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Inner Sunrise / Rumi

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Inner Sunrise



If I were the plaything of every thought

I'd be a fool, not a wise man.

If the Sun of Love was not my own

I'd be mournful like Saturn,

rising and falling in the night sky.


If I were not guided by the fragrance of Love's City

I'd have followed dark spirits

into the endless desert of greed.


If the soul's light had to stay inside its house

I'd open every door and window!


If the garden of the soul

did not comfort those in pain

I could not carry Love's message

on the east wind.


If lovers were not addicted to music and dancing

why would I sing all day and night

like a wailing flute?


If the Saaqi's weight-giving wine

had been kept from my mouth

I'd be like the thin lip of a cup!


If the Garden had no leaves or shade I'd'be rootless

like the fortune-trees of deceitful men.


If God's servants were not upon the earth I'd have fallen into the

sin and folly of this world.


If there was no way from the grave to paradise I could not behold the

joyful heavens in this body.


If there was no road from East to West


I would not be dancing through the garden with the North and South



If the Abundant Garden did not grow my soul would never blossom.

If God's grace were not with me

I'd be a babbling fool!


Go within.


Hear the story of sunrise from the Sun itself.

if there were no sunrise within

I would have set long ago!


-- Ode 2996

Version by Jonathan Star

"Rumi - In the Arms of the Beloved "



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