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Found 1 result

  1. You, who are reading this, probably don’t know me. My name is Shakti and I got to know Das Goravani through his astrology program. My father was the one who introduced me to his program many years back. But here is what’s important. I am writing to you because this Thanksgiving weekend, I had the opportunity to visit Das and Sonia. I stayed with Sonia which lives next door to Das. I have known them by phone and email for quite few months. But in the past 5 days I had the chance to live with them and experience them quite intensely. Their love and hospitality is just heartwarming and exquisite. However, I was able to experience something beautiful with them. And after I came back home I felt the urge of sharing this. Just like you, I have gotten tons of emails from Das about issues, problems that he was dealing with, and what not. You probably know what I am talking about. We have seen his intense writings about many general topics, even about his own private life, which is probably not so private anymore. Did you ever think, or did it ever come to your mind: “What’s with this guy? Who cares about what he thinks about the IRA, or the war in whatever place or his own private issues?” Or, “Why is he writing to me about what’s going on with him or asking for my help when I don’t even know him, met him, or talked to him? All what I wanted is his program, make some money out of it and that’s it!!!”. Well, you are not alone. I’ve seen many react the same way as I followed his journey recently. I want you to know that I never thought like that. I always thought that there is always a reason for someone to do what they do. I will confess that since I knew about him, I always wanted to meet or talk or communicate to him in some way. I have this admiration for him because of what he has given the world. His materials, his services, etc. really caught my attention and I wanted to be in touch with this person who I thought knew so much about so many things. Warning: I am not here to advocate him. I am writing to you to describe what I have seen. You may not believe me, but all I have seen is this man with the most pure heart, good and harmless soul with one aim only: Spread the knowledge and wisdom about spirituality, God. He is obsessed, yes, I agree. But this obsession is for a true cause that you might benefit from. I know I did. He is not a preacher, nor does he want leadership of any kind. He does not want to start a revolution or a war against anything. He wants us to be aware of things that he is that will make our living in this world better. Now think that if you have knowledge of something that will help others in some way or another, wouldn’t you want to say it away? Well, he does too. In his way. In the way that he thinks that will catch our attention. Sometime aggressive, sometime docile. In whatever way he finds effective. People, he has Asperger’s. You don’t know Asperger’s until you see it with your own eyes. It’s HEAVY!!! He also has ADHD which only makes it worse. However, Asperger’s makes him the genius that he is. I cannot even begin to describe the storm of emotions that he goes through. I wanted to help him at that moment and I couldn’t because I was not familiar with how this condition reacts on him. His body becomes so weak! He curls up in a corner and is engulfed in this monster fear of an unsafe world as if he is in the middle of a F5 tornado and you see the world being sucked up in this vacuum with nothing to hold on to. Picture yourself into it. It freaks you out!!! And in that moment it’s totally real!!! I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Oh my God, I have to tell you that Sonia Manzo is this angel that holds him together. Sonia was at the market when this panic attacked him and I didn’t know how to help him. Suddenly, Sonia arrives and sits next to him and start saying things that he starts to listen. They are common words for us, but when they come from the mouth of someone who you feel safe with, they mean the world to you. She holds his hands and speaks to him, and boy, you have to be there to see it. Sonia lights this glow that shine around her like an angel shining his way out of this dark place and pulls him out from this scary hole and brings him back to LIFE!!!!! She has no training in Asperger’s. Just like any of us, but you know what she has? LOVE!!! She has the ability to show a special kind of love that anchors us back to reality. Oh my God, I was amazed to see how this strong, stable, confident person was able to throw this rope of hope at this dark, scary place where he was and pull him out of it. This energy of light that she brings to him is so strong that is almost visible to the common eye. And I am not exaggerating. What I’ve seen is Love, compassion, and spirituality. She showed me that you don’t have to be related with family ties to someone to give what she gives. And she had the same love for me. If I was in the same place that Das was at that moment, she would do the same for me. She will go out of her way to help. She is a special kind of person that I learned to admire more in this visit. But, do you know what he kept saying while in this storm of emotions? “I’ve tried so hard to spread knowledge, wisdom, God, in this world and no one gives a crap about it!!!”. Can you imagine a person, who is emotionally, mentally, in the verge of an abysm, ready to fall because no one listen to him and he is just trying to bring clarity about spirituality to us? If a person dies for a cause, starves to death, sacrifices or do any other extreme action for some cause for the HUMANITY, it makes the news. But why, when a person tries to be less extreme, calls for your attention, asks for some response we turn our backs!!! Just because he didn’t jump off a bridge holding a sign: STOP EATING MEAT, or YOU ARE PART OF GOD, or some other thing that he tries to reach us to listen to him, doesn’t mean what he has to say is meaningless or not worth paying some attention. And even if he caught our attention, why can’t we just react to it. Respond in agreement or disagreement, giving him feedback, an honest one. Why can’t we open our hearts, be a little more human and pay attention on what he says, because he just wants to help us reach a better level of spirituality. If you know him is because in some point in your life you wanted to elevate your spirituality. You probably know him either through his program or in an event or meet or family/friend relation. That means that we all have something in common. So why can’t we try to help him with a small act of response. Get a slight bit involved in what he is saying and if you agree, pay it forward and spread his writings. If we have time to check our facebook newsfeed, can’t we copy and paste his writings on our page and spread it out? If we are getting together somewhere, where all the people are involved in some spiritual work, can’t we invite him to add his wisdom to our party? Don’t you think that people can only be benefited by his knowledge? What harm can it do? If we don’t agree with him in one thing, there’s got to have something else which we agree and can share words with him. His exact words: “…. so that the messages of determinism, jyotish's proper vision and function, proper dealing with all people's based on their god given innate natures, care for all equally as siblings, like some big kids help the little kids, etc., everyone, everywhere, cuzz, that's how we should think, for full life and happiness, the inevitable heaven is like this we who are going home, direct others there it is in gita jesus common sense etc that they the devotees of god will speak about him i have nothing else for i see through all else i have this mission, am fading…..” Somehow, I got my priorities straight and this visit definitely touched me in a manner that I feel I can do more to become a better person. He taught me that in this trip. I truly appreciate his life and what he brought us to this world. I truly appreciate Sonia more for her strength and love towards any of us. She doesn’t choose who to help. She just does it. And does it with perfection, with God in her heart. These both souls are not to take advantage, are not to be leached out and throw them out in the world. These two souls can bring true meaning of God in our lives and help us become better souls. I know I have. I am blessed for having such true loving souls as part of my life now. Thank you for reading this. I truly appreciate it. I hope you can help Das by only connecting with him. He doesn’t ask for much. He doesn’t want your money or any other material thing. He just wants to be connected with people who want to learn more and became spiritually better. Respectfully, Shakti
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