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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everyone! I have been following this forum for a long time but registered recently and this is my first post. Hope it gets moderator's approval. I am in worry at this moment. I have a neighbor who is jealous of my success. His wife is famous as bad mouth in our whole neighborhood. and almost everyone knows that he spends a lot of money doing tantra-mantra totke and that type of stuff , you know what i mean to say. His wife keeps an eye on my house most of the time throughout the day or when our main door is opened and my family hate this very much. Since we are brahmins from Karade Gotra having Sri Ram as our kuldevta , we have not been affected by the tone-totke done by him on us. We've not confirmed that he has been doing this on us but we are 100% sure that he has tried vashikaran etc(since we do no talk to his family as long as we are in existence if i remember correctly) to bring us under his spell just to be nice and loyal to him like the others neighbors are and since that has failed he is carrying out other cheap tricks. All neighbors know that his family has illegally gotten hold of a peice of land that belongs to his brother. So its not like they do not know anything about him. Even though he is famous for his dark side , he tries to exhibit layman , helpless and "the good guy" outlook. Now the main problem starts here: Recently I have been noticing some strange behavior by wife. I have noticed that whenever we go for a walk at night she looks at us and then brings food to feed the stray dogs and then they eat their lunch. We tried changing our schedule/time to see if she does it without looking at us. But she doesn't. Whatever the time may be , she first takes a good look at us and then puts food for the dogs to eat. Now am not a stupid person to ignore this behavior thinking that this is "a normal thing". This feeding to dogs has been going on for two years almost but we noticed it recently(may be because of my devotion towards my Ishta Devata) that she looks at us and only then feeds the stray dogs. If she doesn't see us, she doesn't feed them. I know ye ek prakar ke tone-totke ya astrology remedy hai.. Main aadhyaatma bohot padhta hoon. So am not a stupid person to ignore these type of signals and 100% sure , this is a type of remedy done by her , may be upon us. Lal kitab kehta hai ki ketu kharab hai toh khud bhojan karne se pehle kutte ko khana dena chahiye. Ab yeh toh main nai jaanta ki ye shatruon ko bhi shant karne ke kaam aata hai. Krupaya aaplog mujhe batayein ki woh aisa kyun kar rahe hain. What is the motive behind this type of behavior?? Thank you.
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