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  1. www.mandir.org will explain some swaminarayan things, although its only the website for the shikarbandh mandir in london.
  2. And you my friend, need a life. BAPS didnt make anything fake. Get a life you fukin prik. Muthafukin bitch, stop insulting god. Pramukh swami maharaj dont sit on thrones, theyre called chairs you dumb shit. I am closer to moksha then you, i belive in akshar-purshottam, you need to read the qouaran son, go convert urself you so-called fukin bitch of a swaminarayan, ur not swaminarayan, ur sumthing which no human shud have to be a muslim. FFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUKKKKKKKK UUUUURR MMMMUUUMMMMM
  3. Say that to swami ramdev, pfft hed go mentall!!
  4. I agree with you. You cant judge a book by its cover, he has met probably like two people, not many like my family and i have. (hes a lil wrong) If you think india will become worse then your just negative, think positive!
  5. Ok no hope? India has the highest economic growth at the moment, im bloody 11 yrs old, try read the economist son.
  6. We don't like you becoz you insult us too much!! You would hatttte it if i said krishna was a ordinary man (by no means he isn't)
  7. Nothing bad its just that prbhu is something you say to a person religious, im 11 i just know tonnes im not very religious call me....blad
  8. We don't actually worship our gurus, we only ask them for guidance and blessings in life. Um...He has mentioned akshar-purshottam, he established with his paramhansas that his perfect ideal devotee was gunatitanand swami. We don't. Vartal and all the other minor, non-existence swaminarayan sampradayas dont follow authentic text.
  9. No-one i know hates vishnu bhagwan, its rubbish youve made up.
  10. Horrible? Your horrible. How can you call teh greatest nation on the planet horrible? It invented numbers, medicine, hospitals etc. You owe india a great deal. What you on about most hindus eat meat? I'm bloody 11 i hav the control to not eat meat. Bruv you need to do some research before you go calling my country horrible.
  11. If u don't understand any of the story ask me, i'll clarify for you.
  12. Being a vegan you can't do normal vegetarian stuff plus no milk and no leather. Eggs and fish are not allowed. Milk does not need to be offered as gai mata does not suffer when we milk her. Cows give their milk happily according to a story i know. I might aswell tell you the story know. When ghanshyam (swaminarayan's name for when he was young) asked bhaktimata (his mother) for food she said go and eat the cold hotchpotch. He complained slightly but then he went to eat it. He then wanted milk. He asked his mother for milk and she replied that Gomti (their cow) will not milk at this time of day (non-milking time) Ghanshyam thought otherwise. He requested his mother to watch. He had a clay vessel. He asked Gomti to provide him with some milk, she did as ghanysham asked. But the milk continued to overflow and bhaktimata nearly filled up all of her utinsils because of the overflowing milk. When she went back inside ghanshyam shouted to her that Gomti will stop milking now. But she wasn't too sure so she brought another untensil just in case. She came and saw that it stopped and hugged ganshyam very affectionately. Bhaktimata can be compared to Yashoda mata. They loved their children, not because they were gods, because they were adorable. No harm can come to cows as i doubt krishna would let it happen, during milking.
  13. Admin, it's unfair, im on here to defend swaminarayan.
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