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Devi's temple : Chinatpurni Devi/Chinnamasta Devi

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This is one of the most popular Chinnamasta Devi temple in Himachal

Pradesh, Cintapurni. It is about halfway between Kangra and

Hoshiarpur. The temple is known as Chinnapurni which means fulfilling

one's thoughts or wishes, but at the entrance of the temple there

is a carved marble which reads : Chinnamastika Mandir [ the original

name of the temple]. This is believe to be the "shakti

phita' where Sati's feet fell. Over here she is known as the


who takes away worries and gives peace of mind.


In the main courtyard, the entrance is flanked by two large folk

style paintings of Chinnamasta's two attendant, and above the

entrance is the painting of Chinnamasta. Above the main sanctuary is

a carved relief of the decapitated Chinnamasta, however the main

image in the Sanctuary is an aniconic stone, a pindi. According to

the local priest, the pandi changes form but during the day it is

covered with red cloth.


The Legend


A priest was traveling in the area when he heard beautifull

devotional songs coming from a nearby hill. He following the hymns

and located a divine young girl sitting next to a lion being praised

by a number of Gods. He was frightened and could not face the

brilliant light coming from the girl. She removed his fear and told

him that she was the Goddess Durga and that she was pleased with his

devotions. She asked that he and later his progeny worship Her

there. He was told to worship her in the form of a pindi. which he

should consider Her own form. The Devi also disclosed that she would

bless and remove the worries of anyone who worshipped the pindi with

devotion. Hence Her name Chintapurni (releaving one of all worries).


Ma Das (the priest) was 80 and without any children. She blessed him

saying that he would have a son and told him where to locate water

nearby. The Goddess disappeared leaving a pindi behind. He

worshipped the pindi with the water he found.


The next day he left to continue on his journey to visit relatives.

On the way he was struck blind. He was helped back to the same spot

where he worshipped and apologised to the Devi. On doing so his

sight returned. Other devotees came to pray and the village grew and

is now called Chintapurni after the Goddess.


Surprisingly the shops around the temple does not prints of

Chinnamasta. According to local villagers, householders should

imagine Chinnamasta as Mother Durga, only sadhus could imagine

Chinnamasta in her severed-head form.




1. Http:// www.mahakali.com/yatra/chintapurni.htm

2. Chinnamasta : The awful Buddhist and Hindu Tantaric Goddess.

Elisabeth Ann Benard.


Om ParaShaktiye Namaha

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