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[sanskrit 1]


Composer: Mysore VaasudEvaacaarya

Language: Sanskrit


mAmavatu shrI sarasvati

mAmavatu shrI sarasvati


kAmakOTi pITha vAsini

mAmavatu shrI sarasvati


kOmaLakara sarOja dhrta vINA

kOmaLakara sarOja dhrta vINA


Sima ditka vara bhakti bushani

Mamavatu Shri Sarasvati


Adhi rAja pUjita charaNai

rAjIva nayanai ramaNIya vadanai


sujana manOratha pUraNa chaturai

nijagaLa shObhita maNimaya hArai

aja bhava vandita vAsudEva

charaNArpita sakala vEda sAra




Mamavatu Saraswati

You who reside in the temple of Kamakoti

Rescue me


Bearing lotus and veena

In your beautiful hands

You give truth to speech

Your feet are worshipped by Emperors and Kings

Your eyes are as wild as Rajiva flowers

And your beauty bewitches


Garlanded with gems

You fulfill the desires of the good

Indra himself bows down before you

I, Vasudeva, am your servant

For you are the divine word in its essence


[sanskrit 2]

Mamavatu Sri Sarasvati

Kamakoti peta NiVasini

Komalakara Saroja Drita Veena

Seematita Vara Vak


Adi Raja Poojita Charane

Rajiva Nayane

Ramaniya Vadane

Sujana Manorata poorana Chature

Nijaguna shobhita manimaya haare

Ajabhava vandinta


Charanarchita Sakala Veda Sara


I was listening to Susheela Raman's recording (on Salt Rain)

and she does not say the words as they are printed at

http://www.geocities.com/promiserani2/c1172.html [sanskrit 1]

so I changed those above to go with what I hear on Susheela

Raman's version.


I also found [sanskrit 2] online at


an but neither version contains all the words Susheela sings;

she continues vocalizing past the lyrics printed above. She sings

very quickly and it's hard to get, but if anyone out there knows

what I'm referring to (DB??) please post the remaining lyrics, or if

you have Susheela's CD that has Mamavatu on it, maybe the full

text in Sanskrit is on the liner notes, and you could be so kind as

to post it...?? It would be much appreciated.


Mary Ann

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