that just by offering Acharyas foodgrain alone one may attain Atyantik Kalyan.


Which of todays Acharyas are breaking agnas of Maharaj? What about your guru who is doing this? For example Haridigvijay granth 45/61. satsangi Jivan 4.23 etc. Also saying jay of Narnarayan... this was set up my Gopalanand Swami and is being carried down today in parampara. Just liek the Ramkrushna dhun after Arti is. We already follow Bhagwan As sarva avtaari. That has nothing to do with it. Anybody not following the agnas correctly will suffer just liek the BAPS who dont.


Acharyas are the 'acharyas' mentioned in the scriptures. The ones which Vadtal 18 states for all to remember the parampara of.


All the siants i mention like those of Sardhar, Bhuj, Bagasra etc are like those mentioned in the scriptures. Where does it state there is only one Satpurush? Also please read that you cannot do dhyan on saints... Haricharitramrut Sagar Pur 17 Adhyay 82,83,84.


Through Acharyas many have attained brahmic state. Even today and in the past. Do read the jivan charitras of these acharyas. Many saints such as sadhus of Bhuj, Sardhar etc have made many brahmrup. This, even today. None of these true snatos have vasna or dosh in them at all. They are moksh nu dvar. Many bhaktos became ekantik through the Acharya. Its through Acharya one can be called a devotee of swaminarayan.


Acharya, Sant, Murti and shastra. All these are needed in teh Swaminarayan sampraday. A bhakt must consist of works, seva and upasna from all of these. One or a few without the others is not good enough. Its through the Gadis you can have a true sant, correct shastras, initiation and installation of murtis of Mahraj. Only when the Acharya or those who they give authority too, perform murti pratistha, does Bhagwan come and reside as pratyaksh. Otherwise they remain paroksh. Shloks such as Shikshapatri 62 exists because of this.


everyone was eventually taken to be initiated to Acharyas once they were upon the throne. The Satsangi Jivan clealry declares this diksha as a MUST. Those that entered teh fellowship eventually attain initiation. Nowhere does it state Shriji Maharaj performs initiation through your Pramukh or his sucession or his predesessors. EVEN BETTER SHOW ME WHERE IS GUNATIT PARARAMPARA MENTIONED IN SCRIPTURES??


Maharaj is pragat through the Dharmvanshi Acharyas too. he is pragat through four...Shastra, Acharya, Sant and Murti. Acharyas are mukts/avtars.They are brahmrup already. But you wouldnt know. Raguvirji Maharaj used himself as a nimitt for all to do samagam of such great saints. Also to make all realise Gopalanand swami was Mul Akshar.


We are not to install Gopalanand Swami with Bhagwan. As we have avtaari. Only avtaars need their bhakts to be worshipped alongside their shaktis or rest of His forms.


those taht leave mul sampraday and go BAPS are unfortunate. Simple. Id rather do as Bhagwan Swaminarayan and nand santos say rather than a sadhu who doesnt follow agnas. Mul sampradays true santos ... they are all open. Come and have a look into their lives.


Read the samput yourself and find out which samput states not to read scriptures without the seal of teh Acharya. I mean its there. Im not lying anyone can see for themselves. I dont just talk about the Vachnamrut only. I mean teh rest of the scriptures too. Have you checked them to be teh same too? As Harikalpatru sure isnt teh same. Also you seem to have less mahima for shastras. Please read Madhya nu 58 and Sarangpur nu 13.


Yes, i read the Acharya niyams too in Shikshapatri. What of them? If you leave everything and come under the Acharya you can attain bramic states through many saints.Such as Bhuj na Sadguru Keshavprasad Dasji, Dhyani Swami of Kanbha etc. These are just two of many.The pushti (advancement) of the Sampradai is through its scriptures only. This is stated within the Shikshapatri as well as the Vachanmrut. This is the reason Shriji maharaj stated that Atyantik Kalyan is through it. Saints are saints through gyan of the scriptures. So, whenever you quote or reference something it should always contain quotes and references from the scriptures. This has always been the way. so when you dont do this you are not stating proof but hearsay. This is not valid In any way.


If your sadhus follow agnas then why do they violate many? Like Satsangi Jivans, Adharanand Swamis granths (Haricharitramrut Sagar), Shri Haridigvijays etc? They will guarantee your place for Akshardham. They are samrth santo who Mahraj gives darshan too at all times. But you say what you do as you do not know.


Bhagwan states in Satsnagi Jivan only murtis installed by Acharya He will live through not others. What of this? Also if one has to leave the samprdai... they wouldnt go against the Acharya still. Just like when Sachidanand swami etc were made vimukh...They were taken out of teh Sampradai but they never went against agna or upasna. Ony if such were to go out of the sampraday they would attain atyantik Kalyan. Just liek Nityasvarup Swami of Sardhar today. The ywill all attain atyantik kalyan. Not the likes of you BAPS. Your guys use this as your excuse but its not for you lot.So BAPS is not sanmukh. It would be if it followed the correct upasna and followed all agnas.


I dont think you know the seva which the mul mandirs do with its dharmado. Everyday they feed whoever comes to their doors. Not liek in BAPSwhere you got to buy a token to eat. Also look at the medical camps they offer. Last year in Bhuj, crores and crores went into helping the ill over the Mahotsav. this happens every year. That where dharmado money goes my friend. Also look at the gau rakshan too.


Welcome to ISSO Seva

Medical Camp - Shree CS Swaminarayan Temple Nairobi - BhujMandir.org

Medical Camp 2010 - BhujMandir.org


Good luck to your BIG mmandirs i mean museums. Also you forget. Dharmado is not teh same as daan.


You seem to think we look down on santo or somthing. But your wrong. We hold the Acharya, Shastra, murti and snat in par with one another, You cant have one without the other three.


Also do you say Nishkulanand Swami was not capable to destroy vasnas and giving moksh? Is that why he did both lol. Pramukh swami may have done pradhramanis or right letters or come in the guiness book of records, help people become drug free, but that doesnt mean anything. Many great people in the world do such tasks. Gunatitanand Swami was a true sant. great at that too. How come he never felt he needed t osit on a throne?


Do you not accept the desh vibhaagh lekh? And why not? Do you not agree with NishkulanandSwami, Chaitanyanand Swami, Nirgun Swami, Shuk Muni, MAdhavanand Swami, Vidhratranand Swami, Hajuri Parshad Monji Bhagat etc and their works which clarify what they do? Have you read Haricharitramrut Sagar on the process of becomming Brahmrup? Also that he states its not through ONE saints only.


Vishram Bhagat gave moksh to ants alone lol. So what to talk of people. Havent you read within Gunatitanand Swamis vatos? LOL. Acharya Ayodhyaprasadji and Raghuvirji Maharaj gave atyantik moksh to many. So many leelas.

You have not fully answered my questions.Also from hereon please only quote from teh scriptures of the Gunatit Paramapara. How ONLY satpurush can give moksh and not Acharya, Murtis or shastras, proof of new Arti, prood of how Akshar takes incarnations simultaneously and co exists as a human in the words of Bhagwan, which acharya is your acharya as you stated you are under teh acharya stil, Which gadi you are under, do the sadhus of BAPS attain maha bhagvati diksha according to satsangi jivan.


If there are 3 Satpurushs on the earth at the same time which one is Akshar out of the three. I ask againIs it only one of them? Or all three? Also if its all threeit means there can be more than one. If there is just one that means the other two were not. Purshottam Prakash prakran 37 onwards, Harililamrut, Satsangi Jivan etc clearly clarify that the acharyas give moksh. LOL. So please read and then debate. Till then you are not at level to debate about it.Where is it stated that Akshar together takes three incarnations. Secondly, the quote states tyagi sishya shakao na bandhvi Nityanand swami clarifies that diksha can be given only by the householder Acharya and not the renunciate. So what of this? Do you think its fine to avoid this?


Please do read the Haricharitramrut Sagar by Siddhanand Swami. Who was given darshan by Bhagwan Swaminarayan after He departed to Akshardham and then commanded that Swami write the scripture. In here swami states there exists many brahmsvarup saints and will in future. Not just ONE at a given time. They will also give millions atyantik Moksh.


Also I have already asked Tyagvallabh Swami of BAPS when he came to Neasden at a good few years back. He came to padhramani at my uncle Ashokbhais home in Croyden. But he did not have the answers according to the scriptures either. BAPS websites, newsletters and many kathas (sermons) ive heard on esnip, youtube etc also do not have the answers when it comes to principle/Siddhant of Bhagwan Swaminarayan. So I ask everywhere in hope I do. But none do.


To K sharma:


You bring many prasangs into your comment. But prasangs need to be backed up by scriptures. Maharaj being Avtari is backed up many times in scriptures. But Gunatitanand Swami being Mul Akshar is not. But Gopalanand Swami being Mul Akshar is backed up. also you stating about the past avtars is also wrong.


Ayodhyaprasadji Maharaj was Pradyumna avtar. Gopalanand Swami was Mul akshar. Gunatitanand Swami was the eldest of the Sankadiks. These all are confirmed in Nirgun Swami ni vato, Chaitanyanand Swami ni vato and many others. Please also read the Durgpur mahatmyam to confirm Ayodhyaprasadji Maharaj, its there.


Jyare Swaminarayan Bhagwan antardhyan thavan hata tyare pote em bolya ke jeh karya karva teo avya hata te sau puru thayu hatu. Kyay koi AP upasna vishe vaat karij nohti.




I end with a nice clip...do listen.Talks of BAPS at end.


YouTube - Sarvopari Shri Hari- A Must Hear!




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Have followed your remarks and agree with you in most part.


I believe Swaminarayan was a great devotee and his greatness came from his ability to make Hinduism relevant to his audience at that particular time and place.


Now through Vachanamrut we are making the error (I believe) of DIRECTLY applying his words as if they are relevant today without change! This is a dishonour to him, and instead we should use his guidance to make Hinduism relevant to today's people, in the same way that he did.


Do you have ideas or contributions?




I for one dont believe just by calling someone not God and calling him a devotee is in no shape or form discrediting the personality, after all a devotee is higher than God according to God. The Vanchnamrt was written by the disciples of Swaminarayan not Swaminarayan himself. According to the Sikshapatri, Swaminarayan himself worships Radha Krishna as His Ishta-dev, so lets follow that example, Swaminarayan himself was a wonderful devotee of the Lord. He is a pure devotee of the lord. To call him God, can you imagine how embarassed he would be for you to call him that?

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Jai Swaminarayan,


There are lots of shastras in our sampraday. Some of them (including Vachnamrut) were compiled after Shreeji Maharaj left for Akshardham. However, there is one written by bhagwan himself on Vasant Panchami that cannot be disputed by anyone. A copy of that is available in Oxford museam as well.



Please read slok 115. It goes something like this.


Shree Krishna bhagawan ane temna avatar te dhyan karva yogya chhe, mate temnu dhyan karvu. Manushya tatha devadik jivo je shree krishna bhaganwan na bhakta hoy and brahmveta hoy to pan dhyan karva yogya nathi mate aemnu dhyan na karvu.



You are as smart as anyone else out there. Please read the slok and interpret it, you will get your answers.


Please dont get offended but my personal view is that BAPS teachings are a sure way to go to hell.



Dear Friend,


First of all answer to your question:"Yes you are Wrong"


I never said that Guru parampara is Mentioned in any Scriptures. In Gadhada I-71 where maharaj says that when ever Bhagwan comes on to this earth, he comes along with his Akshardhaam and Muktas....It shows that Maharaj bought his Akshardhaam along with him. At many occasions Maharaj has said that Gunatitanad Swami is Mul Akshar. Read his Jevan Charitra. Shastriji Maharaj's guru Vignananand Swami was a Paramhans of Shreeji Maharaj. Shastriji Maharaj cleaared this point with him that Gunatitanand Swami is Mul Akshar, He cleared the same point with Adbhutanand Swami who was a paramhans of Maharaj and also many other. Balmukund Swami, Prakgji Bhakt, Jaga Swami and many other direct disciples of Gunatitanand Swami explained this point.


Acharya Shri Raghuvirji Maharaj quoted Bhagwan Swaminarayan when he referred to Gunatitanand Swami Maharaj as his 'Akshardham, within whom he forever resides in.' Shri Harililakalpatru VII/17:49, 50.


Shri Viharilalji Maharaj referred to Gunatitanand Swami as Akshar Murti Gunatitanand Swami Maharaj in his Kirtan Kaustubhamala.


Similar references can be found in the kirtans of Jerami Brahmachari, Akhandanand Brahmachari, and Jagdishanand Brahmachari of Junagadh.


The small shrine erected at the spot where Gunatitanand Swami Maharaj used to sit in Junagadh has the inscription, "Anadi Mul Akshar Murti Gunatitanand Swami sat here for 40 years."


shrine constructed on the site of Gunatitanand Swami Maharaj's final rites only a few years after his passing was called 'Akshar Deri'.


These many points show that Gunatitanand Swami is Mul Akshar.


It was hard for people to believe Maharaj as Sarvopari then imagine how hard would it be to accept Gunatitanand Swami to be Mul Akshar. Thats why Vignananand Swami didn't say it openly.


Now talkin about Guru Parampara, the gurus are no different but Akshar Brahman himself. Its just the outer appearance is changing but the entity remains Akshar, because in order to attain Brahmic State one requires Brahman himself. It was with the samgam of Gunatitanad Swami, Acharaya Raghuvirji Maharaj attained Brahmic state. Even Shreeji maharaj said to his Paramhansas that every year all of you should spend one month at Junagadh and if you do this-"Karod janam ni kasar aa ne aa janme kadhi lesh". These were the words spoken by maharaj.


Even though BAPS was formed in 1907, Akshar Purushottam Upasana existed since eternity. Maharaj himself says that Uttam Nirvikalp Nishcay is attained only when you become Brahmroop(Loya 12). Before Shastriji Maharaj, Bhagatji Maharaj also spread the Akshar Purushottam Upasana in Satsang. Sitting in Vadtal Shastriji Maharaj installed Akshar Purushottam in Vadhwan. He could have spread the Upasana even without leaving vadtal, He never got such a thought in his mind. Because it came upon his life, Krishnaji Ada asked him to leave vadtal. The formation in 1907 was only an official thing, But Akshar Purushottam Upasana existed since time immemorial.


Why is BAPS wrong?????? Never in their lives did Bhagatji Maharaj, Shastriji Maharaj, Yogiji Maharaj and today Pramukh Swami Maharaj broke any Aagna of Shreeji Maharaj. Look at the Ashtang Brahmacharya the Sadhus are following, the detachment from wealth. Even every Satsangi of BAPS follows the Stree Purush Marayada properly. Shreeji Maharaj and Gunatitanand Swami are ParaBrahman and Brahman rescpetively. Therefore Maharaj and his Uttam Bhakt exists since anadi. Acharya came into existance after maharaj appeared on earth. No where in the Scriptures of the Sampraday, it is said that Acharya is Moksh nu dwar. It is Satpurush who is Moksh nu Dwar. Gadhada I-27, Shreeji Maharaj States that he resides in every Indriya of his Ekantik Sant and not Acharya. Vadtal 5, Madhya 13 and many more vachanmruts, Bhaktachintamani the whole first Prakran, Nishkulanand Kavya and many other state a lot of Mahima about Sant. Mahraj has referred only twice the acharyas in the Vachanamrut, But he has referred to the SANT so many times.


Never did Shastriji Maharaj, Yogiji Maharaj and Pramukh Swami Maharaj spoke ill about Acharyas. But when it came to the Siddhant they never compromised with that. Even Prahalad knew that Mother and Father sholud be served as god but when it came to his Bhakti he never compromised either. Pramukh Swami has always respected the Acharayas and the Vadtal Sadhus. Look around the world and try to find a true Swaminarayan Sadhu as pure as Pramukh Swami Maharaj. Maharaj 100% resides where his Siddhant presides.


I had no intention to criticise the Acharyas, Sorry if said any thing to hurt your feelings. Even I respect the Acharyas but moksha is not through him because look at what has happened to the Sadhuta of the Sadhus their. How can ones jiva become shuddh in such evironment. With all due respect to the Acharayas, Moksh nu Dwar is Satpurush. In Vadtal 10 last paragraph Maharaj says-" If God is not present on earth then one should take the refuge of the Sadhu who has met god and if no such sadhu is present then take the refuge of the Murtis, Liberation is done through them" No where did Maharaj say to take acharyas refuge, he mentioned Sadhu or Murtis. Pramukh Swami is such a Sadhu who can purify us and guide us to Liberation.


Jai Swaminarayan

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