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Found 1 result

  1. Retrograde planets Retrograde planets ( Saturn and Mars) Saturn Retrograde. With Saturn retrograde, there is need to be on guard against a sob concious defeatism which undermine the most noble ambitions. Because of this self Protective fear motivation they tend to yield too easily to external influences. They either appear shy,uneasy, introverted, lacking in self assertion or attempt at limes to cover this insecurity with a pretext of arrogance. They have strong sense that fate, some universal compelling force,controls their destiny_ They feel alone, isolated, separated from their fellow men and seldom understood. They are secretivcs. They may be an apparent super sophistication about them, an air of total boredom, an impression that nothing could shock them, stemming from the fact that they really worry about being a bore and wish to conceal a fact that they are indeed, shockable. Such.Such people do not like to be known openly in public, for they subconsciously fear there is no face behind the mask. They find security in intellectuals or spirituals. When Mars is retrograde in one's birth chart,the physical energy and vitality never rise to meet the challenge. It implies stubborn, unyielding physical force which docs not move until some mystical reasons is found for its expression. It is often key to importance and frigidity, in men and women whose physical forces arc not unlocked until implemented by some non related idea or ideal.such persons often stop in the middle!-, of a project to recapitulate.They oft en make good scientists and doctors. They also succeed in other occupations which require handling of physical material in an objective, non involved way. They are very good at planning and organising the physical labour of other thoughts or develop quite differently. Also such people are law unto themselves. They normally do not accept the traditional way but adopt unorthodox methods their approach to life is different than usual established social norms. Mars retrograde when adversely configured in Natal Chart indicates persons must go under extensive and successive surgery. Women with such retrograde Mars arc signs of marital troubles,causes the women to become frigid or to go 10 the other extremes and no middle course. Such women detest any intimate relations with their husbands but are easy with younger fellows they contact, they usually get themselves into troubles. Transiting Retrograde Mars follows the general principle that the powers of a retrograde planet progressively increases as its speed slows down reaching at peak during stationery period. So during its retrogression one should not buy arms or auto mobiles, buy new property or move into new house, to undergo surgery, to start a law suit, to join a new job, to have sex for the first time, to employ new servant or to enter into partner ship. Such people frequently rebel against their own desires, try to Slime them preferring 10 act, when they have to, against tremendous odds. subconsciously seeking an excuse for the failure they anticipate. RETROGRESSION AND TRANSIT Based on the above rules and Astrological cannons we find that when a natural benefic planet transits a favourable House (,9,10), if retrograde will give more good results.But when a benefic retrograde planet transits malefic house (3,6.8.11,12), the evil results will be reduced to the minimum .Also when a malefic retrograde planet transits a favourable house will neutralise the good effects of (hal house.But when it transits a malefic house, of course a retrograde planet,the malefic effect of that house will become more evils. On the other hand, when the planet is direct, he will then be able to show his pressures to the people by speaking and agonising over them,the individual with the retrograde birth planet often goes through the ~same agonies without being able to communicate, in any sensible way,what is happening to him. A retrograde planet represent a psychic process turned in ward and not manageable, except with enormous efforts by the conscious ego.A direct planet represents a psychic process, or part or the personality that is manageable by the ego consciousness.So, rar making analysis of a conjunction of planets the most difficult positions are COMBUSTION and RETROGRESSION when these are found in conjuncting planets. With the above guide lines reader can now easily find the effects of such conditions which will help them in the correct analysis.
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