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Found 1 result

  1. Saturn in the Natal Chart The condition of Saturn in the natal chart is of immense importance: Shani (Saturn) is the planet of stability, practicality,endurance, and is the planet that governs the concept of time and one’s relationship to it.17 As the planet of time,it governs dinacharya or daily routine. Understanding how stable this planet is in a natal chart gives valuable information about how natural it might be for a client to embrace any prescribed daily recommendations, what degree of adjustment in any personal routine is realistic and practical, and whether the person may be easily vulnerable to the extremes of rigidity or negligence. A primary factor of a planet’s stability lies in its ‘dignity’, or its relationship with the sign in which it sits. The following passage illustrates Saturn’s potentials when in stable or afflicted placement:“….When Shani is beneficially disposed, during his period the native becomes prosperous. He has good intelligence and performs sacrifices and rituals. He acquires lands and becomes the head of a village or a town. He becomes a good tradesman. He is successful in a variety of activities and is always full of enthusiasm.If Shani becomes a malefic, during his period one has prisoning (sic), loss of wealth, physical and other aliments and anger of the ruler. He indulges in forbidden activities, is crippled and suffers from diseases. Uttara Kalamrita, stanza 6-shloka 12.18 As a planet that generally signifies disease (especially that which is chronic or incurable), longevity and obstacles (the life experiences that teach maturity), judiciously assessing Saturn in a birth chart gives very important information about health, strengths and the karmas or actions necessary to experience in one’s lifetime. Saturn Saturn is the planet of obstruction, crystallization and atrophy.By his action the circulation or passage of bodily fluids, such as the blood, lymph, or urine, is impeded, and by this stagnation waste materials are retained instead of being eliminated. Thus they form various deposits in the body, building the skeleton, which is constructive, hardening the arteries and articulations, which is destructive. Saturn rules the gall bladder, where he forms the painful gallstones, and by virtue of his exaltation power in Libra he crystallizes the renal stones and gravel which cause such suffering to those who have these concretions. By retention of the urea he causes the painful rheumatism and gout which often manifest in deformity of the joints that so often disfigures and disables the sufferers there from. He rules the pneumogastric nerve,and by his restrictive action through that medium he may at any moment slow down the heart action, stop digestion, suppress the urine and stool under the emotions of fear and worry generated by him. Thus he has the power to bring every bodily function to a standstill. Saturn also rules the teeth and the skin. By his action the teeth decay, leading to malnutrition, the synovial membranes are hardened, making the spine and limbs rigid; he makes the skin tough as the years go by. Saturn is at home in Capricorn, and by his reflex action in Cancer he interferes with the peristaltic action which is necessary in the digestion of food; he then causes antiperistalsis, or vomiting. His general activities in the body are destructive and tend to end the life of the organism.Saturn generally hurts by falls, bruises, and colds. He predisposes to chronic and deep-seated ailments, and his victims are difficult to reach because he imbues them with fear, worry, and pessimism, so that they refuse to believe in the possibility of a cure and cannot be induced to take a cheerful look on life. The presence of Saturn in any part of the horoscope constitutes an affliction in itself, therefore we may note the following effects in the twelve signs, whether he is aspected by squares, oppositions, trines or sextiles, but naturally his effects are somewhat more inimical when in evil aspect. Saturn--Depicts Longevity-nocturnal habits and ways sathanayyanar and other minor deities-contrivance and means of employment-avocation-profession-labour-agricultureservitude-buffaloe -iron-blue stones and gems-theft and causing wrongful-loss-heavy work and fasting imprisonment-dismissals- punishment garrulousness and shamelessness-causing injury-indebtedness-funeral obsequies or ceremonies-alcoholic drinks and norcotic drugs-sexual enjoyment with sickly or aged females or low caste females-widows and out castes or with women having bodily deformities-eunuchs-bodily-deformities mustard seed-seasamum and oil seeds-oil-travel in foreign countries-irreligious practice-taming of wild beasts-astrologer-medical practice-biology and physical sciences-canvassing and time-serving -false notions of philosophy-alchemy diseases pertaining to nervous system-burial-ground and cemetery-west-death degradation-misery humiliation-sickness-poverty servants-reproach-sin-impurity-censure-tale bearing-constancy -drowsy-black windy-old age-west-oil-monger blacksmith-elephant-crow, cuckoo-one year-thamoguna shishira rite (magnapalguna)touch (panchendria)-marks on leg-100 years-thorny, worthless and weak-trees executioner or butcher-rags and torn clothes-useless places and dwellings-astringent taste (kashaya) foreign languages heavy machinery-dhatu and moola (mineral and vegetable)-yaman-vayu tafva-black-gingelly panchami dashami-full moon day and new-moon day-pavarga (alphabets from pa to ma) numeral 8;180 miles asspigmaking new out of old one-leather-bran-hair-huskcotton-female sanyasi-mutton and drinks-manure head of 4 a town or city like president of a panchayat, taluk or municipal board or mayor of a corporation anjanamnimantranam (meal at obsequious) tar-palmyra treethamoguna-kashyapa gothra-banni tree-night strong.Owns makara and kumbha. 0 to 20 degrees of kumbha is moolatrikona. Exalted in thula (highest point is 20 degrees)
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